Sunday, May 28, 2017

What energy are you feeding the world?

Being so overly concerned about the world, that you walk around depressed, pointing out all that is wrong and expecting the worst helps no one, changes nothing. You can be as concerned as you want to, complain all day if you want to, place blame all day long on others, and you will not have helped a soul, or changed a thing. You will be adding to the energy of suffering, empowering fears grip on humanity.

Shift to being joy, hope, faith. I am not saying bury your head in the sand, or withdraw from being active for change. I am saying, BECOME THE CHANGE. Where there is darkness, be the light. Come as the solution, not as the problem.

The problems already exist, and they exist as a result of our own level of consciousness. They exist as results of our own actions or failure to act in more loving, forgiving, joyous ways in our own lives. Our problems all across the world are showing us the result of our past level of consciousness.
It is in raising our consciousness through forgiveness, compassion, kindness and loving action that we help all souls, that we change the world. It is in caring deeply with genuine wishes for all others that we become cared for in return.

It is easy to love those who think, believe and act the same as ourselves. They are familiar to us, trust is easy there. And while that love shared lightens your load of burden in life, it is the fear, the anger, the hate, the judgements in each of us toward those who think, believe, look and act differently that creates the division in the world that empowers fear, hate, indifference and suffering to continue.
Become the observer of your own thoughts and feelings. Recognize your intentions towards others. It is in healing our own thoughts and feelings towards others and building bridges on what unites us that we heal ourselves and the world.

Can you send genuine loving, healing, compassionate prayers and energy to those you currently blame for what is wrong in your world and extend that to the world as a whole. Can you wish joy for your perceived enemies. Can you care deeply for those who believe differently than yourself. Those who look differently. Live differently. Worship differently. Even those who treat you badly because they see you as the enemy?


In our own communities we have unlimited opportunities to practice loving our neighbor as ourselves. Technology extends our reach across this beautiful world and allows us to shine light everywhere. In fact, technology, social media specifically is a powerful tool that not only allows us connection to the world, it also shows us how disconnected we are, how unconscious we are. It show us honestly how we feel about and treat others who we gain nothing from.

Scrolling our newsfeeds we get to see many opinions and beliefs, many lives being lived in many ways. We are given a great opportunity to recognize our own judgements of other's online, everyday. Are we triggered, do we battle opinions, do we in turn create posts to strengthen our own positions and opinions. How are we treating our neighbors online? Are we only interested in connecting with those who we agree with and judging those we don't.

There is so much available to us, everywhere. There is unlimited opportunity for healing and becoming the one who offers healing to others. Sitting in your home wishing well thoughts to another whom you would otherwise judge and turn away from does more to change the world than complaining about the world and being depressed about it ever will.
We are creating the world with our thoughts about it. What we fear, we empower and strengthen. What we focus on most, we create!

I love you all from a place of seeing the connectedness of it all, valuing it all and excitement for where we are headed through gratitude for all that tore me down so that I could shed what does not serve me in being the change I wish to see.

One Love,

#PurifiedGangster #MindBodySpirit #ChristConsciousness #TheShift
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I have killed.

In prayer and deep thought this morning over the tragedy in Manchester I asked to understand the mind and heart of those who commit murder, I asked to gain wisdom, to be part of the solution, to help heal the heart and mind of murder. What I was shown was not what I was expecting to see. What I was shown tore me wide open. Caused tears to fall from deep within. I was expecting to understand those who murder, and I was shown myself.

While I sat in my back yard, eyes closed with tears streaming down my face, seeing all that I was being shown and said the words out loud, all the birds began to yell out loud, and I mean all of them, it was surreal, all the different breeds of birds began to sing loudly in chaotic harmony as I said out loud... I HAVE KILLED!!! Like a symphony they said to me, keep going, you are on to something important here. And so I did not turn away from the feelings, from what I was being shown, I kept going.

I was shown the murders I, myself have committed. The times in my life when I killed or took place in the taking of life that is precious, Life that is creation. Life that comes from the same creative force I, myself come from. And as I went deeper I was shown my reasons. I have killed spiders out of fear, I have killed ants out of annoyance. I have killed animals who live in suffering, and are murdered in merciless fashions by eating them after they are packed up pretty for me at the grocery store. I have even killed a loved pet to put him out of his misery in the middle of the night as his body contorted and he gasped for his last breathes of air in immense pain from full kidney failure. It was there that I saw my reason that struck me deeply. Killing Beau was so hard to do, I didn't know if I could do it, but letting him suffer until the morning when I had a way to take him to someone else to do the deed for me would have been harder, would have been cruel. With tears and pain, I prayed for courage to end his suffering and so I did.

In seeing my reasons for the killing I, myself have committed I began to see the suffering of the hearts that kill humans. The tortured hearts who have so often seen so much murder themselves, so much pain, too much for most to bear, more than I have ever known. I saw how infectious hate is. I saw through my own heart, my own pain, and recognized my own disrespect for life and reasons to justify taking part in dismissing the value of life, all life in every insect I killed, every animal I ate with no regard for the life it lived, the pain it endured, and the way in which it's life was taken. And with Beau, this taking of life stood out to me. Because I actually took part consciously, I made a choice to end his suffering, I spoke to him with love as I held him tight and prayed for strength as I said soothing words to him. I saw myself as doing the right thing to end his suffering.

And then I saw all the sentient lives I have played a role in taking unconsciously for many years of my life. I took life unconsciously, with no feelings of remorse, no struggle, no prayer. I did not speak lovingly and pray as I killed spiders that were less than 100 times my own size, I simply took their life out of fear. I did not speak lovingly to the ants as I took their lives. I did not even give a second thought, or a first one for that matter for how the many animals I have eaten with no concern at all for how they had lived and how they were murdered. I honestly had no feelings about these murders when they occurred. It was simply the consciousnesses I embodied. The food chain mentality. The consciousness that said that my life was more valuable than others, be it for my own survival, for my own safety, for my own peace of mind or my own ignorant indifference.

I saw the energy that I contributed to the global consciousness in each instance. It was the energy of fear. I cried more, and the birds eased their yelling to a soft song, a healing song as I prayed for forgiveness and forgave myself. Then I was shown a time I chose life over death. I found a rather large spider in the closet of my RV. It was a pretty scary looking spider and had made it's home in my closet. I had come to a place on my healing journey where I had began to understand my role in it all. A place where I held life more sacred than before. And despite my fears I chose to help this spider find a new home outside of my own home. I was so scared as I sat on my bed looking at this spider for some time. I saw her beautiful web and began to admire the magic of her ability to create such a beautiful design. I noticed the different colors on her small and fragile body.  My fear began to subside as I sat looking at her, admiring all the things about her that I failed to see in all the spiders I had killed in the past, blinded by my fears. I courageously chose love, and I spoke to her lovingly as I grew closer with a container in my hand, assuring her I meant no harm. Here I was, talking to a spider, and while I doubted that she would even hear me, or understand me, I spoke with love still.

I was shown the energy that I put into the global consciousness when I chose to save a life rather than end it. This energy was so much bigger than the energy I contributed when I took lives. The energy of taking lives was dark, it was distorted. It had nothing on the energy of saving lives. As I saw the energy of saving lives I breathed in deeply and felt an all encompassing sensation of pure, divine love. I was being shown the power of saving lives, all life. I was being shown the power of love over fear. This energy of saving life was so bright, so divine, there was no distortion in it, and it spread so quickly, so vastly into the whole of consciousness. I was being shown the power of love energy. I was shown my own energy body after I placed that spider on a branch in the yard, my energy had shifted, had cleared so much fear from my own field. I was shown the changes that took place within and without myself with my decision to face fear and embrace love. I cried more, my tears were tears of understanding, of wisdom, of joy for what I can do, how I can help.

We look at the lives of others who we do not know, who we have been taught to fear like we look at spiders, ants, and the animals we eat. We are either justified, or we have no care at all for the life of others who are not held valuable to us, who are different than us. Those outside our families, our circles, our race, our beliefs are too often seen as a threat, their suffering discounted. We do not recognize the suffering of others, all the murders being committed on our behalf, so that we can keep our convenient lifestyles. I have taken part in human suffering and murder as well. I have wore precious medals that were minded by children in third world countries, purchased items made in factories of slave labor. I have ignored the devastation and destruction of the planet for most my life, I have littered, I have wasted. I have played a role in it all. I am responsible.

I could sit and ignorantly look at the devastation of the tragedy in Manchester and say to myself, how could anyone be so heartless?! Tell myself that the world is an unsafe place and take no responsibility in my part in who we are, take no part in who we can become if only we look within and own our part, get honest with ourselves about our own level of consciousnesses that devalues life on a daily basis for our own gain, our own security, our own convenience.

I say the word ignorant with knowing what it truly means. For it is ignorant to form an opinion without all things considered, especially without considering where my own responsibility contributes to the state of the world that I wish to see change. It is ignorant to pray for this change and do nothing to be a part of it myself. It is ignorant to believe that I am a victim in this world that is ran by fear and hate, when I do not look at my own fear, my own hate. It is ignorant to dismiss my part, forgoing the opportunity to forgive myself through the love of the Creator that flows through me, as me allowing me to offer healing forgiveness to the world.

I have come to learn that within me, exists all things. For every single thing I see out there in the world, it is all within me as well, It is within me to heal it all too. For each of us that heals what is in us, the world is healed. I have learned that embracing fear leads to hopelessness, to powerlessness and returns to me, more to fear. I have learned that indifference leads to heartlessness, to numbness and returns to me, the indifference I have given to the world. How can I scream at those in my life who do not come to my side when I suffer, if I myself have not acknowledged the suffering of the world and worked to eradicate it through all the power I hold within to do so, by owning my part and doing my part to change. I have come to know that all my thoughts, my words, my actions are part of creating the world I live in, that I am a part of the problem or a part of the solution, there is no middle ground where I am not a part. I am co-creating the world I live in. I am responsible.

