Saturday, November 11, 2017

The 11/11 Gateway, November 11th 2017

◇Gateway Energies◇

Let's talk about November 11th, 2017!
Let's talk about ascending into a much higher version of ourselves!
But first let's talk about Integrity and Worthiness, because these are keys to the gateway we are entering today!

We have entered into many new energy gateways, however, this one is quite unique. This one is not as simple as previous ones, which felt more like boosts, and they were exactly that. This gateway, or porthole as we often refer to these events, is so very different. I am going to use "gateway" for this upgrade of energies, because this one is not really a boost at all. It is a right of passage that has to be earned to be fully accessed. I have felt this coming even before I knew what it was. So clearly, within my own self, the guidance I have received on this gateway has come with clear confirmation from every direction--now is the time to come into full integrity and higher self-worth.

This gateway requires integrity of self to fully access the energies being offered. Lack of integrity of self allows the energies to work with us in different ways, helping us to get in alignment with integrity of self. The key words for this time are integrity and worthiness. These words that kept coming up for me in every meditation, every channeled message, every card reading, everywhere I looked within and without. guided to be in deep integrity in all my bodies, in all my thoughts, words and actions. I have spent most of this year letting go of what does not serve my true worth, and what is not in alignment with integrity within myself.

I want to be very clear of what I mean when I speak about worth and integrity. So many offer us a road map so to speak, a guide of all the things we must do to ascend into higher consciousness. Some will say yoga, some will say vegetarian eating, etc. There are all these ideas around spiritual ascensions, and ego takes on a spiritual identity of better-than-ness. Ascension is not something that happens because you wore the right clothes, practiced the right practices, ate the right food, abstained from this or that. When I speak of integrity and worth I am talking about something so much simpler. I am talking about loving ourselves as we are, perfect in our now expression of ourselves. I am talking about knowing yourself as an enlightened being of light, right now.

You see, there is no fulfillment in self-improvement when self-improvement is a desire to be more worthy of something. If there is a belief of lack of worth attached to any goal, reaching the goal will only render temporary satisfaction. You will move toward a goal with an idea that reaching it will give you the feeling of worth you are missing, only to discover that you need another goal to aspire toward to again feel worthy.

The kind of integrity and worthiness I am talking about in this entry, is what happens when we come into full alignment with the truth that we are good now. There is nothing missing now. Everything we wish we were, we already are now. This is the truest form of worth, and leads to living the truest form of integrity. If you know your God-Self how can you act any way other than Godly?!

First, I would like to talk about the numerical vibrations of this galactic gateway that kicks off today on 11/11/2017. This date is significant on so many levels numerically. First, the year 2017 carries the vibration of 10, making it a 1 year (2+0+1+7=10). Many deduce down to the lowest digit. When 10 is present I like to include the 0, because it is the God Force/Source Force number that amplifies all numbers with source energy, signifying it's divinity and direct connection to guidance and support coming in directly from God/Source/Prime Creator/Universe/Great Spirit. It really doesn't matter what name you use to describe the ONE CREATOR. We will soon be letting go of a need to name God, because we are going to begin seeing God in ourselves, each other, and all that is AS ONE.

Being that 2017 is a "1" year signifies beginnings, rebirth, and renewal. 2016 was a "9" year, which signified endings, death and letting go. It is hugely significant when we look at all that occurred in our own lives, and in the world as a whole during 2016. What we experienced and witnessed in 2016 might have felt like the beginning of the end for many, and rightly so. Aside from the personal changes many underwent, varying from career endings, relationships of all kinds ending, aspects of the self and beliefs held, suddenly shattering, etc... On a global scale we witnessed something that many felt like doom and/or evidence of the end of times, hahahahahaa, Sorry to laugh, it is funny when you get to see it from a NEW perspective. It's funny how we CREATE evil. Yes we do that. We are that powerful, and oh so creative!

What we are witnessing and taking part in is the death of duality--a level of consciousness that has served it's purpose and is dying. Anything that senses itself dying will fight to survive. The death of the era of the distorted masculine, is what is taking place. The divine feminine has returned and is rising within us to heal the distorted masculine, creating balance of the divine masculine and feminine within ourselves, and then the world as a whole. The death of duality consciousness is what we are witnessing. With 2017 comes new birth and new beginnings. For those of us who have been consciously working on our ascension, letting go of the dying consciousness within ourselves has allowed for miraculous life changes to occur. Those who have been fighting this death of what no longer serves them, have had a much rougher reality unfolding, likely experiencing much struggle and loss. We are seeing what has been hidden in us, and the world, getting exposed daily. This is how rebirth takes place. This is what is darkness coming into the light, so that healing can happen, and a new world built, looks like!

The 11/11/10 Gateway energy carries another vibration with it, the vibration of 5 plus 0 (1+1+1+1+1+0=5). Where we are on our journey of coming into alignment and merging with our higher self, living as soul, either actively seeking ascension and enlightenment or fighting to stay the same, determines which vibration we access more strongly. Think of this gateway as a series of gates and we hold all the keys to all the gates within ourselves. We must discover these keys to access the next gate. The energy of 5 multiplied by the God Force number 0 carries the energy of change to help us with the internal changes needed to find the keys inside of us.

We have been entering into an age of full disclosure for some time now, an era of transparency. What is dark is being brought into the light and exposed. This is occurring within every individual on the planet, as well as being evidenced in the collective consciousness. What is false in us and in the world, will continue to be exposed. There is no getting around this. There is no gain in hiding what is out of integrity, like there was in the dying era where we benefited from experiencing ourselves as the opposite of what we are. Being dishonest with ourselves and others, is very difficult, if not impossible at this time. This will only increase as we move forward. We are all waking up to our power as intuitive beings. We feel when things are not of the truth, no matter how things are packaged or what manipulations are used. Our gift of feeling the truth vs. a deception is constantly increased in this new era. Therefor, what is hidden will come to light in one way or another for all of us and the world as a whole.

This galactic gateway is unique in that there is a level of worthiness needed to fully access this transformation energy; not worth determined by something outside of yourself. It is the kind of self-worth and self-worthiness that only comes from living in alignment with integrity of the true self. Access to this energy is granted in stages based on your level of integrity.

For those of us who have been actively seeking a path of integrity in all we think, say and do, being in alignment with a higher version of self, this will be a time to come into our positions as guides for others with leadership roles being fully owned. You will no longer need to say who you are or how you know what you know. You will simply be who you are and know what you know, with no need to engage in defense or attack of anything. You will value your time and energy to a whole new degree, spending it wisely. New paths will open up leading us, with clear guidance, allowing us to walk our path as agreed upon when we accepted the contract to be the way-showers, gate keepers, light bearers, system busters, healers, and peaceful warriors of the shift of consciousness taking place. Things will begin to happen fast in the months ahead, especially kicking off strong in the new year of 2018, which is an 11/2 year. I am especially excited about 2018 as I am a life path 11/2. I will be celebrating my 49th birthday, the ending of my 7th, 7-year cycle. This last year has been full of many challenges, as I am also an 11th hour personality, and just love to save all the hard work for the last strokes of the clock.

For those who have been holding strong in lower density and resisting your own awakening, the "5" vibration will assist you in facing the turbulence ahead, which intended to help you let go. Learning to let go of the known and walk boldly into the unknown, can be a painful process. Many of us must experience letting go involuntarily, experiencing loss, for the sake of learning how to let go. Rest assured that there is nothing you can do wrong in any of this. You simply chose the path of more resistance, and therefor get to experience a most beautiful letting go that will gift you with immense healing opportunities. We all get to where we are meant to go in our own way. All ways flowing into light, transmuting into creative love energy.

I understand it's difficult for many to look within and own responsibility for where we are individually. It is even harder to own where we are as a whole. We've been conditioned to look without and judge the world around us. We haven't been taught our true role and the power we hold in creating the world we live in. We've become addicted to feeling better about ourselves through various ways. Facing our self in the mirror and owning our power is a process of unlearning what we thought we knew, to make room for the truth.

Projection. Judgement. Denial. Addiction. Consumerism. Misplaced Values. Justifications. These are some of the things we use to avoid looking at ourselves. We all do it. We're conditioned to do it. Even the kindest, most non-confrontational, peaceful among us have used these things to avoid our own trespasses.

