Thursday, February 23, 2012

Paint Day~

February 23rd 2012

So today is Paint Day, the day we start painting the One Love Trailer.  Before we get started while I am waiting on my friends to be ready I am going to take a trip down to Home Depot in Antioch and see if just maybe there has been some more mistakes :)  You never know.  So I thought I would ask my friends reading this to cross your fingers with me and wish me some Primer for Aluminum and/or exterior paint mistakes, hahaha.  Hey bigger wishes have came true, this one can too.

We'll know soon, see you in a bit!

Yaaaaay Paint Day!

Okay, so there is good news and there is good news.  I try to consider all news good news these days, after all what I used to consider bad news usually happened for a reason I could not see yet, or ever better was a chance to do it better the next time.

The good news is there were some mistakes, in fact one of the mistakes was a 5 gallon exterior in the color of an Olive Green, totally workable, yippee.  There was also a gallon of another green in exterior and a quart of a creme in exterior, awesome right.  Thank you for crossing your fingers with me.

The other good news is it is to windy here to paint, so we have to postpone for a less windy day.  While I did not get to paint today I found mistakes, and we all know I love mistakes.

Maybe tomorrow there will be some primer or maybe some red or yellow exterior I will dream about it.  In the mean time I am going to work on drawing my picture in pencil so we have a clearer picture to visualize and guide, I will post it here when it is done.

Thank you all for tuning in to help lift positive thought and 
wishes for the One Love Journey 2012, love all of you big time.
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We Got This!

Peace and Love

Imagination Tools Rock!

Okay so I finished a quick sketch of the tree in my mind, now I am gonna run on down to Home Depot and pick up the Mistake paint I found earlier and put on hold.  I'm crossing my fingers again that there will be more paint, you never know.  BTW, anyone reading this please don't help out with intentional mistakes, we want this artwork to be good genuine mistakes, you feel me, I hope so.  Thank you every one and have a blessed day!  Talk to you soon, here is the rough sketch, it's not much I did it in about 20 minutes just to have a visualization tool for my positive thoughts it is however kinda what I see for the Tree.  Love ya!

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One Love Journey 2012
Hippie Adventures Continues

Just got back from Hope Depot, what a great visit.  I picked up the Mistake Paint on hold.  There were no new mistakes, however I met some new friends and enjoyed more of the outstanding customer service that this super friendly store has yet to lack in any way.  
Cynthia thank you for being so helpful and nice!

Cynthia my cashier was super sweet, she took her time, was interested in the sketch I was holding of the tree, happily listened while I told her about this Journey.  While talking to Cynthia I met another family who got in line behind us and when I apologized for taking so long, they said "No Worries, we are in no hurry" and continued having a good time in line with their kids, I was so impressed with their energy and lack of irritation with waiting behind me that I gave them the blog address and asked them to email me so I can notify them of the day we put our hands on the tree I would love for them to join us in seeing me off with the first sets of hand prints on the tree.  It is families like them that make my heart warm, they were bursting with happiness, their kids were laughing and you could tell that they had a good grasp on quality family time.
Stanley treated me like Family!

 Since I cannot lift a 5lb bucket of paint I was escorted out by a lovely gentleman who was really down to earth and just a nice guy.  He lifted the paint in to the back of Colleens car for me, said "God bless you on your journey" and was nice enough to take the handicap cart I drove out back in for me.  Thank you so much Stanley you rock!  Antioch Home Depot Rocks, they should start charging me rent with all the time I occupy in there these days, hahahaha.

My time here is almost up and I will have to find a new Home Depot, I will miss this one I have to say.  The employees here are really something special and made my stay Great!!  Thanks Guys, see you tomorrow, haha!
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