Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sponge Love

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The Horizon comes in to view.
Dollar Store Sponge Mop to the Rescue
It's half past noon and I am sitting here enjoying the view of the progress today with two of my friends I grew up with.  Kirsten and Lisa pulled up just in time to see me finish off for the day.  Rain is coming tomorrow so I needed to be done by noon to allow it to cure in time to weather the weather.

Amber my little Fern Gully Kindred Spirit of Joy

While my new friend Amber and I painted the landscape, adding the finishing touches for today, Kirsten, Lisa and I caught up on old times and shared some great hugs with lots of laughs.

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I remember a day when I was ashamed of my disabilities,
 not today, not tomorrow, never again!
I am a soul living in a body today!
We are enjoying the sunshine and many laughs on a beautiful day with One Love.  I wanted to share a couple pictures with you before we run down to... You guessed it, Home Depot, haha!

I am sure glad that Home Depot has handicap carts, I pushed myself today.  I took turns standing and sitting but I stood as much as I could.  Tomorrow I think I will allow myself to sit more and be okay with that.

Peace & Love~ One Love

I became pretty much unable to work back in 2007 but was ashamed of my issues with joints, specifically my knees.  Every doctor I saw for my mobility issues or any issues for that matter said the same thing.. "You need to lose weight"  I'm like "Hey Doc, it's a fricken tooth ache, whats my belly got to do with that?  I think doctors overlook things with overweight people attributing all our problems with our weight. Hey Doc next time a big person comes in your office do him/her a favor run some tests then start with the advice mkay, love ya!

I connected my weight problem with my disability problem.  While I have carried myself with pride my whole life, being big pretty much my whole life, I never let my weight stop me from living.  Spent weekends at the lake with the kids in a bathing suit.  Worked on my feet cleaning houses, waiting tables and kept good care of my home and family no matter what, no matter how.  I used to roll around the kitchen in an office chair to cook dinner, lol..  Hey, whatever worked, right!

I was ashamed to be seen in my wheel chair, to walk past people with my limp, to go grocery shopping at normal hours.  I did my grocery shopping at midnight when I could ride freely around the store in the electric handicap cart and said it was because I wanted to avoid crowds and race my sons in the store.  I was stubborn, to stubborn to go apply for disability for 4 years denying to myself that I was disabled and determined not to rely on Government assistance because I am a proud woman and I am to young to sit around in a wheel chair saying poor me.  I was embarrassed, today I am not ashamed any more.  I am proud that I can still do things despite my limitations.  I am proud that I am learning things like a dollar store sponge mop can give me a little more freedom and independence in life.   I love the sponge mop.  But more so I love myself, more each day.

Getting There!
Now we are headed to the store to get some supplies for the next sunny day and enjoy some time out and bout.  Can't wait to add the Clouds and then the One Love Tree.

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One Love Journey 2012

What a great day, but then every day is a great day when you decide to live life happy, every day I am more amazed at how easy it is to live a simpler life with love and happiness in abundance.  I am blessed.

 I love you!

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  1. Its coming along great so far, can't wait for the tree to go on. glad you had a good day talk to you soon, have a wonderful night

    Big hugs and lots of love