Ever lie to someone? I have. And I justified my lies. Ever give someone more value than others based on what they have to offer you? I have. And I've justified this too. In every event we witness that triggers feelings and emotions in us, there are clues, something being mirrored back to us. We experience anger over being lied to, over being undervalued, unappreciated. We seldom ask ourselves if we do these things ourselves, because we have our justifications for why we have done them. When we do these things we store them away deep inside us, in the top secret box, hiding it even from ourselves in our unconscious.

How am I responsible for the sexual abuse being exposed in Hollywood? For the corruption in government? For the mass shootings? For the racial injustice? For the terrorism in the world? For the greed? These are big questions to ask ourselves, however, we are big souls full of transformative gifts. We are resilient in nature and ready to face ourselves in the real mirror and answer these questions honestly, with loving, radical forgiveness. If we begin by asking ourselves how we created our own life circumstances, we are naturally guided to see things on a bigger scale and own our responsibility for the world as a whole. Begin there if you have not yet recognized the truth that you are creating the reality you are experiencing, with the level of consciousness that you are holding.

In every event taking place in the world, there is something that can be found inside ourselves that contributes to the level of consciousness that creates these events. We are ready to see the truth that we are all connected as one. The truth is that what happens to one of us, happens to all of us. We have been living in consciousness that only cares about what affects us personally. It is time to put ourselves in others shoes. Who do you blame? Can you step into their shoes and gain understanding and compassion through empathy? Can you connect with the one you blame? Who do you need to be wrong so that you can be right? Can you open up to contemplating their point of view? Discovering what triggers us and facing that within ourselves is key. Shifting from fighting against what we see as wrong, to resonating love toward all that is, is what is happening here. Fighting for or against something is evidence of holding duality, a lower consciousness programming. There is no battle outside ourselves, the battle is within.

We are being pushed to recognize our distorted values, and to get out of our victim-mind ideas that lead to justifying our own thoughts, words and actions that help support the way we believe things are. Do we hold racist views while we scream racism with our fingers pointed at others? What are we placing blame on? Where can we be the change? Do we ourselves hold sexist views? Do we base our values as women on our sexual appearance and abilities? Do we violate ourselves to be touched? What I mean by this is, do we allow ourselves to enter into intimacy with others out of desire to experience human contact, to be touched, to be loved, to be accepted, to be acknowledged? Sexual intimacy is a good example of how we interact with energies. Are we coming from a place of need, lack, and looking for someone else to complete us? Or are we whole and in ownership of divine sexual energy, discerning of how we spend it, and who we enter into sacred union with? There are so many questions to ask ourselves, and the key is that these examples are either personal for you, or there are others that are. The primary goal is to look at ourselves honestly and get in alignment with integrity within ourselves. Maybe it is addiction that has you out of alignment with integrity, food, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, sex,.. Which one triggered you? Start there.

The time of using titles, affiliations, possessions, and appearances as evidence of our worth is behind us now. We will be shown every false idea of self we hold. The more we hold to the false ideas of the self, the more suffering we bring upon ourselves and the more suffering we create in the world. We are not our religions. We are not our professions. We are not our bank accounts, the cars we drive, or the houses we live in. We are none of these things. We are not the amount of likes and followers we acquire on social media. We are not the brands we have created to make ourselves stand out. We are none of these things. We are each other. We can see ourselves in each other, in the world as a whole, in all life that exists on this planet and the planet herself.  We will know ourselves as all-that-is, when we are living in integrity, we fully align with the truth of who we are as One, as God.

There is a call from within right now. You hear it. You feel it. You wouldn't even be reading this right now if you didn't. That call is the call to live in integrity, it's a call to clean up your own side of the street. You have had enough of the ways of the world, and you have grown tired, and hopeless in some cases, due to giving all of your focus to what is occurring outside of yourself, without looking at how it relates to what is inside of you. I have heard this call. I have been following the call for some time now, and I can honestly say to you, that I am doing the most important work of my life. From the outside it could appear to those I have history with, that I am doing nothing with my life. I mention this, because you will experience reactions from others in your life as you shift purpose and change course. I used to have a lot of popularity. I used to make a lot of money. I used to be a public speaker who trained on how to reach goals that related to attachments that I no longer hold today. To some it could appear that I have given up and lost my edge. My game appears to be gone, because I walked away from a path that I once excelled in. Hahahahahahahahahahhaaaaaaaaaa I cannot help but laugh as I type these words. I felt all those things about myself, too, as I fought to stay on the path I was on. The truth is, I traded in work that was based in values that cannot sustain me, to do the real work I came here to do in this lifetime. I have never felt more abundant, more whole,  and more secure than I do today.

There are changes ahead that will challenge you, these changes will also strengthen you. Every challenge out there that you face is really an internal challenge presenting itself in physical reality, so that your ego mind, and physical body can experience an awakening in the full sense of the word awakening. Oh, trust me, we came here to experience this awakening fully, all of it, including the most challenging and painful parts. This 11/11 gateway will penetrate every aspect of you. The parts we've avoided confronting will be before us at every turn now. Just remember the word integrity. Make integrity your greatest intention. Live intending integrity each day, one day at a time.

You will begin to really enjoy the world show. False prophets will look sillier and sillier. The energy of transparency will multiply more and more, and what is false will look more and more ridiculous. You will see fear for what it is. It will be like someone serving you a plate of rotting food. The smell will be repugnant and you will no longer swallow it whole. You won't even be able to dine at the same tables where you once dined, the tables where fear is served. Your environment is going to undergo a massive transformation to lead you to your new tribe, and awaken the path your true purpose. You will learn how to let go of the old and process any emotions that are triggered when letting go is needed.

I could go on and on. There is so much to share right now, however I think I have given you enough for today. I will end with saying that I love you all from the most profound place I have ever experienced. This place is so expansive and there is so little limitation here. I am excited to face what is left in me that keeps me held in a lack of integrity and come into full balance myself. We are doing this together! how exciting is that?

One Love,

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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Love is my religion.

Every once in a while someone contacts me to warn me of my own loss of salvation due to not being a Christian. Some are very specific in naming my sins; supporting Gay rights is a big one used often. I am so confused by this at times, how we can judge how another loves. How we have been so conditioned to see love as the enemy, as evil. There are other judgements cast at me by those claiming to only be saving my soul. I have also lost friends, or lost closeness with friends, simply because we believe differently, pray differently, practice differently. My speaking of love and unity; sharing how I connect with God through nature, animals, my brothers and sisters who are of different religions, and love all who live different lifestyles. And speaking up for equality, peace, and loving all our neighbors. My use of oils, crystals, natural medicine, somehow connect me to evil, make me an enemy to some who once loved me and knew me to be the same as them, someone seeking to live the truth as I feel it, as I know it within.

I assume all things are true, and I choose what feels true for me while loving others while they figure out what is true for them. I acknowledge that my truth is not necessarily anothers truth, and our truths are not necessarily the whole truth. Shouldn't we all be free to seek our truth out without judgement or being ostracized. At least we are not in the past where any who chose their own path were in threat of being burned or beheaded. We have evolved that much, can we evolve past the need to call any the enemy.

I follow the teachings of all the awakened Christs. Of Yeshua also known as Jesus. Of Buddha as well, we have a really cool relationship too. I have studied many belief systems, and found truth in them all. I have also found what does not resonate as truth to me. Studying these different beliefs and the history behind them has actually brought me to stop seeking the truth in books and religions and led me to look within myself, as guided by each enlightened master that these books and religions teach about.

"The kingdom of God does not come with observation; nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you." ~Jesus Christ as quoted by Luke 17 20-21

Waiting for a savior to appear outside ourselves and save us from ourselves, one able to be perceived with our 5 limited senses, feels like turning away from the Christ within to me, fulfilling the bibles own prophecy in Revelations that in end times Christians would turn away from the Christ whilst believing themselves followers of Christ. Not only are many turning away from the Christ within, they are judging, condemning,  turning their back on the Christ in their neighbors as well. I feel like the bible was a brilliant way to manipulate the teachings of Jesus to avoid his prediction that one day we would awaken to our own Inner Christ in masses and many would do more together than he did in his life. I believe he pointed us to the second coming of Christ as a global event of us all coming to the truth of the Christ within ourselves.