I have come to know a deep truth. The truth that I am powerful to change the world. We all are. And it begins within myself, within us all. I am learning to live inside out, more and more each day recognizing the truth that it all begins within us, the world exists within us all. Our level of consciousness is reflected without. What we see in the world is what we have created within ourselves. At first it was hard to understand this, Taking responsibility for the worlds problems felt so overwhelming. How could I be to blame, I was a good person, I helped others most my life, didn't that make me a good person? I had to take away the word blame and replace it with responsibility. To blame myself is to embrace guilt that becomes shame and it feels better to point the finger in blame outside of myself than to take blame. To take responsibility empowers me to embrace forgiveness and become the healing change, it allows me to stop pointing fingers to avoid feeling pain. Allows me walk in grace and offer healing, loving compassion to others because I have acknowledged what is in me, and my part in what we have created this far. It allows me to expand my own consciousness through forgiveness and love and generate energy that is so powerful, to become a catalyst for change. This power is in us all, every single one of us.

I love you all from a place of raw, vulnerable truth. The truth that I am responsible. The truth that I can forgive. The truth that I can heal, And the truth that you can too. The truth that we are infinite and all that is happening out there in the world is a mirror of what is happening inside of us all. What we see out there is a road map to go within and heal ourselves through honest awareness and accountability to be the changes we want to see.

One Love,

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

We are right on time ~ The process of Ascension ~ The Awakening

The energies that have been entering the planet support transparency. Look around you, full disclosure is everywhere. We are presenting ourselves more authentically as we are NOW, more than ever before. You can see this in personal levels, you can see this in world levels. We are all exposing ourselves. And this is so that we can shift from our false ideas of who we are to remembering the truth of who we all are and why we're here.

The rise in outward hate toward others is being exposed. What is ill in us is erupting like a volcano. It feels like going backwards in time. When what is actually happening is we are purging so that we can move forward faster.

The energies of racism, misogyny, bigotry, hatred, corruption, judgement, greed, etc... are dark energies that in the past existed hidden more than exposed. These energies were allowed cover, giving the energies more power to work through hidden channels and events. The sudden outbursts of seeing these energies working in the light rather than in the dark is how they are dissolved.

Anything that is dying will fight to survive. Even consciousness. Fear consciousness is dying. In an effort to survive it must fully expose itself. The anger and hated you see is evidence of these energies coming to the surface to fight for its survival. These energies can no longer exist in the dark corners of our consciousness. As the light of creation in us grows exponentially, these dark energies have nowhere to hide and are coming to the surface, being expressed, and exposing themselves.

We all carry fear energy in us. Our own consciousness is purging this energy as the collective consciousness purges. No one can hide what they really feel, what their true positions are, their true intent now. Life is presenting us all with the perfect events to open us up, in some cases rip us wide open and expose what is ill in us all. All efforts to fight the dark energies in others will beautifully reveal to us the dark energies in ourselves until their is nothing left to fight and we surrender, releasing our attachment to fear and embracing love.

The victim archetype is dying. We are evolving into self actualized humans who know our power exists in love. We are freeing ourselves from our self created prisons. We cannot fail. This is the end of times as we know it. What comes next is an era of healing, followed by an everlasting era of love, of heaven on earth. As within, so without. The kingdom of heaven that exists within will be expressed without.

Each role being played right now is divinely connected to this destiny. Those who fight the hardest to maintain the energy of fear are actually doing great work in exposing this energy to the world. The universal law of cause and effect also referred to as karma is almost instant now, showing us immediately the result of our own thoughts, words and actions.

Hanging onto the illusion, to what is false will become more and more painful. The actions we take in an attempt to hold the consciousness of fear will interfere in all our relationships, sometimes through loss so that we find ourselves left only with our beliefs and opinions that offer no comfort to comfort us. The harder we fight to be right about our fears, the more lonely we become until we have nothing left to fight for and recognize what really matters most. Remember the connectedness of all life. And embrace living loving all that is as we wish to be loved.

As you awaken to these truths, you will become a loving spectator of the events as they unfold. You will no longer suffer for the sake of suffering. You will love authentically, unconditionally and hold the energy of love for the planet. You will see the purpose in it all. You will no longer attach to emotions that are false. You will not need another to prove you are loved nor need to prove love to another. Love simply is. You will allow others their own purge and unraveling without needing to save them or needing to battle them. You will see the world falling apart and be unaffected by it, holding a high vibration of gratitude and love for it all.

This is the process of ascension. This is the awakening of Christ Consciousness. We are right on time and all is going according to divine plan. We will look back and celebrate it all. Those awakened among us have already begun celebrating, they are easy to recognize, they come in peace and love with open arms all around you.

I love you all from a place of excitment as I see my own unraveling unfolding in real time every single moment, I hold pure gratitude for my own relationships that are revealing myself to me. These are exciting times, we are headed for a new paradigm and the view ahead is grand.

One Love,

#PurifiedGangster #MindBodySpirit #ChristConsciousness #TheShift
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Friday, May 5, 2017

ACA, AHCA, Obama Care, Trump Care ~ A wounded healers perspective

In sorting through the memories of my childhood, I can remember my mother composting for the garden and teaching us the value of growing our own food. I can still see her placing avocados in a glass in the kitchen window. So vivid are the memories now of avocado seeds rooting in water, held up on the rims of glasses with three tooth pics, while bathing in the the sunlight through the kitchen window.

My childhood taught me so much. However, it would be years before I returned to the fondest memories that were buried deep beneath the pain, clouded in anger and resentment of growing up in an abusive childhood surrounded by addiction and poverty. All I remembered for years was the abandonment, the sexual and physical abuse. My path was shaped by my pain for many years.

I left home in my early teens. Became a mother myself and did what I thought was the best I could do in raising my sons as a wounded child raising children. Never having much money I bargain shopped to keep food on the table and we ate the cheapest foods available. While I cooked homemade meals, vegetables consisted of canned goods for the most part. I knew nothing of the nutritional value of fresh versus canned, and certainly had no knowledge of the BPA lined cans that I fed my family for years. I certainly didn't garden, living in apartments didn't present that opportunity (so I believed) and having little time to do so anyways I lost that art of growing my own food given to me by my mother. We ate conventional grown foods full of pesticides. Convenient foods in cans, bags and boxes. We ate the typical American diet of the 80s and 90s.

As life proceeded, my health declined. I developed several health conditions and became morbidly obese. My oldest son was diagnosed with gout at 25 years old. The results of our diet and lifestyle caught up with us. All those years of saving money, never questioning where my food came from, eating a high animal protein diet created poor health for us all at young ages. I found myself disabled at the age of 38 with degenerative arthritis, unable to walk more than 10 feet. Too poor to afford a wheelchair, I rented one for the day to be able to go to the lake with my grandchildren and never returned it. At 40 I was finally approved for disability and gained health insurance. Then began my journey into dependence on pharmaceutical drugs that did nothing to cure my poor health. By the age of 42 I had diabetes, soon after I was diagnosed with non alcoholic fatty liver disease. We are what we eat, I ate food like products, pesticides and low nutrient foods.

I was dying. And honestly would have rather died than continued to live such a limited life in so much physical and emotional pain. I found myself planning my own suicide in December of 2011. I did not really want to die, I just had no reason to live. And that is where this journey began. There is so much more to this story, however for the sake of this article I think that is enough of a background to share what I am feeling today.

I began this journey the next day with dragging my belongings onto the front lawn with that wheelchair, selling it all and purchasing an old travel trailer and leaving town, towed by a stranger to my first of many locations. I left behind my doctors, and my life as I knew it. I was in a place of nothing to lose and everything to gain. Quite honestly, all that I knew was that my life was going to end if I did not learn to love myself and relearn how to live. I studied day and night to learn about natural ways to heal my dying body. And I began with weening myself off of my various medications before they ran out to lesson the painful withdrawals that giving up opiates, anxiety medications, depression medications would entail. As I lowered my daily intake of what was left in those pill bottles I brought with me, I began to learn about herbs, roots and foods that would help to ease my pain, depression and anxiety. I studied cultural diets. Eastern medicine. Reiki, saw an energy healer. I returned to ancient wisdom and reconnected with nature to find healing. I eliminated gluten, lowered animal proteins, ate only organic and continue today in doing so. Today the only animal protein I eat is eggs, and some organic dairy, and occasionally fish.

Here I am ten years after being diagnosed as disabled. I am walking, I do not have a wheelchair, a walker and I take no pain pills, no antidepressants, no anti-anxiety meds, it is rare that I even take an Aleve or Advil. I am diabetes free, my liver is fully regenerated and healthy. I manage my arthritis pain with ginger and turmeric. I support my bones and muscles with healthy food and supplements that are highly sourced. I have found my way home to healing with creation. I have found my way back to nature, and I have discovered my own healing abilities in the process. It was not an easy journey, change never is. However, it was a beautiful journey, one that revealed to me a deep inner wisdom that I have carried in my cellular memory, the wisdom of our ancestors. Like plants are intelligent and carry intelligence to heal, so do we.

Along side my studies of healing foods, I was also learning to heal energetically through a path of forgiveness. I read books on everything spiritual healing. Began a meditative practice which revealed more latent wisdom that I held all along. As I healed emotionally my healing physically increased as well and I discovered the connection between the emotional, energy and physical body found in many eastern medicine teachings, wisdom also found in all indigenous peoples teachings. As I awakened to my own ability to heal everything in my life changed. I recognized how ignorant I had been all those years, how closed minded I was about the many opportunities to learn the importance of eating healthy, organic, fresh grown fruits and vegetables. Teachings that were present even in my childhood, forgotten teachings reemerged. I forgave myself for my own ignorance. Self forgiveness became a journey all its own that led me to forgiving all others in my life. I have come to know forgiveness and love as the most powerful medicine in healing.

