Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Keep On Chooglin'

Before I get ready to lay it down for the night I sit here in deep thought after a long day of getting prepared for my move on Friday.  It is looking like I won't have the tree done in time for my move and while disappointed I am okay about it.  The tree will be done when it is time for it to be done.

I have been driving through this town every day listening to the same song over and over.

I know you have done it before, found a song that really moves you and you just gotta hear it again right! And again, haha!  One of those songs that makes you really feel "IT".  That IT deep inside that feels free and alive when the song plays.  Yeah, that's Keep On Chooglin' for me.

Colleen being so kind as to loan me her car any time I needed it during my stay here had this CD in the player.  All it said on it was "1969".  Well, shucks that's the year I was born so naturally I had to check it out.  There's a lot of great songs on there, but then 1969 was a great year for music, cars, movements for peace and love, people who were born, haha.  Song 1 is.. you guessed it "Keep On Chooglin".

Naturally I had to add it to my morning YouTube playlist I named "Wake Up" and not for the time of day, rather for the messages in the songs.  Listening to the same songs each day you really begin to hear the meanings of the lyrics, start to feel it.

I realized they were trying to tell us a long time ago to Wake Up!  "They" being the greats like Bob Marley, The Beatles, The Stones, Sam Cooke, Nina, Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, the list goes on and there's new greats on there too.  Foo Fighters, Incubus, Muse, Damian Marley, and that list goes on also.  Check it out if you want it's under onelovejourney2012 and feel free to suggest more songs for me to add that do for you what these do for me, wake you up.  Deliver a good message. I'm listening to that message now, I wonder how I didn't hear it for so long, was I so caught up in living that American Dream that I couldn't see a dream for the World, Our World? Yeah I think I was.

So when I looked up Keep On Chooglin' I noticed there has been great debate on the actual meaning of Chooglin.  I have put some thought into this.  Now I am no expert and I wasn't there when they wrote the song but I really think I get it, at least I know what Chooglin' feels like to me.

To me it feels like cruising through the Grand Design spreading happiness and love, pretty simple when you get it!  I have learned in the past month out here, actually since I made this choice two months ago that being happy and living in love with myself, you and Our World is so simple.

Yeah, I have bad days but they really aren't days anymore, they are more like moments.  As quick as a hurdle is put in front of me I leap over it.  I just decide that it's cool.  I either laugh at those moments or look for the challenge in them to excel now that I am challenging myself to face my fears and eliminate them by living with love in my heart instead of fear.

I remember a day not so long ago when Fear was bad word to me, I didn't live in fear.  Being told that I would have been defensive.  I mean we are taught that fear makes us chicken or yeller bellied, right.  Funny the crap we are taught.  Fear is one of only two true emotions we feel.  For any one of us to believe we have no fear, feel no fear is just silly.  Being taught to deny those feelings is even sillier.  In fact it is fear itself that makes us afraid to admit our fears, so yeah we all live with a level of fear in our hearts, how much depends on how long we deny it.

I don't know what I was so afraid of.  Life Rocks!  Love feels really good!  Trust me I am a single woman who is falling in love with herself more every day and I'm telling you it's really cool.  I used to be afraid to be alone.  I have been single for 4 years so I don't mean that kind of alone.  I mean being totally alone, no one around.  I think I just didn't like being alone in the room with myself.   Me and Self didn't have a whole lot to say to each other.  Today I talk to self all day long, we laugh together, cry together and we conquer our fears together.  That's what it feels like to me, I feel like I am building a lasting, loving friendship with self, and self is damn good company.  She is funny, she is goofy, sexy, compassionate, understanding, encouraging and full of love.  I think she is my new BFF.  Good stuff this love thing, why did I wait so long. Big Smiles.

Oh  before I go to bed I have some great news, I handed out almost all of my business cards here in the East Bay of California and today I got some new ones,  check out the new cards.....

Love is good business!
Sorry about the blur, phone cam.  Have to pick up another charger for my camera tomorrow.  Actually I have to do a lot of shopping tomorrow before I am ready to leave on Friday.  So I had better get some sleep.  Thank you for spending some time with me tonight.  May you dream a dream of love as you sleep.


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  1. Good night my friend. Sweet dream.

    Big Hugs & Lots of Love