Yeshua, the man, awakened to the Christ within and taught us that we were capable of the same. He spoke against religious control and corruption that separates us from our God selves. He did not create religion. And I do not believe he would have stood beside those who did create religion and ordered, and committed, the murder of all who did not convert to a religion created to again separate us from our God selves and create dependence on the church to connect with God, rather than direct us to where Jesus and all other enlightened masters directed us to go to find the kingdom of God, within ourselves.

I don't always read the bible, but when I do I read the red. I love the teachings of Jesus in the bible. And I strive to love the Creator with all my heart, love my neighbor as myself and seek the kingdom of Heaven within as he taught according to the bible. I do not call myself a Christian. When I turned away from studying outside myself and followed the very teachings of Jesus in the Bible and looked within I discovered the Christ within that I Am and You Are. This allowed me to feel the truth as it was shown to me, the truth that you and I are the living body of Christ. This inner knowing revealed to me gives me the grace, strength, and courage to live and speak the truth which sets me free.

Free to have no enemies. Free to not use a religion as a cloak to mask my own judgements and trespasses against my neighbors. Free from the fear that religion once bound me in.  How can we call ourselves followers of Christ while shutting our doors and borders to our neighbors in need. How can we call ourselves followers of Christ while indifferent to the suffering of the hungry, homeless, poor, elderly, innocent victims of terrorism committed by a greedy government that we support? How can we fear any evil, name any enemy and believe our God to be an almighty God and life eternal in His glory?

Turning away from the Christ within allows us to create enemies without and turn away from the Christ in our neighbors. Believing one self chosen and saved by label, affiliation, and baptism to a religion, forgiven again and again for not living as the Christ within. Religion is used to justify the sins of itself and condemn neighbors who do not convert.

No matter what religious text you do or do not follow, you are my neighbor, my brother, my sister. You are in my heart; the Living Christ Consciousness Äwãkênïnğ to the truth of who WE ARE. And you are free to live your truth. I am not here to convert you to anything, and will not turn my back on you or call you enemy because we pray or believe differently. You are my neighbor and in my heart I see God in YOU. I do not need to change you, nor will I deem you the enemy or condemned.

I feel true teachings when the teacher is one who points us toward our own divinity and God Self.
Teachings that empower. Point to our wholeness and the connectedness we share with all that is. True teachers see you in truth, as equal to themselves when empowered to know thyself. Direct us to awaken our own inner knowing, connection to God. True teachers see God, Source, Prime Creator in everything and everyone and illuminate that truth simply by being in their presence.

I feel false teachings create dependence upon themselves while dividing, conquering and controlling with ideas of right and wrong, good and evil. I have felt the affects of this division in the judgements cast my way for walking my own path to God because I won't take a side, claim a religion or belief system. It hurts to lose friends. I have experienced deep pain over the loss of friends who turn away from me out of fear of me simply because we are walking different paths towards God. We may worship and believe differently but aren't we both seeking the same, a connection with God. It hurts to be judged, even more so to be feared by one who once called me sister and knows my true heart. But this pain has been a great gift. I did not turn away from this pain, and I chose not to let it become anger toward someone I still love and consider my soul family. Rather I chose to fully feel it and ask it what it had to teach me. I went again, within.

My pain over loss of closeness that I once shared with those I love so deeply still, taught me so much. For that I am truly grateful. I learned through the experience the power that fear can hold over us, and how it can divide us, not only from each other, but also from practicing the essential teachings we ourselves preach. As I was turned away from, I was guided even more to turn within myself for answers, strengthening my own relationship with the Creator, and my own Christ Self. I was strengthened in power of love and my courage to continue on my path and speak my truth grew stronger. I gained much from the loss I felt. We often do.

I believe that if we all simply followed the teachings of the enlightened masters who are spoke of by the religions of the world we choose to follow, that we would discover the Christ within ourselves or at least model the Christ we claim to follow. We would not need to judge or condemn others path to God. We would not need to control how others choose to live. We would simply follow the essential teachings that lead us to be the Christs that we are. We wouldn't busy ourselves in blame and judgement because we would be living as all the enlightened Christs lived.

A world where we weren't busying ourselves with pointing out the enemy everywhere, rather pointing out the God in everyone and everything, could you imagine what kind of a world we would create?! For me, religion does a lot of pointing out the enemy, giving it's followers so many warnings to fear. If there is a devil where is it evidenced? In those seeking God on their own path doing no harm, or in those who have judged, condemned and murdered those who seek God on their own path?

I love you all from a place of gratitude for all of it. The good, the bad and the ugly. Through interacting with and being who I am not, I am remembering who I am. I have learned that the world outside myself turning away from me led me to go within to find myself. So grateful for meeting God inside of me and in pure gratitude for those who helped me go within to discover my unfolding truth.

One Love,

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Timelines, Multidimensional YOU, Sacred Union Partnerships, New Earth

Old Earth or New Earth is what we are choosing at this time. I'm not trying to make it sound all dramatic and shit, but it is! Dramatic in the sense that we are playing out a lot of inner drama to make the choice. Most of us are teeter-tottering between Old and New Earth with more time spent in Old Earth in the beginning of our awakenings. The more we choose new beliefs, and present a new version of our self based in the truth of who we are, the more we choose New Earth. Every time we choose New Earth we begin to collapse Old Earth timelines. And the longer we maintain the state of consciousness required to hold awareness in New Earth the easier collapsing Old Earth timelines becomes. This is some quantum, multidimensional shit I am talking about here. That only makes sense in glimpses initially, and might not make any sense to you, the one reading this right now. But your'e here, that means you were called to this, so just keep reading.

I am going to break this down as I currently understand it through my own experiences. I want to convey that we are in fact on New Earth at this time. The planet has raised her vibration to the 5th dimension. She is way ahead of us, and now she is helping us with our own ascension process. You attracted this knowledge to you because you are ready to receive it. You reading this is evidence of you vibrating at a high enough frequency to take in what I am putting out. You are ready to take a conscious role in collapsing some past timelines that are keeping you on the playground of Old Earth, so that you can expand beyond outdated games in the Old Earth and fully step into New Earth.

Today we are going to talk about relationships and timelines, the back and forth occurring for many of us at this time as we clear past relationship karma which I will refer to as Twin-Karma. I need to say this every time I use the word Karma for the sake of a true understanding of what Karma is. Too many misuse the word Karma. Karma is the law of cause and affect. Which is working with and connected to, all other Immutable Universal Laws. Simply stated, every action creates a reaction, like energy attracts like energy. I will talk more about these two points with examples that give you a picture, a mental image that might just create an AH-HA for you. I have had my own AH-HA'S that have allowed me to collapse multiple timelines and actually witness this as it happens, especially in recent interactions in my relationships and I am so excited about what this all revealed to me as I made proactive choices to honor myself, finally.

As a result of our vibration raising, our consciousness expands. When our consciousness expands we move into higher timelines. All of a sudden the world feels new. New possibilities open up right in front of us that were there all along, but hidden from view. Its a great feeling, and when you feel it there is no denying the flow of new energy in and around you. You are seeing a new reality available to you. You are being given a choice of a new timeline. When this happens lower timelines (where we have been resonating for a long, long time) will come up to offer us the opportunity to choose to stay where we have been living. New relationships which held new promise will mirror old relationship patterns, past events being mirrored back to us because we still hold the unhealed programming we chose in those past experiences.  These are old unhealed energies, are coming up to be resolved, brought into the light of the higher consciousness you are beginning to hold. These energies are ready to be transmuted into love, healed for once and all, so that the lower timeline where they occurred can collapse. The collapsing of the lower timeline does not mean it never happened, it means that the false stories you chose from the events in that timeline are healed, the truth about the experience revealed and you no longer need to play that game any more.

Facing these lower timeline energies as they arise with affirmative action that is centered in loving yourself and honoring yourself first is your goal. By doing so you are loving and honoring yourself and all others in the way we all deserved to be loved and honored. This is how we collapse the no-longer-needed timeline by honoring our self in every now experience. Every single past event that is unhealed in us holds karma, which is trapped energy of conditioned false beliefs about our self and the world. This trapped energy is a vibration, everything is a vibration. Energy vibrates, we are energy vibrating. The trapped energy in you is creating experiences for you so that it can be acknowledged, processed, released and transformed into new energy. Trapped energy is suffering energy. It is like rotting stagnant water with no where to flow, it's going to start to cause a stink so that you can clean it up. Your thoughts and beliefs are vibrations, they are burst of energy, and they are creative forces that are creating your reality all of the time, not some of the time, but all of the time.