Today my newsfeed on social media is full of outcrys in regards to the AHCA health coverage bill  referred to as Trump Care. A public outcry that is deeply understandable, and I, as an empath fully open to the global consciousness can feel the energy of the planet so powerfully. The energy being generated from both sides of this equation, weather you are for or against either the ACA or the ACHA is all energy of fear, everyone is fearing losing something. Weather it be health care coverage or money due to having to pay higher premiums to help those less fortunate have health care. When the global consciousness reaches high levels of fear and sorrow it manifest in me as unease, a mild to moderate anxiety that creates nausea. I do healing and protective energy work to shut off the connection and protect myself from feeling anything that is not my own so that I can look at what is taking place and hopefully see the bigger picture unfolding, and more importantly find where I am called to be of service. Being of service has also become known to me as great healing medicine.

In deep meditation and contemplation about the issues taking place I was shown my own journey. And I remembered how painful it was, I also remembered how revealing it was. I was shown my own awakening to the healing powers we all hold. I saw very clearly that we are being guided to change. To reach within and remember our own healing abilities. To reconnect with the planet. To realign with natural prevention and healing. Change can invoke fear, walking into the unknown from being a society raised and conditioned to be dependent on government for our essential needs, to empowering ourselves to learn and remember how capable we all are of taking care of ourselves AND each other. We see healers awakening all over the planet. Ancient wisdom returning. We are waking up to what we have created. Yes we created this, all of us have a hand in where we are as a society, with the exception of the indigenous of the world who hold space for ancient wisdom and healing to be remembered by us all.

As an enlightened society WE WILL care for all. All life will be sacred and everyone's basic, essential needs will be met. We will one day in the future restructure it all and return to a deeper connection with creation and all that is created. This is a journey, as it is in the journey that we learn through experiences. The journey is how we remember who we are. This journey involves great suffering, I can completely feel this suffering as I have suffered so much in my own lifetime. I am not without compassion, I am compassion. At the same time, having turned my own suffering into being reborn and awakened to deeper truths, holding space for love to grow now that forgiveness and understanding has taken place, I see so clearly what is happening to us all. The collapse of western civilization is taking place right before our eyes, we are all collapsing with it. We are breaking apart so that as a species we can be rebuilt in truth.

Whatever you are called to do, do that! There is no wrong way to go in this. I am not here to tell you how to feel, how to act, how to live or what side to take.This is not about who is right or who is wrong. I have been and continue to be both right and wrong in my own life and have learned the value of both as part of my own awakening. I am only called to share my own journey. All actions taking place are part of our destiny. Part of a beautiful web we have woven over time that will lead us home. I know this in my heart of hearts. What I am here to do is simply share my own stories of awakening with faith that those intended will find my stories of transformation as intended. I am not an authority on anyone's life, or how you live it. And I have less and less judgement in me every moment about others choices. I have discovered that to judge anothers choices is to take away my own right to choose. I am not called to take a position for or against anyone. I am called to hold love for us all and to serve where called to serve. For me, serving has come in the calling of personal healing and sharing my healing and the love that I now carry in my heart.

I love you all from a place of saying to those who wish deeply to heal on any level, that healing is available. It is within us all. And as each of us heals, the whole world heals. I have come to know that I can save the world through my own healing, and so too can you. Once we heal, we can offer healing to others and so this healing ripples across the global consciousness awakening the energy of healing in and for us all. And when I say "us all", I am talking about all life. All life is connected, every thing alive is connected. Remembering this connection is the most healing power of all.

One Love,

Thank you Great Creator for all of it! I can see so clearly now how every part is connected, beautifully connected. What I believed to be my losses rendered my greatest gains, my most expansive growth, my deeper appreciation, all leading me home to you. I was looking for something out there, while everything that exists was within me. Through the seeking, lost, scared, angry and alone, I fell brilliantly and beautifully apart so that I could be renewed with all of it forgiven, it finally became a part of who I've become, am becoming, showing me the purpose in it all. I see now how brilliant your plan is. 

I Am Humbled by your divine plan, holding an unwavering faith now, I no longer need to know all the answers, I no longer need to figure out all out. I see you weaving magic in my life, in all our lives. I hear your gentle voice whispering "this way my child" all around me. I see the mother you gave me beneath my feet, I feel her nourishing love that has been here all along. I receive her wisdom and I offer my gratitude in my actions, protecting her as she has protected me. 

I am yours Great Spirit, yours to shape and to mold, my divine blueprint restored, I surrender to your will for me to serve. Thank you for it all, I can laugh a deep, hearty laugh at the journey it took to get here and see how my stubborn nature will serve me greatly now that I am healed through your eternal, unconditional love. I can love ALL OTHERS as YOU LOVE ME. I can love that BIG, because your love flows through me, as me now. I see no distance between myself and my human family now, my brothers and my sisters hearts beat as my own, I will cherish their beating hearts with compassionate, understanding, all encompassing, unconditional love as you have put it in my heart to love this way, thank you for this gift. I am yours, peacefully, gratefully, eternally yours, use me Great Spirit.

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Saturday, April 1, 2017

April 2017 Energy Update ~ Release, Focus, Engage

April is all about FOCUS, where your attention goes, massive energy is sure to flow. There is a plot twist happening here, focus is turned on you. Meaning that you are going to be engaged by the universal energies in areas that require your focus, possibly areas you have been avoiding looking at or opportunities you have missed with your attention elsewhere, so pay attention to what is engaging you.

There are multiple planetary alignments dancing together this month in a push and pull fashion, engaging you in very specific ways, all for your own growth and advancement into the higher dimensions of the self. April offers of opportunity and advancement are enhanced and multiplied during this very special time.

First let's just look at the four planet dancing in retrograde for our benefit in April:

VENUS (about every 18 months for 6 weeks) Love & Money
01/30/17 Enters Shadow
03/04/17 Goes Retrograde
04/15/17 Goes Direct
05/18/17 Leaves Shadow

Love & Money are emphasized for review. Old relationships can show up for healing through forgiveness and release. Current relationships reveal themselves more honestly. All guiding you to ask yourself... Does this honor me? Am I honoring myself? The theme is honor. Coming into alignment with your true worth, and fully letting go of that which does not serve you. Career moves are available, old projects you gave up on revisited. All areas of creating wealth are open for exploration. A good time to focus honestly on your relationship with money and discover your money blueprint blocks. Create those integrity lists and get organized in your plans to manifest your dreams.

PLUTO (every year for 5 or 6 months) Change & Transformation.
12/29/17 Enters Shadow
04/20/17 Goes Retrograde
09/28/17 Goes Direct
01/19/18 Leaves Shadow

Pluto stays in one Zodiac sign for approximately 21 years, taking 248 years to complete one trip around the sun, Pluto is patient and persistent in its offering of support in the areas of change and transformation. Lifes eternal guarantee is change, however many of us resist change and suffer as a result. What we resist, persists, making changes more dramatic until we let go and go with the flow, leading us to growth through transformation. During Pluto retrograde review your relationship with change and transformation, are you fluid and inviting changes into your life with excitement for the unknown adventures ahead, or are you fighting it all the way, refusing to let go? Your purpose in life is transformation and change facilitates much of your transformation. Every change is a chance to transform. What we go through, we grow through.

SATURN (every year for about 140 days) Karma
12/30/16 Enters Shadow
04/06/17 Goes Retrograde
08/25/17 Goes Direct
12/01/17 Leaves Shadow

Saturn, referred to as the Lord of Karma brings up all that is unresolved and ready to be made right and released by you. It can be a challenging time if you refuse clearing your past through denial, or resist taking ownership of the results you have created in your life. This Saturn retrograde is squared with Venus emphasizes your karma in the areas of Love & Money. This is an opportunity to look at your core intent in all you have done and do moving forward in your relationships and in how you earn money. Pay old debts. Make amends to old relationships. Get centered in pure intent moving forward to assure that your core intent is for the greatest good of all concerned. Pay attention to what is coming up, what is engaging you for clearing. Blessings abound moving forward when you clear all that is ready to be cleared, creating a clean slate to build solid foundations in love and money. Use this time to meet your responsibilities, especially in your relationships.

MERCURY (three to four times per year for about 19 to 24 days) Communication & Agreements
03/27/17 Enters Shadow
04/09/17 Goes Retrograde
05/03/17 Goes Direct
05/20/17 Leaves Shadow

Mercury governs all forms of communication and impacts the agreements we make. During retrograde making new agreements that have not already begun before the retrograde period is not the best plan. Mercury retrograde is what I refer to as the RE-Time, it is time to revisit, rediscover, reevaluate and the big one RELEASE. Communication is challenged, giving us encouragement to be more intentful in how and what we communicate. Are we just saying what others want to hear, avoiding our own deeper truths to fit in, to get something we want? What are we hiding from view, resisting facing in our lives. What undone issues are ready to be revisited and released. Time to clean out those closets, and organize our lives with intent fueled by truth and the highest good for all involved. Finalizing previous agreements that we never fully engaged is encouraged, either close the lose ends you left hanging or finalize and engage committed action to fulfill your previous agreements. New agreements being offered are best evaluated during this time, and acted upon once Mercury goes direct.

April and much of this year will feel like a roller coaster to those of us who resist the energies effecting us, there is no resisting these energies, and they will effect us all in different ways. This year is a you can run, but you cannot hide type of year. Let's also remember that this is the Year of the Rooster, and this Rooster year is truly the Rising of the Fire Phoenix, a year of massive transformation for us all. The Fire Phoenix emphasizes money and health. This is the year to address both these areas with pure intent and solid focus. You are supported greatly in these two areas, next year and the following years, what you do not address now will be a harder road to travel.

