Monday, February 20, 2012

Sign Ahead~

I met a truck yesterday, I have been thinking truck and they are circling me for sale, seriously.  I was driving to AM/PM in Colleen's car when I saw her.  She's an older truck but she has heart.  I stopped on my way back and the license plate had me all over it.  Then I headed to Home Depot to pick up paint swatches and price to total on the paint.  I was a little taken back by the total, but decided I wouldn't let that deter me so I picked out a bunch of color swatches to cheer me up and give me something else to focus on.

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My One Love Sticker Pain Art I had fun making last week with a very special little boy who I had the honor of hanging out with on a Sunny Sunday afternoon.  Thanks Rainbow Maker for the great day last week and the sticker paints!

I got back in the car and turned on the stereo and continued listening to a CD Colleen has set on random play and on came "Keep on Chooglin" and I was really feeling myself, singing and all and then I noticed every where I looked I saw my One Love Colors, there was yellow red and green at every turn then I saw the sign.  It said "Sign Ahead"  I laughed, then the song switched and on came "Lay Lady Lay" and if you know the song you know the first verse and get where I am going with this one, some days everything just seems to be talking to us, well it does when we start listening.  It's amazing to me how all we have to do is think what we want and we start to see it getting closer to us.  We are amazing.

Ask for what you want and it will happen for you, complain about what you don't want and you will get it!

So I saw 2 more trucks on the way back and one on the street a half of block from me.  All for sale, all newly parked around me, hahah.  I wanted to stop but I felt like I would be cheating on the first truck.  So I kept going till I got back to One Love and enjoyed a peaceful night reflecting on my visit with my daughter and the lessons I learned in my one day away from my trailer.  Thank you universe for a great couple days!  That Truck is getting closer my flow is blowing strong.  Love you all!!

It feels good to feel good!

Today has been a great day, relaxing, watched a really cool documentary called "Turtle" and cried a little about my own ignorance of the damages I have contributed to killing our earth.  I joined the SaveOurSeas website and decided to start educating myself on ways to help be part of a better tomorrow for us all.  I also joined a petition site to sign petitions to protect Our Earth.  Great Stuff.  I found a bunch of videos on how to live making less impact on the Earths resources.  I think if I found so much time in the past to watch stuff that made no difference I will spend some time now learning how to make a difference and continue to help by being the change I want to see.

I wore one of my new bandanna's today and enjoyed a great day, thank you for joining me!

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