Have you ever met a person that seems to always have everything work out for them? Did you experience jealousy and say why not me, or did you choose to pay attention to how this person operates in their relationships with others, see how they move through life, specifically the parts of life you seem to always get stuck on? If you chose the higher view, you would see that they honor themselves first in their relationships. Something you can do too. These people don't believe they are undeserving of being honored, they know their worth and move quickly away from anyone or anything that does not honor their worth. They can be mistaken as selfish by those who choose jealousy as their view.

To be clear, I am not talking about the narcissist here who does harm to others to get what they want in life. No, I am talking about the happy go lucky friend that always gets what they want in life while they treat others the way they deserve to be treated. These people walk away from toxic relationships at the first red flag. The person I am talking about, likely isn't reading this, because this is not their needed medicine, they are this medicine for the rest of us. They say no to what does not honor themselves in the initial events and create no karma around that event to be healed. They told themselves their worth the first time and did it moving. There was a time in their past where they were given the opportunity just like you were in your past to choose worth or lack of worth. They may have experienced being hurt, betrayed, lied to, cheated on, or just plain disrespected in the past too. The difference between them and most of us is that they didn't go back for seconds. They said no the first time. And it was natural for them to do so. We need these examples in our lives. Some of us play the role of what is possible for others our whole life. Encountering the same opportunities and choosing to honor ourselves naturally as an example of what living as a self honoring human looks like. Most of us came here to get hurt so we could heal and will enter into cycles that can play out all of our lives if we don't wake the hell up at some point, which is the whole point.

This entry is for those who didn't say no to low worth experiences. Those who entered into the cycles that created conditioning and accepted false beliefs about their worth in the initial and reoccurring events. This is for those of us who questioned our own worth in the initial event, accepted the treatment by another that did not honor all of our self and chose to play the game of victim duality. A game where we take turns being right and being wrong. All the while convincing ourselves more and more of how unworthy we are, while placing blame on the other in our relationships. What is wrong with me? Why does this always happen to me? Do these questions sound familiar to you? Or maybe you made affirmations like.. People are all liars, no one is faithful, everyone abandons me!

Often the initial event occurred in childhood, could be a memory stored so deep in your subconscious that you don't even remember it. An event where you began the false belief about being unworthy. Some find hypnosis as a path to going back to initial events to heal that event, therefor healing all events that followed. By simply changing the story they created around that initial event the whole story line is corrected and seen in truth as never being about your worth at all. This is one of many ways to heal false beliefs about your worth. There is a another way, where instead of starting at the original event, you can face a current event that is a mirror of the original event. When you heal at this now point, you heal all past events and collapse that timeline, that never was the truth of who you are, what you deserve, or your true worth.

By resolving these old timeline energies the old timeline collapses. Holding higher timeline consciousness in these emergence moments where your'e facing unresolved energies that hold past memories you are choosing the new timeline by saying NO, THIS DOES NOT HONOR ALL OF ME, and healing takes place right then and there. By not entering into and continuing past cycles you are collapsing old timelines. When these old timeline cycles show up, they should feel pretty familiar by now. Recognize them, trust that feeling in you that is saying... here we go again. And decide how you are going to show up for this experience. Are you going to show up in the same way you always have? Or are you going to show up as new you?! Going into battle over who is right and who is wrong, will hold you in lower timeline. Let go of right or wrong. Move away from defending and attacking. Those are old you. Just say no thank you, goodbye and move on.

You are the creator of these cycles And they are going to keep showing up for you until you get real about your role as the creator of your experiences. Want to change your experiences? Own the ones you have created and say once and for all NO to the ones you have been creating that keep showing up!

Say to yourself with full ownership... No more will I treat myself this way. No more will I pretend someone else is doing something to me. No more will I play the role of the used, mistreated, unheard, unseen, abandoned victim. No more will I feed my distorted beliefs about love being gained through my codependent nature that is false.

No more saying to yourself.. I am always mistreated. I am always abandoned. I am always neglected. No body likes me. I always lose. 

You become as addicted to to the drama that reinforces your victim beliefs as you do to the "I'm sorry's" and "making up" that happens every time you can prove that you have been treated badly. And you love being able to prove that someone treated you badly. Being a victim has become a badge of honor for you. There is a level of self defeating validation we feel when we can make someone else wrong and blame them for mistreating us. We look for it, look for that moment where you can say... You did me wrong, look what you did to me!!!

For those of us who chose to play the game of victim duality, we did so on purpose and with purpose. Not because we were less than, less evolved, less deserving, less anything. We chose this game because the game was the perfect path for us to experience our own awakening. It was what we wanted to experience. The experience of  being what we are not, to fully understand who we are. We wanted to be hurt so that we could heal, not just heal for us, but heal for the whole world. So don't be sitting there thinking badly of yourself for not making the right choice in the initial event, you did make the right choice for you, yaaaaaaaaaaaay! Moving right along now....

Forgive once, then let go and move on is the healthy way. Is what forgiveness is about in it's honest expression. And is how you will function as whole, healed you.  When you forgive in the first experience where you are not honored, you won't allow people to project their own victim cycles of unconscious programming on you anymore. You will become like a power ranger who blasts light into their unconscious programming that reveals things to them too when you honor yourself by walking away from what does not honor all of you.

I am not talking about traditional forgiveness here, I am talking radical forgiveness. Traditional forgiveness reinforces the victim archetype. Says "I was done wrong, I am the victim here, they are the bad guy, but I will forgiven them because I am the bigger person." Traditional forgiveness does not see the truth of the event. Traditional forgiveness sees you as one person (the good person) and them as another person (the bad person). Can you see how forgiveness as we've understood it in our lower levels of consciousness supports the victim archetype.

Radical forgiveness is the idea that no one is right or wrong. Sees the truth that you and I are both one and the same. We are two unique expressions of the one consciousness, offering our self and each other experiences for the sake of learning love. First love for our self--and by default--love for the other expression of our self being played by the person you are interacting with. Radical forgiveness is the recognition that I created this event for my own sake, for my own experience. I attracted to myself an event that would give me an experience full of opportunities to make choices about my own worth. Radical forgiveness is unity consciousness. Is the recognition of ones self in others. Is the knowing that all events are for the one and benefit the whole. That all roles, played by all players are played for all our sake.

With radical forgiveness we can experience pure gratitude for the experiences. We don't walk away from what does not honor us being angry, we walk away whole, full of love for choosing to honor our self and gratitude for the opportunity to do so. And we walk away without guilt for walking away. This is important to mention because when we choose to love ourselves fully by putting ourselves first, we are often afraid that makes us selfish, a bad person. We can get stuck in asking ourselves questions like, am I being a good friend here? Am I making a mistake? If I walk away from this person does that make me a mean person? Am I abandoning them? And those questions can lead to entering back into the cycles of victim duality.

Come into the knowing of the absolute truth that what is best for you is always what is best for all others involved. While they might not see it that way when it all goes down, trust that you choosing to love and honor yourself in all your relationships will be an example to others to do the same. Sometimes us leaving someone who is playing out unconscious games of victim-hood on us is the best thing we can do for them. It is always the best thing we can do for ourselves, and that is what these experiences are all about. Learning to love and honor our damn self!

Putting YOU FIRST!
Focusing on yourself first might feel so foreign initially. There is this idea that putting yourself first means forsaking others in your life. That is false. You will see this as you progress, trust that and continue to dismiss any thoughts that arise to tell you otherwise. Focusing on YOUR OWN inner work and healing process IS being in service to all of humanity. YOUR healing IS healing for the whole world. Loving YOURSELF fully is holding the energy of LOVE OF SELF for the WHOLE WORLD. Returning to an existence of being love happens when you let go of what does not honor you by choosing to love yourself fully. You go from learning self love to BEING LOVE and when YOU ARE LOVE, everything you touch experiences that love, and healing begins for them too. Sometimes that healing begins for them the minute you walk away. It is not our job to save anyone from themselves, we cannot do so. This is a free will zone, stop trying to save people from what they create, honor them too. Honor their choice to be the victim without judgement. This is about you choosing to honor yourself, and in doing so you begin to respect others paths to honoring themselves and no longer choose to suffer with them as some distorted from of loyalty. This has to be about you, because you are all that is and all that is, is you. 