Take some time to contemplate where your focus is, focus is key right now. We often focus on things that distract us from facing things we are avoiding. Addictions are triggered now, so that we can address them. Relationships emphasized, strong and honest communication with emphasis on our intent is asking to be addressed. Are we loving unconditionally, or is there conditions and self serving intent in the love we give and receive? We are being guided to get honest with ourselves so that we are honoring ourselves and others in our relationships. In money it is time to get clear about our motives. To address our lack of mindsets. Our beliefs about money that keep us locked in webs of lack, or webs of deception for gain. Karma is quicker to respond now, we will be shown almost immediately the results of our intent. This is a time of transparency in all things, what is false in us and others is being brought to the surface, not for the sake of punishment, rather for the sake of release. We are being offered the opportunity to create a clean slate on which to build solid foundations based in truth and the highest good of all concerned. Remember, all others are you, and you are all others. To use another is to use yourself. To abuse another is to abuse yourself. To allow yourself to be used or abused is to create more abuse in the world for all. The same is true that when you release and heal, the world releases and heals.

This is a time to take flight, to fully engage all that engages you and to finally engage all that you wish to create. To courageously be honest first with yourself then with all others. To be very clear on your intentions so that you are laying solid foundations that will flourish into beautiful, abundant creations that will sustain you and all involved. Your deepest desires to overcome what has held you back (yourself) and face your complacency, denial, addictions, indifference, judgements and all that is not your true divine nature are supported now ten fold. This support does not mean the journey is made more comfortable, it means you are made stronger. Strength in its true form not in its distorted form. True strength is the courage to be honest, to be vulnerable, to be kind. Distorted strength appears as the one who needs nothing and no one and has no fears, returns anger with anger, demands respect. True strength is respect no matter what it encounters. True strength feels deeply, shares honestly, cries openly and returns all actions with loving understanding and kindness, holding its space of power and discerning what honors itself first and others second, all are honored in true strength.

I love you all from a place of pure excitement for all that is taking place. It has been my experiencing that facing myself, peeling away the layers of false identities and many masks I have created in an effort to protect and project myself has freed me to live more authentically with each layer I reveal and release. The further down the path of self realization we travel the more we let go of the desire to resist seeing ourselves for who we truly are, we begin to look within without fear,  and miracles happen, all around us. Go forward with courageous love my friends, you are ready to do this work, you are worthy of much more than you know.

One Love,

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Friday, March 3, 2017

CHEMTRAILS, GMO's, Vaccines, and a spiritual journey to ALL IS WELL

What if the government is contaminating our food, everyday use products, water and air, and pumping us full of unnecessary damaging and deadly poisons via vaccines?
What if calling people who recognize it conspiracy theorists, radicals, quacks is just another way to hide the truth.

Are you willing to simply trust a proven corrupt, corporate owned government and be a good, patriotic, person who avoids questioning any of this? And if you are how do you feel about treating others who see it differently with ridicule, insults and judgements?

What If it's true, all of it? It's scary to even admit it could be true. It seems impossible, inconceivable, no one would do that right? And if we consider it, it feels overpowering, overwhelming even. It creates fear, anger and a feeling of uncertainty. A feeling of powerlessness even considering the what if. I went through all of those emotions when I began considering the what if it's true, what if they are poisoning us?!

Then I shifted my perspective. I moved from powerless to powerful by educating myself. I returned to nature, beginning a connection to our great mother earth and all she provides that sustains us. I strengthened my faith in remembering that God created all we need to flourish, and I made huge life changes. It was work I won't lie, I'm still changing and have more work to do.

I turned off the TV that programmed me into a mindless consumer and promoted drama in my life. Created feelings of fear, seeing the world as a horrible place. I began watching alternative news like info wars but quickly realized that they were serving up fear too, created in me more powerlessness and even more lead me to be part of the problem. What I mean by that is that as I connected with the infinite wisdom within, I began to remember that we are the creators of our own reality, our fears of an agenda actually help that agenda to be created. So conspiracy theory news should be acknowledged and considered now, asking ourselves... if they are poisoning us and yes they have an agenda. Then move on to being the empowered creator you and I are. Move onto solutions, to being the change.

You see first we must admit there is a problem. However, if we just stay stuck there and do nothing but scream there's a problem we are actually helping the problem grow with just or attention to it over prolonged amounts of time. If we prepare for the problem by stock piling ammo, weapons, survival kits we are actually creating the need for all these things. We cannot solve problems with the same consciousness that created them. These problems were created from fear consciousness. Fear of the elite losing control over the growing and awakening population.

To solve these problems we must access new consciousness, Love consciousness. I moved on to educate myself on what is in these poisons and what defenses I have available to me in nature. I moved on from fear to love consciousness through prayer, meditation, education and connecting with others fueled by love consciousness.

Today I know that I have nothing to fear, that I am here to shift from fear to love. I've learned that for me the path wasn't denial, burying my head in the sand, nor was it screaming there's a problem, someone else fix it. I discovered that I was the problem and I am the solution.

Today I'm mostly excited about the events taking place. My heart hurts and I'm angry some days too. But mostly excited because when I remember to embody love consciousness I can see the awakening taking place. I can see the evolution of the human species becoming what we have always been, we are one, we are love realizing itself. I can build bridges and create connections. I can see everyone as my brother and sister and love all my neighbors as myself fearlessly. I don't sit in fear of others and allow TV to tell me how to feel and leaf me to closing my heart to those in need out of fear. I've learned that this body is temporary but my ability to love and open my arms and heart is eternal, is what I'm meant to do, is practicing my faith instead of using it as a shield to say I'm a good person I just need to protect myself and my family. Me and my family are infinite children of God and if I teach them anything in this life I want it to be love, and living faith. When my body dies I want to be able to know that in this lifetime I actually faced fear and abolished it with love and deep faith. I cannot justify any fear based thinking that makes my brothers and sisters who pray, look, love differently the enemy and be true to my faith and the teachings of Christ. Not in this lifetime. In this life I choose complete and total reunion with God. In complete union there is no separation and there is no fear. There is only love for all as one. I've learned these fears are a gift and my passage to love.

Considering the what ifs shouldn't be frowned upon, but by some it is. There are times you feel ostracized. There are times you feel hurt, alone and ask yourself if they're right and your just crazy. I didn't let those opinions stop me at any stage and was able to move through all the stages without any real harm to myself. In fact I've come out better than ever, I love differently now. I walk in such faith with a deep inner knowing that all is well and going according to plan.

I've discovered new friends who I know to be my soul tribe all over the planet. We are coming together in beautiful ways. I'm not alone and neither are you. The good news is that we all wake up. So those who judged you, doubted you, left you will wake up too and that will be a grand celebration. I'm excited for that experience and mindful not to stay in places of hurt, regrets, resentment or judgement because it is our destiny to awaken and all are one. I was once a person who didn't believe any of this so I think I can be patiently loving with my brothers and sisters so still don't.

I love you all, as you are, here and now. I love myself as I am here and now. We are all doing the best we can. We are all part of a greater plan and we can't get it wrong.

One Love,

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Reality, now isn't that an interesting word, one with every imaginable meaning, and one over used our whole lives as we are taught to face reality. But whose reality are we facing in our day to day lives? The one right in front of our eyes, or the one we have been conditioned to accept and by doing so ourselves creating? This is a good question to ask ourselves daily... Whose reality am I living right now? NOW being the key word here.

There is so much going on in the world as I sit here in the sun, soaking it in after days upon day of rain, fallen trees, washed away roads and lots, I mean lots of toasty fires. It has been difficult these days for myself and I am sure many of you as well, to look away from the reality tv show that is all around us. A calling to know what is coming next, and an underlying anticipation filled with a level of anxiety that says it likely won't be a pleasurable experience for many. That is the reality we are being fed everywhere we turn. It is not just the bombardment of news stories that tell us how to feel, it is our friends, our family, our networks who are all caught up in the next breaking story as well, it is everywhere, it is in us too.

Today I want to offer you a gift. A chance to come back to a different reality, a return to the real world. Yes I know, many will feel a bit put off by that sentence initially, that is okay, stick around if you are even a bit overwhelmed by the world today. If you are spending your days going through a spiral of emotions and feelings over the current state of the world, I would like to offer you a choice today, one that can turn that frown upsidedown and help you to be at your most valuable space in this time of great change, because you are needed and we are all ready to play a bigger role than the small roles the 'other reality' is directing us to play.

The other reality is the one being shoved down our throats right now. Via news, media, government and even our social media networks, we are being told how to feel, what to think and finding it hard to look away. Look away today my friends, at least long enough to get a tighter grip on a truer reality, the one happening right in front of you, right now.

It is good to come back to the now and regroup, it is good to remind ourselves that in this exact moment ALL IS WELL. These words are words I have spoken many times to many souls who are experiencing challenging moments in their personal lives. These words are words I have come to know as the greatest truth in my own journey and these are words that I myself have forgotten in the most recent weeks as everything seems to be going to shit around the world. Forgot until yesterday when I was reminded of the power of ALL IS WELL via a Matt Kahn Video titled, you got it... ALL IS WELL.

Deep inside of me I have known for quite some time now that not only is all, always well, and all things of equal value in our journey and for our growth. I have also known what suffering for the sake of suffering creates, it creates more suffering in the world. On this one love journey of learning to love myself, to know myself as an extension of creation and capable beyond my own understanding I have learned great lessons that have brought me the most undeniable, unshakable sense of peace. However, even with all this knowing I have found myself in the recent weeks completely lost in another reality, one where everything is a little or a lot more uncertain, there are things to fear, to be appalled by in this reality I have somehow slipped into, and like quicksand the more I try to fight this reality the further I sink. It is only in the moments of being full in the now, shutting down the brain bending machine that is my devices and returning to real life, the one right in front of me that I have walked effortlessly out of that pit of sinking sand and back onto solid land.

