Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Holy Sun Ray Blaster's Batman~

As I pretty much finished up adding the sky to One Love yesterday at about half past noon I saw the clouds rolling in from the distance and decided that some major positive thinking was in order to keep the rain away and give One Love time to cure.

So I did what any logical totally sane woman in her 40s would do.  I enlisted the help of a 5 year old who I like to call my Rainbow Maker.  He and I believe he has special weather control powers and have a lot of fun controlling the weather around us, yeah I know what your thinking, stop thinking for just a minute and have some fun with your imagination while you enjoy some fun on a trampoline with us.

I introduced you to Hunter in my friends tab, well there are actually two Hunters, Hunter 3 and Hunter 4, who just turned into Hunter 4 and Hunter 5.  Their birthdays are 4 days apart and their brilliant mothers didn't like the idea of Little and Big Hunter or Hunter 1 and 2 as it promotes one being more important than the other so they have used their ages to determine who is who, smile.  I love it.

Hunter 5 is quite the amazing little lad and has the most amazing and vivid imagination.  He is good for the Soul, a true pioneer of a boy he likes to exercise his imagination daily.

I enlisted his help in shrinking the clouds headed our way, he quickly went into character and rounded us up some weaponry.  He said we couldn't use just any toy guns we needed the real deal.  We needed Sun Ray Blasters.  His version of the Sun Ray Blaster is a clear plastic big riffle/sub machine gun looking toy with bright orange trim and clip.

So we removed our clips and used kisses to load them with Sunshine while we held the clear plastic toy guns up to the sun to soak up extra sunshine power.  Inserted our clips of Sunshine Kisses and he got on the trampoline while I sat in my wheelchair and we began to blast away at the clouds approaching us.

Hunter 5 jumped on the trampoline yelling in triumph as he let out a loud "boom" his Sun Ray Blaster was a Boomer, mine a machine gun so I made machine gun sounds as we shot Sunshine into the clouds shrinking them and drying them up to protect One Love.

It was Awesome, I can't tell you how much fun it is to let your imagination go and decide you can change the weather in the world around you.

Zac came by and joined in on the fun, he had major Sun Ray power and a samurai sword he used to cause wind to blow the clouds away. Can you picture it?   A 5 year old, 14 year old and 42 year old all making magic weather control moves to ward off the clouds to protect the paint.

We cheered on  as the clouds changed course and in amazement split in two directions away from us.  We felt powerful and proud of our accomplishment and celebrated our victory with laughs.  I wish I had pictures of the event for you, but this time you will just have to use your imagination, wink.

I am hoping to get some more painting done this morning and looking for another Artist to enlist to help with the Tree as that will be the time consuming part of this project.  I truly hope to be done in time to let the good folks I have come to know as friends in this town to be able to join in on my send off and place their hand prints on the tree of life on One Love.

Think positive thoughts for us today, and if you happen to have a Sun Ray Blaster laying around help us out would ya, put your logic aside and join us in keeping the Clouds at bay till the job is done and the paint cured.

Thank you, much love, One Love!

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  1. Good morning sunshine!! It sounds like you had a blast, isnt it great how kids bring out the best in us. It looks like your sun ray blasters might have done the job.Have a great day

    Love ya!!