You have to come into a divine sacred union within yourself before you can enter into a divine sacred union with another. And all these Twin-Karma clearings you are doing are serving you in reaching this state within yourself. You will come into alignment for sacred partnership with another when you vibrate at a frequency of divine sacred partnership within yourself. A sacred union partnership is a relationship between two whole individual expressions coming together as one. Two souls who have healed enough of their human, coming together in a healed partnership. There is very little, to no twin-karma to be worked out in these relationships. That doesn't mean you agree on everything, it means you no longer see holding different needs, wants, views as something negative. You no longer need someone and they no longer need you. You are not merged out of need. You merge out of pure want a recognized connection that does not need to be defined by old constraints and ideas about what love means. You fully support your partner in every way and they support you the same.  There is little to no need for duality games of right and wrong to be played in a sacred union partnership. A sacred union partnership is two whole souls coming together as one to enjoy traveling together the New Earth plain. Your partners happiness is as important to you as your own, with neither of your happiness being dependent on the other..

Past relationships with twin flames are relationships that offered us much to heal, we created karma in those relationships where we did not honor ourselves and blamed them for it. Now, when I use the word create, try not to think of this creation taking place outside of yourself. Try to imagine for the that all your experiences are created by you, for you. Try to understand the truth that thought always proceeds experience, it is never the other way around! And when I talk about karma created in these relationships, I am talking about what you create, your karma, not about the karma of the one who did you wrong and you stayed for more. We love to attach karma to the other, and rarely look at our own self created karma. Have you ever said... Karma will get them! Yeah, we love to use karma against others, let's move away from that together right here and now. We're working on ourselves now, we realize that changing others, or wishing revenge via karma on them is so yesteryear. So we're ready to get real about karma, we're ready to our own karma and clean up our side of the street. 

Your beliefs are creating your karma. Do you believe that your partner never listens to you? That you are never heard, never seen? That is your belief, own it. That belief is creating your experience. Your belief is the cause, and the experience of not being heard is the effect of your belief. If you are not being heard in real time, honor yourself in real time. Say, I need to be heard right now. Ask to be honored in what you need. If your partner, friend, family member refuses to hear you, then honor yourself by letting go and moving on. And do so with gratitude for the opportunity to hear yourself, and make the choice to honor yourself. Remember they really represent an unresolved aspect of you. So resolve it. And if they are meant to be in your life they will see you honoring yourself and will follow suit. Weather you work things out together, or separate, the goal is always to honor yourself. and when you honor yourself you are honoring others. That's just the way it works.

Believing oneself a victim leads to attracting more twin-karma relationships to mirror those beliefs back to you. In every twin flame relationship you were given a choice to be loving toward yourself, choosing to honor your self first, saying no to what was not in your highest good and forgiving the other with gratitude for the opportunity they gave you to put yourself first and affirm your worth. The longer you have played the role of victim the more resistance you are going to have to this notion. In fact long-time victims rarely consider themselves victims at all. We will say things like... I am no ones victim. I am a survivor. Trust me, we are emerging from an era of being victims. We all have a little victim mindset in us. The unconscious victim cannot accept love. They do not believe in it. How can you believe in something being given to you, that you do not even give yourself? You cannot, and you will not accept love from another until you love yourself and even when someone really loves you, and is not treating you badly, you will find a way to make them do so. As you heal you will realize where you did this in past relationships. 

Even if someone shows up who is healed and whole. Someone who is living consciously and loves themselves fully comes along to love you, you will not believe it. You cannot see it. You will refuse to accept it. And you will find a way to be the victim of even that person who offers you everything you say you want, because you don't really want, what your story of being the victim, says you do not deserve. How could you believe in something that you, yourself have never experienced. And you cannot experience someone else giving you what you refuse to give to yourself. When this occurs, the person showing up to give multidimensional, unconditional love may have some residual karma of their own and are ready for a final clearing and you get to help them collapse their timelines by trying to make them your villain, they face their old false programming one more time and get to say their final NO MORE, collapsing all old timelines. And you get a glimpse of what true love feels like, helping you recognize it in the future when you are ready to receive it.

Remember we are playing beautiful roles for each other. It looks like this is all happening to us when we are in our unconscious lower timelines. As you begin to climb timelines and align with higher versions of yourself, becoming the healed, awakened, ascended human, will see the game as it is being played. You begin to recognize that all the players are in truth you. Its freaking rad when this begins to happen. I am truly mind blown when I see it and I see it more clearly each time, it is almost all I see today.

I am very blessed today, abundant in love filled, supportive relationships. I have attracted a safe inner circle where we get to work through our karma together when it arises. And we are usually highly aware of what we are doing and who we are being while doing what we are doing. We often burst into laughter mid experience with the realization of what is really happening and the roles we are playing for each other in our debates, discussions, disagreements.

Imagine having an argument with a loved one. You're both heated. Playing the old blame games that are almost foreign to you now. Your'e even questioning your own position, and actually felling frustrated with yourself more than you are with them. Something feels so unauthentic in you, in your words as you say them. Your vibration being low is so uncomfortable to you, but you feel pulled into this lower vibration regardless of your own frustrations with how you are behaving. You can hear yourself and are thinking WTF am I saying, why am I using these words, who am I right now?  Your'e playing this old role almost involuntarily and so are they. And then all of a sudden in the middle of a heated arguing, you both begin laughing uncontrollably, because in that instant, you both see it. You both recognize the truth. And, you both feel the release taking place of old programming. It is flipping awesome when it happens. There is this feeling of immense gratitude that floods you both, and you laugh till you are crying in each others arms sometimes. My sister and I have experienced this. We also have experienced the beginning of going into something that does not matter, looking at each other without even a word being spoken and laughing our asses off because we both know what almost happened. We are the safest place to work things out and we have so much fun with it these days.

This happens with two awakening souls who are a vibrational match for instantaneous release and healing work through twin-karma together. These are our safe relationships for working out our demons so to speak. This happening in a twin flame relationship is possible when both are at a point of healing and take self accountability for their experiences. Neither in this example can spend time in the victim mind more than a moments at a time. This does not happen with twin-karma  relationships where one is consciously self accountable and the other is still holding strong to being the unconscious victim and seeking to reinforce their own ideas of being the poor victim. If you continue to try to save the unconscious victim because you can see the struggle they are trying to break free from, and trying to hold on to, you will begin to lower your own vibration in an attempt to raise theirs. And this will not work out well for either of you. 

These twin-karma relationship experiences must be cleared to create space for sacred union partnerships which can only occur for the "whole, healed you". Like energy attracts like energy. Everything is energy. You are energy. Your beliefs are energy. And you are always attracting like energy to you. Get into a place of true ownership of what you are attracting, because what you attract is your creation and your creation alone. Beliefs are chronic thoughts. Want to change your beliefs about yourself and what is possible for you? Start thinking new thoughts about yourself and think them a lot. Make thinking new thoughts about yourself an obsession. And be prepared, because as you get obsessed with creating new beliefs about yourself, your long held beliefs of being less than worthy will resist. As you persist to think new thoughts that create new beliefs, your old beliefs will fight you in various ways. Keep going baby, these new thoughts are going to literally transform your reality and move you into new timelines. Creating a whole new life for you.

 The more you persist, the more time you will begin to spend in the new timelines available to you. Likewise the more you persist, the less the old beliefs will resist. But in the beginning it's a bit messy. More than a bit, honestly. It looks like a complete breakdown. Because it is a complete breakdown of old programming that took years to create. You are breaking down the false stories that hold you in a timeline of suffering, of being the victim, and this requires you to lose your mind and move into your heart. It's ugly, I'm not going to lie. Breaking down is not pretty. And you will get feedback about it trust me. If you begin this process and then abort it, it will get even uglier. Thought everyone abandoned you before? They all will now. So you can get back on track to fully breaking down and losing your entire mind, hahahahaaaaa. Sorry to laugh, it is funny when you look back on it. We are like teenagers in the old timelines, everything is the end of the world, and everything usually turns out just fine. You have to trust that your breaking down is really YOU BREAKING THROUGH. And JUST keep going. You are shifting realities here. This is serious shit you are dealing with. And the aspects of you, that you are dissolving are energy too, and they want to exist, they believe they are going to die, cease to exist and they fight like anything dying fights to survive. 