We are being told how to feel, what to think and in accepting this auto programming we are becoming the programmers ourselves, spreading this warped reality like the plague. We all are, no matter what side of any issue of opinion we find ourselves on, we are playing the game, all of us, well most of us anyways. There are some very enlightened being on the planet who are not attached to this manipulated reality and do not hold any one side, rather hold space and that my friends is what I am offering you and myself today, the ability to return to reality and hold space for ALL IS WELL.

Before you get overly worried that I am suggestion your bury your head in the sand and pretend that nothing is wrong, let me assure you that there is much going on in the world right now, but if you allow me a moment to re-frame what is taking place in the world, so that you, 'the one' driven to stand and do what you feel is right will be much more powerful, and much more effective than you are in your current state. I am not suggesting that we should silence our voices, limit our actions. What I am suggesting is that we get real about where our voices are coming from, and channel our actions so that they are effective. What is happening currently is that our voices are fueled from a place of feeling appalled and angry and in that place our voices, our messages are drowned out in a sea of drama, not very effective would you agree? What I am suggesting is that we move away from being against anything and move into being for what we are for. It is easy to point out what is wrong in the world, we are being given so much to point out, to scream about. And in doing so we are giving all our power away. No one has to take away what we freely give to them.

I am aware that most of my readers share my positions on the things taking place in the world today so I am speaking to you, to the awakening lightworkers in the world who are called to bring light to the planet to create a new earth, a new world for all. A world where all life is light, sacred, sentient and all beings equal. Where all are free to live a life of prosperity and joy. I understand that so many of us are called at this time to awaken and many are answering this call. The process of awakening reminds me of these unstable mountain roads I have found myself navigating in the worst California storm in a few decades. Landslides, disappearing roads, sink holes, trees down, accidents, power and water outages, followed by moments of sun, breaks in the storm to remind me that all is well, only to experience it all again. That is quite a good description of the awakening process. It is full of turmoil as we release old programming, lifelong conditioning, repressed emotions, energy blocks and begin to remember who we are, why we are here. It is also full of moments of the purest sense of peace ever felt, moments of elated euphoric joy, clarity and deeper knowing. It is the path to empowered action as an infinite co creator in a transforming world. It is exciting, exhilarating and quite often exhausting.

Awakening is the process of releasing fear and becoming that which we are, we are love! How do we release fear? We face it! We face it with love as our most powerful tool. I say tool because weapon is old paradigm, we don't need weapons when we have tools, and when we carry within our BEingness the most powerful, useful tool of all we need very few other tools to build this new reality, this new world that is our destiny.

"But Lelania, I do not understand how anyone can be okay with what is happening. I cannot for the life of me understand anyone supporting this governments agenda and I am trying, trust me I am trying." These are words that were spoken to me just last night by a friend. She shared that she has consciously tried to open up discussions within her own circles with friends who feel differently than her, and to no avail, she cannot understand it still. I have felt her pain. And I have been through this stage as well, the trying to understand stage, only to feel more confused with each attempt to understand. My words to her went something like this...

Let them have their story. Let them fight their fight. Recognize what is in you both. There is fear in you both. And there is light in your both. All life is light. Remember the light that exists in those who feel differently than you, those who preach worshiping government and rejoice in what our current administration is doing. Let them have their rejoice. Let them have it all. You cannot remove the fear they are bound in, they too believe they are protecting something, are for something and believe that all those somethings are being threatened, let them have their story of a great savior named Trump restoring their safety. What you can do is remove the fear that you are bound in and return to love, not just love for you, for those who agree with you, but love for them too, they are light too.

I went on to share with her my own stories of giving my own power away in all of this, and how with each new day I have found my way back to that place of power through consciously returning to realty. The reality right in front of me. Like many of you I have forsaken my own reality for the reality being fed to me on my screen. We wake up and begin the search each day. Scrolling through our newsfeeds, checking our preferred news outlets to see how we are going to feel today. We turn to stories that support our positions and deem any counter news or opinions as fake. Failing to recognize how fake it all is, because none of it is happening right now, right in front of us, yet we plug into it and start playing the game of sides, who and what are we for and against today, tell me oh powerful screen tell me how to feel and what to think...

Take a day away, actually take two. Maybe do not return to the think machine until you have fully embodied the ALL IS WELL space within you again. Look around the space you are in right now. What is not well there? Return to this space all day long, and breathe in deeply the life force of divinity that is always there, in each breath, breathe in deeper understanding and take your reality back!!! We are not abandoning the world by choosing not to suffer today. WE are doing the opposite by stepping away and getting back to reality, the one where all is well, the one where what is happening now is what matters most.

Everything is energy. We are taking in and putting out energy in every now moment. Reality is fluid and moldable. We are creating reality with our every thought, and our state of being creates a powerful energetic force that co creates the world we experience. We are helping that which we say we don't want by giving our power away and reacting to everything from an unsteady place of dictated emotions and thoughts. Step away and regroup, get back to reality and begin again.

Right now, in the space you are in, there is nothing and no one to fight. Choose, consciously choose to move away from that fight mentality that you are drowning in daily. Just as there is nothing and no one to fight in your immediate reality, there is nothing and no one to fight in any reality right now. It is the fake reality that is creating the fight, and with intent it persists in doing so. But do you really want to fight? I know you don't, in fact what you are fighting for is the right to not fight anymore. Do you see that? We are fighting for the right to not fight anymore. We don't want to fight for our rights, we don't want to fight for a life of prosperity, but fight for it we do. We are fighting where there is nothing to fight for. Equality is our birth right, all things and all beings are equal in value, that is the truth that cannot be denied when we realize it and become it IT WILL BE SO. So what are we fighting for? What is already ours? Think about this for a moment.

The old paradigm says all of us must be the same, must think and believe the same for us to be included and to feel safe. The old paradigm feels threatened because it is dying, we have lived out this false sense of security and are moving into a new paradigm where we begin to understand something so much deeper, we are embracing the true understanding of love, and releasing false, crippling fear. The old paradigm is built on fear, fear that anything unknown or different poses a threat and must be stopped, destroyed before it destroys us. Ego controlled and led state of being is dying, soul driven state of being is awakening.

The ego has an important job... To create the illusion of duality for the purpose of our soul experiencing that which it is not, so that it can better understand that which it is. Our soul is Love.
The word Love is offensive to our ego. The ego makes fun of love and all that arises from love, unless the situation benefits the ego in some way. Our ego likes to manipulate love into something it is not to protect its own existence. It will call love evil. It will only recognize needy, conditional love as love and dismiss true, unconditional love as something to fear.

The ego exists solely to separate us from God. In this illusionary state of separate from God the ego has an identity and attempts to take on the role as God. Damning, judging and condemning all who do not support its illusion of itself. An identity strengthened by fear and all that arises from fear.
It is quite easy to see where Ego is at work. Ego blames. Ego tells stories of enemies. Ego sets itself aside from and above others. Ego justifies it's own trespasses and paints itself the victim. Ego likes, needs to be special, different, smarter, more enlightened, above others and proudly proclaims itself as such. Ego will claim it's will is Gods Will!

We often play God without truly knowing the God that we are. Pretending to know Gods will, without knowing the God within that we are , our ego will say that "its will" is Gods will, leading us to forsake any unlike ourselves. This old paradigm state of being. The ego driven phase of our evolution. Our ego is not our enemy, I think it is important to remind us both of that. Our ego has served us greatly in experiencing that which we are not, so that we can better understand and remember that which we are.

Forsaking others is not the work or will of God. It is the work and the will of the limited mind and ego whose sole intention is to create the illusion of duality and separation from God.
If there is a Devil and Enemy attaching us and our way of life, it is the creation of man, it is the distorted ego of man , masquerading as God! It is not some demonic force outside ourselves wreaking havoc on us. It is our own doing, we are creating the chaos, the turmoil and will continue to do so as long as it takes to awaken to the truth of who we are and why we are here, we are here to shape reality as co creators and when we begin to create from love rather than fear, everything changes.

Ever notice how many egos on the planet claim God is punishing their perceived enemies when someone that they do not understand, identity with, or trust, is facing challenges and misfortune. However in the face of their own challenges and misfortunes will claim it is the devil, the enemy who is attacking them. Think about that for a minute. The ego always sees itself as the victim and others who do not support its own views of itself and the world as the enemy.

Where Gods Will is present there is no fear, no division or separation, there is no blame, there is no punishment, there is no need to defend, nor attack. Where Gods Will is present there is only unconditional love, forgiveness and unwavering faith. There is surrender. There is humility. There is inclusion, unity and oneness!

When we are fully under the spell of the ego we are attracted to those who reinforce our ego identities. When we are free from the illusion of duality, awakening to the truth of who we all are and the connectedness of all that is, as sacred, sentient and all equal in value the ego in others does not attract us. In fact the opposite reaction occurs, it is like a reverse magnetic field, where we can see, feel ego present, we can allow it to be, all at the same time. The more we recognize ego present in and around us and are able to simply allow it to be what it is and continue on our sacred path without attachment to it, the more awakened to the truth of who we are, we become. And in doing so we heal our distorted ego back to it's pristine state. The ego is not our enemy, it is a part of us, it is our underdeveloped soul aspects and it has a path too. When we heal our own ego and allow our full selves to come into harmony and balance we no longer see other egos in the world as a threat. We see egos transforming into soul harmony at their own pace, and their pace is no threat to our pace.

