Saturday, February 25, 2012

As Day Two Begins~

Yeah so uh, it's spelled wrong, we are all over that, haha

I woke early eager to continue painting One Love!  As I was touching up the base coat on the sunny side of the trailer where it was warmest in crisp morning air when I discovered Colleen had added her own special touch to the back window of the Trailer.  I felt full of happiness and love when I saw her little PEACE of History in the making!  Great addition Colleen I love it!

Beauty all around singing a song of love!

As I am touching up the base coat the birds are again singing along with my music and showing off all around me!  The break of a new and wondrous day has begun and I am blessed to be a part of it.

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Love the Love that went into the painting by Colleen and Co.
Thank you so much for taking part in this part of the Journey!
Love you very much!

With the Sunny side touched up as far as my arms will reach taking turns standing and sitting in my chair I decided to take a break and some Advil.  I am still standing strong on no superscription pain pills for my pain.  I have found less gluten in my diet is very helpful.  I am in pain but I am free of pain pills and the extra issues that come along with that, very proud of myself for sticking to my goals on that.  As I sis in my chair and gaze across the sunny side of One Love the hearts in the windows Colleen painted fill my own heart with warmth and inspiration to get past the base coat and on to the fun of adding more colors.

 I need to run down to Home Depot real quick and check to see if there are any more Exterior Mistakes in good color's for the Tree.

But before the tree can begin to take life upon One Love we need a horizon of land and sky, I picture a beautiful sunset of colors in the sky, we shall see how this all comes together.  Cross your fingers with me for some great colors to make the sky come to life in an exterior paint today, Stay tuned.


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  1. Lookin good!! And congrats on your goal of not taking pain meds! Wish i didmt need to take them! So your glutin free? Let me know how thats working for you? I have heard it helps manage the pain level. Keep up the good work Until your next post

    Xoxo Kat

  2. Thank you, I got as much done today as I could but am pretty sun burnt and without help so I can't reach the high areas so I am calling it a day. I won't say it is easy Kat, the pain is there and I am feeling it. I keep telling myself it is mind over matter and over all I know that if I keep pushing myself I will feel less pain as time goes on. Sugar Free Rockstars and Advil help a lot right now, I have been told it takes a month or so for the Gluten free diet to really start showing some significant difference in pain release, so I am holding on till then I am excited to find new ways of pain management as I have learned the damages that the prescription pain medications bring which is ironic as they are to help with pain yet cause many other issues that will later on down the line need more prescription drugs, get where I am going with this. It's a big industry and there is no pay off in the cure so why cure us. We have to cure ourselves I think, at least that is the road I am trying to travel now, keep you posted babes. Love you too. xoxox