We're actually witnessing this in the world today. Old consciousnesses is dissolving, thinks its going to die, and is fighting to regain power, to survive. But let's not focus on the world, that is too heavy of a burden and honestly serves as a huge distraction from you doing your own work.


Remind yourself of this truth as you break down, so that you can truly break through. Nothing dies. Energy cannot die, it only changes form. So the aspects of yourself that fight not to die, will learn that death was never their final destination, transformation is. A new beginning, a rebirth, a new existence. New Earth Awaits these aspects of your self that fight you, so be diligent and heal through these twin-karma relationships as they arise. Say your NO for once and for all. Forgive radically with great gratitude for the opportunity given to you by another aspect of yourself showing up to mirror past energies, beliefs back to you, let them go and move on.

The battle was never out there. It has always been within us. To truly move into New Earth, live in higher dimensions and experience Heaven On Earth we must go within to fight the real battle taking place. Every single relationship we have, or have had represents an aspect of our self. What aspects of your self are you attracting to you? Can you see that these aspects are playing a role for you, giving you the opportunity to make a choice. Start choosing to honor yourself, until self honor is all that shows up. This battle is taking place in every single one of us on this planet RIGHT NOW! This is a pivotal moment in our history as a species. The planet herself is going through this moment with us. This is the moment of awakening to higher consciousness. 

Full transparency is happening here and now. The new era we have entered into does not support deception and all that is false in us will be revealed to us for the sake of healing. All that is false in us individually and collectively is being mirrored back to us immediately. The wars in the world, that's us, we did that, it was our level of consciousness that created the wars in the world. We did all this, again and again. And now we are ready to heal all that we have done, and all that has been done to us in our many lifetimes. We no longer need karma, we have played every role there is to play and we are ready to move from a limited duality reality into unity consciousness, where we understand that what we do to another, we are doing to ourselves. As within, so without.

Call yourself a victim in your relationships and you will create victims. Victims find and create victims, victors find and create victors. Are you ready to recognize these cycles and the choices they offer you? Yes you are! You wouldn't even be readying these words right now if you weren't ready. Let's get real, this is a long ass blog, so if you are still reading at this point, you are more than ready to make the leap into higher timelines and once and for all collapse all the timelines that no longer serve you. Yaaaaaaaaaaay, Congrats! You are a multidimensional superstar who is doing exactly what you came here to do!

I love you all from a place of immense gratitude for all the twin flames in my life who showed up to help me heal my own twin karma. You gave me the chance to say my NO MORE and collapse timelines for myself. You have played your promised roles perfectly and allowed me to experience my own letting go and moving on. Thank you so much, see you on the other side my friends.

One Love,

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Sunday, September 24, 2017

Mother Earth responds to our consciousness!

The planet is more affected by our individual and collective level of consciousness than anything else. There is a lot of fear in the world right now. Uncertainty is an invitation to enter into fear or faith. The greatest thing we can do right here and right now if our hearts are in pain over natural disasters taking place is to get in touch with our own consciousness and choose faith consciousness, choose love.

I've been holding space daily, each morning in the early morning hours while the world around me sleeps and I'm free of feeling others energy around me. Holding loving space, tapping into love consciousness and aligning with my inner light that creates feelings of hope. Imagining only the best outcome for all life on earth and trusting in faith that all that is happening is to lead us to choosing the greatest outcome for eachother, all life on earth, earth herself and ourselves.

You don't see me posting updates on Facebook of disasters because it is not my calling to do so today. I'm called to hold space, meditate, pray and be in faith. Others posting is their role that they are called to do, awareness is important, it is needed. Without awareness we will not be led to seek and eventually become the solution to the problems we've helped create. Both roles are important and one is not better than the other. They are simply stages of moving into self accountability for becoming the change.

I've transcended any previously held fears of others thinking I'm burying my head in the sand or heartless. Concerns that prompted me to show concern so others know I care and will not think me careless. I've shifted into going to work on myself to help bring change. We have been taught that good people must show outwardly their concern. Showing concern isn't a problem or a bad thing, the core intent of showing concern is what I came to recognize within myself and I saw that my concern without accountability and a choice to change myself was contributing to more to be concerned about and show concern over.

Trust what you are called to do, and when what you've been doing no longer feels productive our right to you, listen and look within for your new role. Balancing is important. Only looking at the problems in the world can blind your eyes and close your ears to all the good, all that is right. And more so can pollute your consciousness adding to the polluted consciousness that warrants all these challenges and disasters.

When you find yourself overwhelmed by the state of the world begin pulling back from the big view and sources your feeding your consciousness with and go within. Come into the present, look around and see that nothing is truly happening in your now that you need to fear or feel any lack over. Spend time with others fueled by love, speaking hope, spreading love. Consciously choose to fill your consciousness with love, hope, faith.

Then you can return to the world seeing the bigger picture. With a new perspective, strengthened faith and be the light for others who are overwhelmed. You will see it all more clearly, and you will hold empathy and compassion for the suffering in the world while holding love and faith, knowing that we are all waking up to our responsibility for the state of our reality. Holding space for the best outcome rather than contributing to the consciousness that is affecting the planet and creating more suffering. Becoming and creating the change you wish to see.

I love you all from a place of owning my responsibility in the consciousness I hold, and encouraging you to know the power you hold to change the world within you. The light in me recognizes the light in you.

One Love,

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Breaking your contract with fear! Free Will to choose love!

The feeling separate from our source is amplified by and amplifies fear energy. Fear energy fuels duality and the victim mindset. Creating and strengthening beliefs of being separate from our creator, each other and nature. Fear defends and attacks. Fear is the opposite of and absence of love. Fear is destructive.

To truly understand love, we've chosen to experience the absence of it, it's opposite fear. This was our choice. One cannot logically or honestly believe in free will and evil having control over us at the same time. If we have free will, being controlled would be a choice we enter into contract with by our own free will. Choosing the belief that evil forces can harm and control us is entering into contract for that experience, it's a choice made of free will to experience ourself as powerless.

Feeling connected to all of creation and one with source is love energy. Love being our energy of origin is more powerful than fear. Love is creative. Love is the truth. Love is the light. What fear destroys, love can restore, renew, regenerate. We are love energy, it is our natural state. Returning to love is a choice of free will. Healing fears destructive affect on our cellular memories and returning to our natural state happens in every now moment that we choose love over fear. This choice is always present because in this realm we still have both energies to choose from, this is a realty of duality where everything has its opposite. We chose to be here.

Everything taking place on earth is a result of free will. Choices. Our choices, which create our physical reality. Choosing fear creates a reality of fear which is a destructive reality. Choosing love creates a reality of love which is creative.

If one believes themselves powerless, a victim of dark forces controlling the planet, and prepares to defend themself they are actually creating the realty they need defense against. By living in fear of something you are choosing of your own free will to create that experience.

The goal of entering into this realm of duality with blind free will is to learn love through experiencing the opposite of it and choosing love. To fully understand ourselves we choose to experience the opposite of what we are. We remember who we are by going directly through who we are not. We are not our fears. And choosing love is how we remember our true self and our connection to all that is.

To say you want peace on earth, equality for all, harmony and unity you must choose these things within yourself first. Taking responsibility for your choices and what they have and are creating. Choosing love over fear in each experience. Exercising your free will to break all contacts with fear. No longer turning away from your fears, but facing them with love as your only weapon.

We are love energy, and love energy never dies, it only changes form. Death is a construct of fear. One who fears death holds little value for life. Fear defends and attacks, is the fuel that creates the destruction of life. Our thoughts based in fear are responsible for the destruction of life. Fear cannot conquer love because fear is a lie, is false, and love is the truth. And the truth shall set you free.
There is no-one to blame, but ourselves and even in that truth realized there is nothing to fear. For the moment we choose to be responsible for what we have created we are empowered to end the cycles of destroying from fear and begin the cycles creating from love.