Fighting all these ego in the world is embracing our own ignorance, is going back to sleep and relinquishing our own power. There is nothing to fight. There is only surrender, surrender to the truth that ALL IS WELL. And from that space of empowered knowing, soul driven, love fueled state of BEingness step out and be the light bearer you are, be the one who anchors the ALL IS WELL energy of light into the planet and speak, march, organize from that place, a place of being for ALL IS WELL, therefor creating wellness by being wellness.

In this state of ALL IS WELL, solutions to any real problems that are right in front of you are presented and easy to apply. In this state of ALL IS WELL clarity is gained, intuition strengthened and work toward positive outcomes for all amplified. It is in the sate of ALL IS WELL that we release the need to fight and awaken our true divine nature and begin to live our birthright, reach our destiny, create heaven on earth.

No one, not one single person on this planet can take away your peace or threaten your connection to God. God is in every breath you take. There is no threat to the new paradigm. It is the old paradigm that is dying, that is threatened, let it have it's fight and fight all by itself. We do not have to fight for destiny, it is destiny. Our fighting for it is the very thing prolonging it. Simply move into being what we are, we are love. Simply be what we are and trust the many other awakening souls on the planet to do the same. You are free to express yourself, to love who you love, to pray how you pray, so do so. Express, Love and Pray away my friends. Find that space of knowing, that space of ALL IS WELL and embody that, exemplify that, create more wellness from the wellness that you are.

A fight requires two sides. We don't need to fight anyone or anything. Rather we grow as a conscious community of awakening souls who embrace love, release the fear of loving anyone, even those we do not understand, especially those we do not understand. Because if we can recognize that it is fear of what we do not understand that creates perceived enemies to fight in the world, we can wake up and stop creating enemies. Let those who fear what they do not know fight against it all they need to until they do know it, understand it and wake up to realize that there was nothing to fear in the first place.

I love you from a place of deep inner knowing that we are ready to stop playing the game, to stop investing in these manipulated fake realities born of fear that leads to division, hate, suffering. We are ready to wish for all what we wish for ourselves and create wellness in the world through becoming wellness in ourselves. We can speak and stand for peace if we are peace when doing so. We cannot demand what we ourselves are not. WE are being called to BE what we want to SEE. WE are all being called to face fear and release it, embrace love and become it. There is no fight, there is only process. There is no government that is going to protect us, they are busy protecting themselves AND using those bound in fear to protect them too. Break free from the manipulated reality and return to the now, that space where ALL IS WELL and from there move forward as wellness, creating more wellness.

One Love,

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Immigration, Deportation, Refugees, Water Protectors and Ascension

If we were all created looking exactly the same, loving and respecting each other would have been much easier. I do not think it's a mistake that the world is composed of such diversity. We are here to learn love. It's not always easy to love what we fear, but that is the whole point. It is in learning to love what we've been taught to fear, that we release fear... False Evidence Appearing Real. The idea that we're really that different is false. But it is our difference that offer us the opportunity to look beneath the surface to find what unites us as one. When we can love and care deeply for people who are outwardly different than ourselves we learn more about what love really is, we get closer to being that which we came from.

Throughout our lives we experience pain that often leads us to protect ourselves by building walls around our hearts to protect ourselves from hurting again. The irony of this is that in doing so we're actually keeping love out and living a life without fearless love is its own pain. A pain within that is projected without. We come into this world without fear, are taught fear so that we can overcome fear through love.

Our entire purpose for being here is to ascend through releasing fear and becoming love. All that is occurring today is offering us greater opportunities to ascend at a much faster rate. Where challenges to love are heightened the rewards are multiplied to.

We are also being given the chance to clear much of our collective karma here in the United States, a country built on thievery, genocide and slavery. As with all things, lessons will repeat themselves until they are learned and wrongs forgiven and corrected.

The billions who have suffered and been murdered had little to no choice in their physical bodies about it. As brave souls they volunteered for these roles to advance our evolution and ascension. Here we are in more advanced times and more brave souls have volunteered to play the role of those facing more suffering and extermination.  Who will we who have choices choose to be this time around?

We can choose to take the path of ascension through fearlessly loving all our brothers and sisters without fear lead judgements, justifications and indifference and heal our own karma. This path is offered to us daily in our personal lives, and amplified globally at this time of uncertainty in the world. If we go deep within all uncertainty is transformed into pure clarity. We remember who we are, why we are here, face our fears, learn selfless, unconditional love and begin to heal ourselves and our world fearlessly. This is the path to ascension.

In many religious and spiritual circles there is this misconception that we can avoid all this that is taking place and hide in our safe place avoiding all the stuff that is scary, doesn't feel good, the situations and people that we don't understand, therefor fear. A false belief that we can isolate ourselves from the suffering taking place, meditate and pray it away and ascend. Missing the truth that all that is taking place, was created by us, for us. We ascend through facing our fears and embracing love when it feels hardest to do so. The first step is personal responsibility for our own suffering and the suffering of others. Forgiving ourselves and others is granted once we acknowledge our own role in all that is ill in us, and the world. Any beliefs that are held that say only "this group" will ascend, and I am in this group so I am safe and justified to forget the rest of humanity, are not beliefs formed from truth. They are beliefs born from fear, fear that created identities around dominating and controlling others being righteous. A survival of the fittest mindset where the meekest among us are destroyed for our own gain.

Todays top debates and issues show us very clearly a path to facing our fears and ascending through embracing unconditional love for ourselves and all our brothers and sisters. If we were to all stop for a moment and look at each issue from a position of it being an opportunity to advance our ascension we would see more clearly the two choices here... (1) Continue to be imprisoned by our fears. OR (2) Face all our fears, fearlessly. It is no mistake that these events taking place affect people in the most devastating ways. A calling to our heart has to be loud to be heard through the walls we have built around our hearts. Families being torn apart from the threat of and implementation of mass deportation of 11 MILLION (interesting number) of our brothers and sisters. Refugees fleeing for their lives being turned away. The Native American people facing further suffering and genocide while they stand up for us all, as they always have. We are being called to care. Called to love.

Look more closely at these issues. See with your heart what is really playing out here. Our governments and media represent FEAR. Their power is gained through our fears, they need our fears to be who they identify themselves as. In fact it is fear that drives them, fear of losing who they think they are, who they identify themselves as... The elite, the powerful, those in control. Fear wishes to control. Love only wishes for love and freedom for all.  If we are buying into the government and media stories we are buying into fear, we are choosing fear. It is easy to do so, because the stories they create tell us that those suffering are our enemies, are going to take something away from us, are a threat to us. Words are used that ignite immediate fears in us and we go into protection mode, a place where we can justify anything we say/do or don't say/do. Pay attention to the labels given that enable us to detach. "Illegal Aliens" is the most dehumanizing label of all. They are outsiders who pose a threat, they are not even human, they are aliens who are illegal. Easy to forget that they are human beings, eternal souls when we accept these deceptive and intentional labels.

So what is the path? Embracing fear and taking a defensive position, or burying our heads in the sand to avoid dealing with all of it have both proven time and time again to bring us back to these moments where our lessons are repeated throughout history. The only time we should base where we going to go on where we have been is to determine that we are no longer going to repeat these cycles of insanity. Changing it all, walking a path of ascension requires new actions, new positions and courage to face our fears, to love fearlessly and see the opportunities to do so being magnified right here and now.

The path to ascension is one of full surrender. Surrender all your fears and free yourself from yourself. Protecting yourself from perceived fears, no matter how justified is not the path. On my own journey I have learned to get more honest with myself. I have been so dishonest in my life, while I thought myself an honest person, a good person, I was not. Many will disagree with me who have known me my whole life. You see, we can live appearing to be a good person because we do outwardly good deeds, and say the right things at the right times. But who are we when we don't get our way? Who are we in the face of loss? Who are we when we feel threatened? Who are we when we are under appreciated? Who are we when we fear rejection or judgement? Who are we when no one is looking? Even more importantly what is the core intent that drives our good deeds? Is it to be good simply for the sake of being good, or are we trying to feel better about who we are through our good deeds to cover up the way we really feel about ourselves. Are we trying to selectively good deed our way into heaven? Are we giving to be loved? I know I was most of my life. I was in denial of it, as we all are when we are living outside in, rather than inside out.

How does our "do good" ratings increase or decrease according to who we know vs. who we do not know. It is easy to be good to our family & friends, even our neighbors, how authentic is our good when we branch out from our closest circles who benefit us directly to bigger circles that affect us less directly? We will be good to our coworkers, really is it because we are good or is it because we because it is how we have been taught to "ACT", is it because being good is how we keep a job? What do we think and say about our coworkers who are different than us? Are we simply tolerating them? Branch out further, our community, who do we spend time with in our communities? Where do we do our good work there, is it mostly with those who are like us, benefit us in some way? Now to our State, our Countries, and then the World. If we are really honest with ourselves we can see our own conditional love, and recognize that we are not really practicing unconditional love at all. Even in our closest relationships, conditional love is there. How many friendships, relationships stay strong through challenging times, are we there for others when it is hardest to be? Or do we turn away, justify not being there?

In every area of our lives we are being given great chances to love unconditionally. And as a whole we are all ready to advance our own ascension. That is why we are seeing such massive challenges in the world. Great suffering appearing, to give us the chance to love in a way we have never loved. To face fear in a way that we have never faced fear and to clear all past karma for us all. All this is on purpose and with purpose.

