Monday, February 27, 2012

Morning Magic

Just as the sun begins it's journey around to this side of the world giving me a glimpse in the far distance of light to come Shotsie and I make our way from One Love into Colleen's house to grab her some dog food so she can join me for breakfast.  While I cooked my breakfast Shotsie looked eagerly on so I thought it best to not be rude and go inside to get her breakfast as well.

As we walked through the darkness flashlight in hand and made it to the door I noticed the amazing ski above me full of stars shining bright and said a soft thank you to the skies for the beautiful view.

After gathering Shotsie's breakfast we made our way back to One Love where I opened the door and set the food and flashlight inside and made my way around the front of the the trailer to open the front window covering when I heard the beautiful sound of a bird cooing.  The coo was warming and friendly like that of a morning Dove or some breeds of Owl.

California Quail photographed by Tim Zurowski
As I entered One Love and fed Shotsie it occurred to me that yesterday before Kirsten and Lisa left the three of us were so fortunate to see a flock of beautiful Quail surrounding the outer shrubbery of the property to the east of One Love.  There were to many to count, they were beautiful and covering most of the ground beneath the Cherry Blossom and Plum trees to the left of me.

My battery was dead on my camera so I did not get so lucky to take a picture but found one on the internet of the same birds who have taken up residence next to One Love.  Quite an amazing and beautiful neighbor to have on my last few days here.

I have never heard a Quails call to say if it was the quails coo I heard, I am not sure if the coo at all.

Either way I was blessed to hear a coo at all and to wake to another great day ahead of me.  I checked the forecast and found that I can expect sun till this evening which gives me a chance to work more on One Love in the early morning hours so I will start my day off painting again and enjoy getting closer to my goal of having the trailer done in time for my departure so we can begin the Hand Prints on the Tree here as a good send off from the first stop on my Journey for One Love for us all.

The birds I have encountered so far on this Journey have held a special significance for me.  My spiritual healer and guide Karen Lutter in a session with me saw three animal totems for me, One the Whale, which made complete sense to me.  The other two being birds and the dog.  She see's birds of all kinds for me and many singing.  I have never had so many encounters with birds I have of late.  I have had two experiences with them flying inside and then out again.  The second time sitting for about 15 minutes singing.  So I tend to feel warmed by these beautiful creatures and gain a sense of protection and guidance from them.

Karen  is an amazing person and someone I hope to see again, I wish I could just take her on this Journey with me as her presence is one that is calming and uplifting.  To learn more about Karen or schedule a session with her if you are in the Sacramento, Ca area any time soon I highly recommend looking her up.  Her fee's are so low that there is no way this is about money for her.  During our session, she touched on things in my life she could not have known or learned any other way than having the sight to see them.
karen lutter, 916-515-2009, onelovejournye2012
A spectacular Spirit

I trust her completely and fell in love with her soul upon meeting her.

Here is her contact number, leave a message and she will call you back if she does not answer.

Karen Lutter 916-515-2009

I have a little bird made of graphite that sits on my desk that was a gift from Colleen on her visit to the City.  I hold this gift very close to my heart as I do Colleen who has given my shelter a home for the past 3 weeks.  I look forward to spending time withe Colleen and her two amazing sons when they come out to visit me on my journey in my future locations.

I will think sun, and if you want to think sun with me that would be great in helping prove the often wrong weather forecasts that call for rain so that we can see the beginning of the leaves start to grow on the tree that represents One Love for One People living on One World.  A journey for change for us and our world.

I will post some pictures later of the progress of the art work, until then have a most blessed and wonderful day.

I love you,
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  1. Good afternoon my friend. Just wanted to say hi and glad your having a great day so far. I will be thinking of sun for you and for all the beautiful trees that are at bloom. I live on a almond orchard surrounded by 80 acres of booming almond trees so rain is not to good for them right now. I will be looking forward to your next post. Peace be with you my dear

    Love and hugs

  2. Thank you Kat, you always brighten my day you know that. Almond orchard I would be in heaven I love almonds. Smile. How beautiful that must be. Good we shall both think Sunshine than. Remember don't think "I don't want rain" if we think about what we don't want we get exactly that. Trying to help people see that is not an easy task, we sometimes get so stuck in getting what we don't want we forget how to wish for what we do want. Together you and I will think "I want sunshine" and the power of one though becomes two thoughts and so on. I love how that works, and I love you.

    Bigg Huggs