Love is always present, always available. It has not ownership, no demands, is not something you must search for, for it exist within you, as you, your true self. Are you ready to choose love?
Are you ready to experience the kingdom of heaven that exist within? Heaven is not somewhere we go. It is a state of beingness within that creates without. Fear tells the lies that create enemies and deem only certain paths, groups worthy of heaven. Fear paints love itself as something to fear. For to deem oneself worthy and another doomed is a judgement, and to judge another is to choose fear. There is no love present in our judgements. There is love present in forgiveness and forgiveness has no conditions. True forgiveness does not require another to see things your way to be forgiven. To be saved.

What we are experiencing here is our relationship with love, that which we are. And our relationship with fear, that which we are not. And we are choosing one or the other. Unity is loves choice. Separation is fears choice. Needing someone to believe and be what you believe and think you are to be loved by you is evidence of your choosing fear and separation.

One cannot truly and honestly claim faith in a higher all mighty power and fear any evil or darkness. Fear of evil or darkness is evidence of doubt in the message you preach. Christ consciousness lives within us all. We are all worshipping the same God, Source, Energy, Great Spirit in different ways. Love recognizes these different ways as worship of the same. Love celebrates the sacredness of each sentient beings connection to God and has no need to judge our condemn another's worship. The need to convert is the need to be right, the need to be right is born only of the fear of being wrong, is born of fear, and fear is not the truth.

I love you all from a place of celebrating your path being perfect for you, and imagining a world where we all celebrate each other.

One Love,

LOVE is the absolute TRUTH. And the truth shall set you FREE!
#PurifiedGangster #MindBodySpirit #ChristConsciousness #TheShift
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Sunday, May 28, 2017

What energy are you feeding the world?

Being so overly concerned about the world, that you walk around depressed, pointing out all that is wrong and expecting the worst helps no one, changes nothing. You can be as concerned as you want to, complain all day if you want to, place blame all day long on others, and you will not have helped a soul, or changed a thing. You will be adding to the energy of suffering, empowering fears grip on humanity.

Shift to being joy, hope, faith. I am not saying bury your head in the sand, or withdraw from being active for change. I am saying, BECOME THE CHANGE. Where there is darkness, be the light. Come as the solution, not as the problem.

The problems already exist, and they exist as a result of our own level of consciousness. They exist as results of our own actions or failure to act in more loving, forgiving, joyous ways in our own lives. Our problems all across the world are showing us the result of our past level of consciousness.
It is in raising our consciousness through forgiveness, compassion, kindness and loving action that we help all souls, that we change the world. It is in caring deeply with genuine wishes for all others that we become cared for in return.

It is easy to love those who think, believe and act the same as ourselves. They are familiar to us, trust is easy there. And while that love shared lightens your load of burden in life, it is the fear, the anger, the hate, the judgements in each of us toward those who think, believe, look and act differently that creates the division in the world that empowers fear, hate, indifference and suffering to continue.
Become the observer of your own thoughts and feelings. Recognize your intentions towards others. It is in healing our own thoughts and feelings towards others and building bridges on what unites us that we heal ourselves and the world.

Can you send genuine loving, healing, compassionate prayers and energy to those you currently blame for what is wrong in your world and extend that to the world as a whole. Can you wish joy for your perceived enemies. Can you care deeply for those who believe differently than yourself. Those who look differently. Live differently. Worship differently. Even those who treat you badly because they see you as the enemy?


In our own communities we have unlimited opportunities to practice loving our neighbor as ourselves. Technology extends our reach across this beautiful world and allows us to shine light everywhere. In fact, technology, social media specifically is a powerful tool that not only allows us connection to the world, it also shows us how disconnected we are, how unconscious we are. It show us honestly how we feel about and treat others who we gain nothing from.

Scrolling our newsfeeds we get to see many opinions and beliefs, many lives being lived in many ways. We are given a great opportunity to recognize our own judgements of other's online, everyday. Are we triggered, do we battle opinions, do we in turn create posts to strengthen our own positions and opinions. How are we treating our neighbors online? Are we only interested in connecting with those who we agree with and judging those we don't.

There is so much available to us, everywhere. There is unlimited opportunity for healing and becoming the one who offers healing to others. Sitting in your home wishing well thoughts to another whom you would otherwise judge and turn away from does more to change the world than complaining about the world and being depressed about it ever will.
We are creating the world with our thoughts about it. What we fear, we empower and strengthen. What we focus on most, we create!

I love you all from a place of seeing the connectedness of it all, valuing it all and excitement for where we are headed through gratitude for all that tore me down so that I could shed what does not serve me in being the change I wish to see.

One Love,

#PurifiedGangster #MindBodySpirit #ChristConsciousness #TheShift
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I have killed.

In prayer and deep thought this morning over the tragedy in Manchester I asked to understand the mind and heart of those who commit murder, I asked to gain wisdom, to be part of the solution, to help heal the heart and mind of murder. What I was shown was not what I was expecting to see. What I was shown tore me wide open. Caused tears to fall from deep within. I was expecting to understand those who murder, and I was shown myself.

While I sat in my back yard, eyes closed with tears streaming down my face, seeing all that I was being shown and said the words out loud, all the birds began to yell out loud, and I mean all of them, it was surreal, all the different breeds of birds began to sing loudly in chaotic harmony as I said out loud... I HAVE KILLED!!! Like a symphony they said to me, keep going, you are on to something important here. And so I did not turn away from the feelings, from what I was being shown, I kept going.

I was shown the murders I, myself have committed. The times in my life when I killed or took place in the taking of life that is precious, Life that is creation. Life that comes from the same creative force I, myself come from. And as I went deeper I was shown my reasons. I have killed spiders out of fear, I have killed ants out of annoyance. I have killed animals who live in suffering, and are murdered in merciless fashions by eating them after they are packed up pretty for me at the grocery store. I have even killed a loved pet to put him out of his misery in the middle of the night as his body contorted and he gasped for his last breathes of air in immense pain from full kidney failure. It was there that I saw my reason that struck me deeply. Killing Beau was so hard to do, I didn't know if I could do it, but letting him suffer until the morning when I had a way to take him to someone else to do the deed for me would have been harder, would have been cruel. With tears and pain, I prayed for courage to end his suffering and so I did.

In seeing my reasons for the killing I, myself have committed I began to see the suffering of the hearts that kill humans. The tortured hearts who have so often seen so much murder themselves, so much pain, too much for most to bear, more than I have ever known. I saw how infectious hate is. I saw through my own heart, my own pain, and recognized my own disrespect for life and reasons to justify taking part in dismissing the value of life, all life in every insect I killed, every animal I ate with no regard for the life it lived, the pain it endured, and the way in which it's life was taken. And with Beau, this taking of life stood out to me. Because I actually took part consciously, I made a choice to end his suffering, I spoke to him with love as I held him tight and prayed for strength as I said soothing words to him. I saw myself as doing the right thing to end his suffering.

And then I saw all the sentient lives I have played a role in taking unconsciously for many years of my life. I took life unconsciously, with no feelings of remorse, no struggle, no prayer. I did not speak lovingly and pray as I killed spiders that were less than 100 times my own size, I simply took their life out of fear. I did not speak lovingly to the ants as I took their lives. I did not even give a second thought, or a first one for that matter for how the many animals I have eaten with no concern at all for how they had lived and how they were murdered. I honestly had no feelings about these murders when they occurred. It was simply the consciousnesses I embodied. The food chain mentality. The consciousness that said that my life was more valuable than others, be it for my own survival, for my own safety, for my own peace of mind or my own ignorant indifference.

I saw the energy that I contributed to the global consciousness in each instance. It was the energy of fear. I cried more, and the birds eased their yelling to a soft song, a healing song as I prayed for forgiveness and forgave myself. Then I was shown a time I chose life over death. I found a rather large spider in the closet of my RV. It was a pretty scary looking spider and had made it's home in my closet. I had come to a place on my healing journey where I had began to understand my role in it all. A place where I held life more sacred than before. And despite my fears I chose to help this spider find a new home outside of my own home. I was so scared as I sat on my bed looking at this spider for some time. I saw her beautiful web and began to admire the magic of her ability to create such a beautiful design. I noticed the different colors on her small and fragile body.  My fear began to subside as I sat looking at her, admiring all the things about her that I failed to see in all the spiders I had killed in the past, blinded by my fears. I courageously chose love, and I spoke to her lovingly as I grew closer with a container in my hand, assuring her I meant no harm. Here I was, talking to a spider, and while I doubted that she would even hear me, or understand me, I spoke with love still.

