Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stand by me~

There are going to come times in life when we have to stand alone, when those we believed we could count on cannot be there beside you for their own reasons.  It is in those moments we may feel scared, angry, it's okay to feel those feelings, those are natural feelings when challenged.  Take a deep breath, go within and seek your truest friend, yourself!  Stand beside yourself hand extended and let yourself know you are never alone.
Today I stand beside myself and remind myself I am not alone and no matter what I face in life I will never again be alone.  I will speak my truth quietly and clearly with out reservation as the truth is absolute.  I will not fear what lies ahead rather I will anticipate it as challenges in life bring character and character hope.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing the breeze if blowing, I control my thoughts and my thoughts produce the world around me.  Today I remind myself that while I may feel alone out here today I am not alone and from this day forward all days that come ahead and I feel alone I will remember this one and know I am never alone as I have me and today I can say I love me so I enjoy the company!


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