 The good news is that we can go through these cycles as many times as needed. Ascension is our destiny. The question is how bad do you want it? WE all say we want peace on earth. There is not one of us who does not want to live a good life, full of joy, prosperity and love. The next question is, do we want for our brothers and sisters what we want for ourselves? Are we willing to surrender all our fears and open our hearts to others? All lines in the sand represent the walls we have built around our own hearts, our borders are physical manifestations of the walls around our hearts. The proposed wall is fear saying lets protect ourselves from loving and justify it with stories of how they can do us harm, take something away from us. By default we become the ones who do harm, we choose to close our hearts, eyes and mouths so that we can keep what we have been told they will take from us. Silence is participation to. Hiding in our safe places, saying nothing and avoiding what we call drama is participating in the fear driven choice to protect ourselves from our perceived fears. Drama is a word used to minimize dramatic situations and events so that we can justify not caring and choosing to look away. Another form of protecting ourselves. It is fear that protects.

To have what we want, we must grow beyond only wanting it for ourselves. We must realize that there is enough for everyone and refuse to buy into the limited mindset that says there is not enough. The Universe is Abundant in all things. And all is provided for us when we want it for our earth family. What we give away is returned to us ten fold. What we hold onto goes to waste. What we fear we create, what we love we free, therefor freeing ourselves.

I love you all from a place of fearless love. Each day I leave my home and venture out into the streets of the San Francisco Bay Areas playing my current role as a ride share driver. I have chosen to intentionally connect with and share love with every new friend I meet, this is a conscious act to be the change I want to see. A choice to tear down the walls around my heart and learn to love fearlessly. I have begun to extend this to all my interactions with my brothers and sisters, everywhere I go I open myself up to connect deeper, even if for a brief moment in time. Combining my inner work that I do in the safety of my home, with doing outward work in my community, and in the world by sharing it all here, I am facing fears that used to imprison me in my own ignorance. I am a work in progress, and progress is good. I have learned that I am safe out there too, I never needed to protect myself from my brothers and sisters, I only needed to learn to love them as they are through learning to love myself as I am. When we love ourselves and others as we are, we all become more.

One Love,

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Friday, February 10, 2017

The Empaths Path to Healing the World

Today WE celebrate feeling it all. Allowing the light of love within that is an unlimited supply of source love to transform sorrow and suffering in the world into healing through the light that We Are.

I see now from my hearts eye, how attempting not to feel the pain, suffering, discourse in the world leads us to indifference and justifications for that state of not feeling, not caring. What we seek, we shall find. Fear of feeling is fear of caring, fear of bearing responsibility. We are seeing justifications for this all around us. From blaming those suffering as being a threat, to claiming God 'HIM'self stands behind turning away from those fleeing for a safe haven for them and their families.

Empaths of the world are strengthened in truth through their courage to feel, to care deeply and to process the pain of the world.  Sorrow, sadness and pain are transforming emotions, and when we allow ourselves to feel these emotions beyond our own suffering, allowing ourselves to care deeply for others suffering we can do great energy healing work for all.

When we allow the pain of others in, feel it for ourselves, do not avoid it, or justify those causing the pain, just feel it fully, it flows through the light we are. For some this process is too much. Feelings of being somehow responsible for the pain of our brothers and sisters in the world enables them to turn away and seek evidence for their indifference being just. For some it is the feelings of powerlessness to do anything about others suffering that causes a need to detach, the result is the same, justifications for indifference are found.

Allowing ourselves to feel, to care, to love our neighbors as ourselves and to feel their sorrow and suffering for them, IS doing something. It's actually doing something HUGE. It's clearing the energy of suffering from the global energy body. For each of us that has it in our hearts to feel the world's suffering and process the pain we feel over it, helps the whole of us to heal through getting real.

Getting real is ending the cycle of denial. A cycle of living outside in and moving toward living inside out. Outside in, is living life separate from our true BEingness, disconnected from our true power. Believing ourselves separate from the world, from God, and detaching from any responsibility for what takes place outside of ourselves, and justifying the wrongs in the world by any means necessary, even going so far as to believe and say that God agrees with our indifference and trespasses, and is on our side.

I cannot tell you how many bible versus I see being thrown around today to justify the division, hatred, and indifference in the world. It is easy to find a verse in the bible that can be twisted to justify our own actions or inaction. Talk to me about the voice within if you want me to really pay attention. The voice of creator within does not justify indifference to suffering without, does not take only one side, knows all sides are the one side. I can feel the energy of every spoken word, and the energy of the one speaking it, we all can if we open up to this gift. And when I feel justifications fueled by denial I see it for what it is. I turn within and seek to feel even these feelings. Feelings of fear lead denial and self righteous justifications, I allow myself to feel these feelings too, so I can do more clearing work on behalf of us all.

Living inside out means discovering the truth of "As Within, So Without". Remembering our connection to all that is, as all that is. Taking full responsibility for not only our own lives, but for the reality we support and create. Becoming the powerful creators we are. Choosing to exercise our free will to surrender to the Holy Spirit that lives within us, as us all. In this space we are living as the creator, not using the creator to justify how we live.

Division is not the work of Love, it is the work of Fear. Justified division is justified fear. Indifference is not the work of Love, it is the work of fear. Justified Indifference is justified fear. Dear Empaths who care deeply, Face Everything And Rise! Face all fears and rise in Love.

When we allow ourselves to feel sorrow, sadness, pain, even anger we are in a state of allowing. Allowing is a form of surrender.  When we surrender to feelings they no longer hold power over us. This creates a flow of energy through us.  Allows what is blocked in us to be cleared. This process of clearing allows our own suppressed feelings to be felt, processed and released, making space for truth to grow, the truth within is pure, powerful Love for All!

Last night me heart felt broken, tears streamed down my face as I allowed myself to feel others struggles and suffering. I read a story of a woman being deported, she came here from Mexico 21 years ago. Is a mother and wife and has worked hard to support her family. She was arrested years ago for working under a false social security number. And has reported every single year to immigration who has allowed her to continue to live and work in this country. Now she is being deported, her family ripped apart. How many of us have a criminal in our own family? Are a criminal ourselves? We would feel devastated if this were our own mother, wife, sister, aunt or cousin. But she isn't so some feel that she is getting what she deserves or choose not to feel about it at all.

My heart broke. I wanted to turn to anger and for brief moments felt deep anger present, especially toward those in my own life who justify this as the right way to make our Country great again. I allowed all this to be felt and expressed fully. Today I Am renewed, stronger to feel more today than the day before.  Empowered to care more, even in moments where I feel powerless to help, to do something about it. I do have the power to feel, allow ans process and that my friends is a super power that we all have, once tapped into we all heal the world.

Shown in my dreams last night the energy flow transmuted into pure healing energy through my surrendering to and allowing these feelings to process through me was a beautiful dream complete with a grand celebration from Heaven above and within.

We are all empaths. We are all capable of doing great healing work in the world. It begins within each of us. For each of us taking on the ability to feel others feelings and care deeply, more of us are Empowered to do so. More of us take responsibility for the world we create together. More of us release fear and our justifications for and denial of the fear we embrace.

I am not talking about suffering simply for the sake of suffering here. That is a powerless state. I am talking about processing, letting it flow, allowing all emotions to be felt, expressed, and released creating space for love to heal. This is great healing work, the work of living inside out, and feeling for the world. This is a powerful state.

I love you all from a place of Empowered Joy to Love Fearlessly. To feel it all, and process it through the light of source that lives within me at all times.

One Love,
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Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Divine Feminine Awakening

The Divine Feminine is Awakening and Healing The Distorted Masculine so that it may return to its rightful place as the Divine Masculine, and come into total balance with The Divine Feminine.

We are created from/as both Divine Masculine & Divine Feminine Energies. There has been imbalance within and without, throughout history. In this day we may think the imbalance is only the lack or Feminine and over abundance of Masculine, however there was a time in Ancient History that has been erased from history with intent, that the imbalance was an over abundance of the Divine Feminine and lack of the Divine Masculine. The world was once ruled primarily by women, men were the oppressed subservient and God was believed to be a woman. During this imbalance the Divine Feminine transmutation into Distorted Feminine occurred just like today we see the transmutation of Divine Masculine to Distorted Masculine.

Where there is imbalance there is Distortion. Balance restores everything to its original blueprint of Divine Perfection. This balance must occur first within to be mirrored without. Both aspects are Divine when LOVE is present and Distorted when fear is present.

The oppression of one is created by the Distorted version of the other. Fear of equality is a Distorted version of these aspects that make us who we are. Beliefs about creator being only Masculine come from a Distorted Masculine energy fueled by fear. In creators image we are all created, and that means all. So to believe that only one aspect of us is the mirror image of creation is a Distorted belief.
Our limited human minds filter our beliefs with our limited understanding and ignorantly draw images of Our Creator based on our limited experiences, ideas, understanding and wisdom or lack thereof.

God, Allah, Jah, Great Spirit or any name we call the Divine Creator by is beyond anything our minds that are trapped in this distorted imbalance can imagine or comprehend currently. To fully understand the creator seek to fully understand LOVE. Allow both Masculine and Feminine aspects of yourself to come into balance to get a clearer understanding of that which we come from and are.
Oppression & Control are distortions fueled by fear. Segregation & Separation are distortions fueled by fear. Recognize these distortions and be balance in their presence. This is how we heal. All fear surrendered creates all life free, heaven on earth.

We will continue to repeat imbalanced cycles of distortion fueled by fear until we learn to create balance within. The rise of the Divine Feminine is subtle and brings a nurturing aspect that is mighty and powerful through LOVE fueled confidence. It does not seek to abolish The Divine Masculine, it is rising to heal this Distorted Masculine aspect within us all and bring about Divine Balance, this is where we are headed.