I was shown the energy that I put into the global consciousness when I chose to save a life rather than end it. This energy was so much bigger than the energy I contributed when I took lives. The energy of taking lives was dark, it was distorted. It had nothing on the energy of saving lives. As I saw the energy of saving lives I breathed in deeply and felt an all encompassing sensation of pure, divine love. I was being shown the power of saving lives, all life. I was being shown the power of love over fear. This energy of saving life was so bright, so divine, there was no distortion in it, and it spread so quickly, so vastly into the whole of consciousness. I was being shown the power of love energy. I was shown my own energy body after I placed that spider on a branch in the yard, my energy had shifted, had cleared so much fear from my own field. I was shown the changes that took place within and without myself with my decision to face fear and embrace love. I cried more, my tears were tears of understanding, of wisdom, of joy for what I can do, how I can help.

We look at the lives of others who we do not know, who we have been taught to fear like we look at spiders, ants, and the animals we eat. We are either justified, or we have no care at all for the life of others who are not held valuable to us, who are different than us. Those outside our families, our circles, our race, our beliefs are too often seen as a threat, their suffering discounted. We do not recognize the suffering of others, all the murders being committed on our behalf, so that we can keep our convenient lifestyles. I have taken part in human suffering and murder as well. I have wore precious medals that were minded by children in third world countries, purchased items made in factories of slave labor. I have ignored the devastation and destruction of the planet for most my life, I have littered, I have wasted. I have played a role in it all. I am responsible.

I could sit and ignorantly look at the devastation of the tragedy in Manchester and say to myself, how could anyone be so heartless?! Tell myself that the world is an unsafe place and take no responsibility in my part in who we are, take no part in who we can become if only we look within and own our part, get honest with ourselves about our own level of consciousnesses that devalues life on a daily basis for our own gain, our own security, our own convenience.

I say the word ignorant with knowing what it truly means. For it is ignorant to form an opinion without all things considered, especially without considering where my own responsibility contributes to the state of the world that I wish to see change. It is ignorant to pray for this change and do nothing to be a part of it myself. It is ignorant to believe that I am a victim in this world that is ran by fear and hate, when I do not look at my own fear, my own hate. It is ignorant to dismiss my part, forgoing the opportunity to forgive myself through the love of the Creator that flows through me, as me allowing me to offer healing forgiveness to the world.

I have come to learn that within me, exists all things. For every single thing I see out there in the world, it is all within me as well, It is within me to heal it all too. For each of us that heals what is in us, the world is healed. I have learned that embracing fear leads to hopelessness, to powerlessness and returns to me, more to fear. I have learned that indifference leads to heartlessness, to numbness and returns to me, the indifference I have given to the world. How can I scream at those in my life who do not come to my side when I suffer, if I myself have not acknowledged the suffering of the world and worked to eradicate it through all the power I hold within to do so, by owning my part and doing my part to change. I have come to know that all my thoughts, my words, my actions are part of creating the world I live in, that I am a part of the problem or a part of the solution, there is no middle ground where I am not a part. I am co-creating the world I live in. I am responsible.

I have come to know a deep truth. The truth that I am powerful to change the world. We all are. And it begins within myself, within us all. I am learning to live inside out, more and more each day recognizing the truth that it all begins within us, the world exists within us all. Our level of consciousness is reflected without. What we see in the world is what we have created within ourselves. At first it was hard to understand this, Taking responsibility for the worlds problems felt so overwhelming. How could I be to blame, I was a good person, I helped others most my life, didn't that make me a good person? I had to take away the word blame and replace it with responsibility. To blame myself is to embrace guilt that becomes shame and it feels better to point the finger in blame outside of myself than to take blame. To take responsibility empowers me to embrace forgiveness and become the healing change, it allows me to stop pointing fingers to avoid feeling pain. Allows me walk in grace and offer healing, loving compassion to others because I have acknowledged what is in me, and my part in what we have created this far. It allows me to expand my own consciousness through forgiveness and love and generate energy that is so powerful, to become a catalyst for change. This power is in us all, every single one of us.

I love you all from a place of raw, vulnerable truth. The truth that I am responsible. The truth that I can forgive. The truth that I can heal, And the truth that you can too. The truth that we are infinite and all that is happening out there in the world is a mirror of what is happening inside of us all. What we see out there is a road map to go within and heal ourselves through honest awareness and accountability to be the changes we want to see.

One Love,

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

We are right on time ~ The process of Ascension ~ The Awakening

The energies that have been entering the planet support transparency. Look around you, full disclosure is everywhere. We are presenting ourselves more authentically as we are NOW, more than ever before. You can see this in personal levels, you can see this in world levels. We are all exposing ourselves. And this is so that we can shift from our false ideas of who we are to remembering the truth of who we all are and why we're here.

The rise in outward hate toward others is being exposed. What is ill in us is erupting like a volcano. It feels like going backwards in time. When what is actually happening is we are purging so that we can move forward faster.

The energies of racism, misogyny, bigotry, hatred, corruption, judgement, greed, etc... are dark energies that in the past existed hidden more than exposed. These energies were allowed cover, giving the energies more power to work through hidden channels and events. The sudden outbursts of seeing these energies working in the light rather than in the dark is how they are dissolved.

Anything that is dying will fight to survive. Even consciousness. Fear consciousness is dying. In an effort to survive it must fully expose itself. The anger and hated you see is evidence of these energies coming to the surface to fight for its survival. These energies can no longer exist in the dark corners of our consciousness. As the light of creation in us grows exponentially, these dark energies have nowhere to hide and are coming to the surface, being expressed, and exposing themselves.

We all carry fear energy in us. Our own consciousness is purging this energy as the collective consciousness purges. No one can hide what they really feel, what their true positions are, their true intent now. Life is presenting us all with the perfect events to open us up, in some cases rip us wide open and expose what is ill in us all. All efforts to fight the dark energies in others will beautifully reveal to us the dark energies in ourselves until their is nothing left to fight and we surrender, releasing our attachment to fear and embracing love.

The victim archetype is dying. We are evolving into self actualized humans who know our power exists in love. We are freeing ourselves from our self created prisons. We cannot fail. This is the end of times as we know it. What comes next is an era of healing, followed by an everlasting era of love, of heaven on earth. As within, so without. The kingdom of heaven that exists within will be expressed without.

Each role being played right now is divinely connected to this destiny. Those who fight the hardest to maintain the energy of fear are actually doing great work in exposing this energy to the world. The universal law of cause and effect also referred to as karma is almost instant now, showing us immediately the result of our own thoughts, words and actions.

Hanging onto the illusion, to what is false will become more and more painful. The actions we take in an attempt to hold the consciousness of fear will interfere in all our relationships, sometimes through loss so that we find ourselves left only with our beliefs and opinions that offer no comfort to comfort us. The harder we fight to be right about our fears, the more lonely we become until we have nothing left to fight for and recognize what really matters most. Remember the connectedness of all life. And embrace living loving all that is as we wish to be loved.

As you awaken to these truths, you will become a loving spectator of the events as they unfold. You will no longer suffer for the sake of suffering. You will love authentically, unconditionally and hold the energy of love for the planet. You will see the purpose in it all. You will no longer attach to emotions that are false. You will not need another to prove you are loved nor need to prove love to another. Love simply is. You will allow others their own purge and unraveling without needing to save them or needing to battle them. You will see the world falling apart and be unaffected by it, holding a high vibration of gratitude and love for it all.

This is the process of ascension. This is the awakening of Christ Consciousness. We are right on time and all is going according to divine plan. We will look back and celebrate it all. Those awakened among us have already begun celebrating, they are easy to recognize, they come in peace and love with open arms all around you.

I love you all from a place of excitment as I see my own unraveling unfolding in real time every single moment, I hold pure gratitude for my own relationships that are revealing myself to me. These are exciting times, we are headed for a new paradigm and the view ahead is grand.

One Love,

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