Pay attention to where fear is present. Notice the threats of punishment present. Fear creates big scary stories to prohibit the truth of who we really are from emerging and healing us all. I do not fear the truth becoming my very essence, shown to me through my own healing work and connection with the Divine Creator that lives within me and guides me to learn and share these truths. I do not fear challenging my own distortions and limited understanding because more and more I Am learning to quickly see where LOVE is present and where fear is present within and without. God is LOVE, I allow LOVE to be my guide and I am lead by God. Fear is the opposite of LOVE, to allow myself to be lead by fear is to allow myself to be lead by the opposite of God. It is that simple. To understand LOVE is to know God.

I LOVE YOU ALL, from a place of being lead by, fuled by, LOVE, more each now moment. And with Gratitude for the pure presnece of courage fuled divine energeies LOVE empowers me to share this journey as it occurs wihtout fear of doing so present in me more and more.

One Love,

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Christ Consciousness Awakening

Visited in my dreamtime by three beautiful souls, the spirit of Jesus accompanied by my Grandmother and my Father. The three of them together was a complete trinity for me, and my own understanding of what is taking place right now on earth. My grandmother was my most constant exposure to Christianity growing up, she was a devout Christian. My father later found Jesus, joined the church and himself, became an ordained minister who helped many of his brothers and sisters in recovery find Jesus.

It was comforting in a way hard to express in words, to have them there with Jesus whom I have spoken with much lately. Pure excitement filled the space we shared as both my Grandmother and Father shared their joy with me for being where they are, with all of creation, as all that is. They expressed to me the freedom gifted to them upon death, the remembering that was instant and shared a new truth with me, very different than the earthy truths they taught me in their physical lives. I was shown my life path to date, why I always rejected the teachings of the church, even as a child anger would rise up in me when dogma was introduced to me. They showed me that I was there when it all began, held within me a deep knowing on a cellular level of what really took place and chose to incarnate in this lifetime with these knowings as part of my essential being so that in this lifetime I could help humanity awaken, and experience it for a second time myself.

As I was documenting what I learned, my sister woke up and came into the living room, smiled and said good morning. I smiled and said... Sis I was visited by Dad, Grandma and Jesus last night in my dreams and they... She interrupted, excited to say that Dad had visited her in her dreams too, and she was right in the middle of texting our little brother about it who told her that our father died four years ago today. Confirmation is powerful and comes instantly these days for me when I am given teachings from the spirit realms. My own human mind that filters these teachings likes to inject doubt about their validity, doubts that do not stand long as each time some form of confirmation is given to me immediately, to assure me that I am not making all this up in my own mind.

They came to me to help me find peace in what is taking place here and now on earth. With instructions to be peace, to be love and to remove myself from the drama as it leads to attachment to fear. They assured me that all is as it should be and unfolding according to plan, to trust that which is false is revealing itself all on its own and to focus purely on the teachings of Christ, allowing the rest to work itself out. They said I could share this, as it will reach who it is meant to reach. This is what they shared with me...

organized religion is unraveling itself. All religious institutions are being given the opportunity to clear their own karma and correct themselves, speak the truth and take part in the awakening of humanity. Christianity at church head and government levels are refusing this opportunity and attempting to regain control through old methods of using fear and forcing itself upon the population. At the beginning stages of its creation the teachings of Christ fell into deception and manipulation under the ruler Constantine, the order  was to murder all who did not convert, a goal to make Christianity the only world religion.

Today we are seeing this foundation revisiting itself with attempts to program society with its dogma once again. The attempts to bring church back into government and education and do away with the environmental agencies are reminiscent of the beginning of the churches creation when government, rulers of that time forced education at early ages and murdered anything labeled pagan, any beliefs that created a deep connection with earth, each other and heaven. This time is different and will not have the same effects as the first programming did. Hypocrisy will be evident more than ever, leading to followers of Christ asking themselves important questions.

This last ditch attempt to regain control through false teachings that bond us in fear will fail, it cannot succeed at this stage of our evolvement.  2000 years ago they created false and polar opposite teachings than that of Jesus (who planted the seeds of truth within our DNA and Consciousness). Humanity was not where it is today back then and had more learning to do, more exploring of its own opposite. We are Love, yet to discover this truth we have walked through being fear.

In this last attempt and refusal to clear it's own Karma. Christianity as an institution will fully expose itself, as the energies flooding the planet only support full transparency and honest exposure. Many Christians on various levels are awakening and have already begun to shed the fear based teachings that bound them in the lie of original sin. The Spirit of Christ is awakening in them as in us all. We are beginning to recognize the blood of the church. The original teachings of Jesus are rising up from the overlay of deception and lies that Christianity blanked these core teachings with.

The second coming of Christ is true, but we've been taught a manipulated version of this in an attempt to keep us small therefor controllable. Jesus spoke the truth to us, telling us of the Christ within. Christ consciousness is the second coming and we are the saviors. 2000 years of lies, generations of false teachings in an attempt to stop this awakening are unraveling before our eyes. These institutions are unraveling themselves.

We only need to allow the spirit that we are to emerge. To remember who we are. Our connection to the Creator, to each other and to our Mother Earth to complete this stage of our awakening and free ourselves from control through fear. Heaven on earth is manifested when we allow the kingdom of heaven within to awaken. The teaching that we are born sinners, born into a bad world of temptations ran by evil and will be punished eternally for falling into that which they claim is our very nature is a great lie created to separate us from that which we are.

These are exciting times! When we are still, remove ourselves from attachment to fear and the drama it creates we can see the truth rising within our own being and lies outside of us exposing themselves. The differences between followers of Christ and followers of The Church are being clearly defined now. The very foundation upon which the church was built is being exposed in the followers of the church. As the foundational truths gifted by Jesus who had fully awoken to his own Christ self are being exposed in those of us who follow these pure teachings of truth, the truth of who we are, we are the Christ. We are not separate from Creator, God, Allah, or any name used to describe to Divine Energy from which we come, that we are.

Looking at the world today, the events as they unfold it is easy to the honest eye to see the Hippocratic actions of the leaders of this time, while claiming to be followers of Christ, yet not following the teachings of Christ at all. Using fear to manipulate us to return to complacency and justify the actions they take, by default taking on these actions as our own. Turning our backs to our brothers and sisters who are suffering, giving all our faith to another human leader who uses Christ as a shield to do horrible acts that are not the teachings of Christ at all.

At the same time we see the awakening of the Christ within in its early stages taking place. Many are casting their fears aside and taking to the streets to stand up, speak up for others and against the lies, manipulations of corruption and greed fueling the leaders of today. Jesus himself spoke against the rulers of his time, flipped the tables in rebellion and said to them... Don't you know that you are Gods, but you will die as mortal men. In my dreams Jesus shared with me that he was human too, during his time on earth and that incarnation he was shown the truth, and shown to deliver it, and he did. He shared that he, himself had many human emotions, many human reactions and lived a very human life before his own awakening as the Christ, even then he still slipped back into the human condition from time to time. We laughed together, as I released my own feelings of frustrations about knowing the truth, yet having very few in my own circles who share it with me, and seeing even those who do afraid to speak it fully, fearing what others think. He assured me that these instances are actually blessings that strengthen my own courage to share what I know to be the truth, that my anger and frustration towards others fuels my own courage to step out and say what I am shown without fear of what others might say, might think. He shared with me his own struggles of this in his time on earth.

I was shown many people in the world, we traveled through the homes of many, and I saw that many are waking up to this truth. I witnessed conversations taking place, prayers being lifted up. I saw preachers finding their way to speak this new truth that is rising up in them. I saw their battles with the false teachings of the church and the true teachings of Jesus being played out internally, inch by inch teaching more of the truth and less of the lie flowing from their mouths in their sermons and was excited to see that at lower, more intimate levels of Christianity the truth is revealing itself there too. I saw every souls purpose in this part of our own awakening and coming to know ourselves and each other as The Christ. I was in awe of the value of the roles of those who are the opposite of truth, shown how the bids for control and manipulation are actually catapulting us further into our own awakening instead of regaining control over us through false teachings and lies. I felt peace and love in my heart for those playing the roles of deception, gratitude for their part in us all remembering who we are and sticking to their path to play these very difficult roles for us.

I was reminded that only love erases fear. Strengthened to be a peaceful warrior, speak my truth as it unfolds and remain in a peaceful state of gratitude for those who teach the opposite, to allow these teachers to reveal their own teachings true nature. The wolf can no longer wear sheeps clothing, the energies of today do not support the costume, the wolf is appearing as it is, as a wolf and demanding what it wants through fear with a goal of chaos. But the wolf is not the big bad wolf at all. It is a part of the plan, like us all. It plays a role in our awakening by being the opposite of a messiah, the opposite of the pure teachings of all enlightened profits who had the courage to complete their life path of delivering the message of the truth of who we are. We learn in duality, "up vs. down", "hot vs cold", "light vs. dark". And through duality we find balance, we find the truth, the truth of who we are.

I love you all from a place of peace, gratitude and pure joy. I am grateful for all in my life who have strengthened my own inner courage to follow my chosen path. I am thankful for all in my life who have helped me by being the opposite of that courage to speak the truth as it is shown to us all, every day in every way. I am grateful for the heavenly support sent to me in my dreams. Spending time with my Gramms and my Dad was such a gift. My Dad is returning soon, taking on another incarnation and I will know him when I see him, I am excited about that.

In closing I gift you this... You do not need to listen to me, or any other person outside of yourself to discover the truth and find peace in what is taking place at this time on earth, to know your path, your place in it all. Simply silence yourself, remove yourself from the fear and drama it creates and listen to the still calm voice within, your eyes will be renewed and see the truth unfolding all around you. You are ready to trust yourself, to love yourself, to forgive yourself and in doing so will love and forgive the world around you, creating heaven within, manifest heaven without. WE do not need an interpreter to speak to the Creator and Angelic Realms, we are always and have always been connected to, part of it all.

One Love,
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