Friday, February 17, 2012

Steps and Stones

Won't break my bones~
I am on a natural high today.  Bursting at the seams with positive electric energy and it feels so good.

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Flower Power Begins In ME!
My first order of the day is positive visualization, world meet my new dollar store flower wind wheel.... Dollar store flower wind wheel meet the world.

This flower is giving me my power of visualization for my desire to have independence to drive myself across the country by getting my own truck.

flower power, positive visualization, positive thought, manifest destination, JoJo, JoJo Williams, Lelania, One Love Journey 2012
I make the wind that kisses my skin!

I picture the wind blowing through my hair as I drive down the highway, I can feel the wind on my face, it's fresh and cleansing.  I feel the sun on my skin, it's soothing and warming.  I hear the music playing as I sing along.  I can feel the happiness in my soul as I call my little sister screaming I did it sis, I DID IT! I imagined it and it came to me!
One Love Journey 2012, One Love, One Love Journey, Positive visualization, flower power, dollar store pin wheel flower, One Love Travel Trailer
I see a new future for me!

 I set my little dollar flower in front of the window I sit in front of and write at so I can see it blow in the wind and imagine it is the wind blowing in my long auburn hair and the horizon mirrored in my bright green eyes.   I love my little flower! I love flower power!

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I learned The Secret & I'm gonna keep it!

I have noticed a difference already taking place in me as I make my list of the burdens I have carried on my heart through the years as I prepare for my day of  "Throwing Stones" an exercise in the book I am reading by Sue Patton Thoelle "SOULWORK" I think that everything I put on my list is lifted off my heart and now sits on my list awaiting me to throw it away on my throwing stones day.

I realized I am not responsible for others peoples stuff and even more so I am the only responsible for my own stuff.  The resentments I had toward other's I thought hurt me were my own resentments to carry.  What a huge relief it is to say "hey I don't want to feel that way!"  It's a powerful tool to choose to feel better each day!

No longer a tool, just own them now, haha
While were discussing tools, I am reminded of my second exercise.  I came up with this one all on my own.  I decided to organize my tools so that I can be more effective in finding the tools I need when doing my own repairs on my trailer .  I found this old stand on my friends property full of rain and dirt and asked her if I could have it.  She happily gave me the stand as it was just clutter to her.  In my mind it is the greatest little stand in the world.  While I sorted my tools I found an emotional connection to the idea of sorting my tools and decided to start sorting my emotional tools as well. I visualize my emotional tools in the bright orange drawers.  Each drawer full of ideas and exercises for me to use for my own healing and success on my journey. Funny how simple it is to take something that didn't cost a dime and was full of old rain water and give it a little tlc and make it work for me!

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My buckets will overflow with colors of love!

While I was at the local Home Depot here making my wish list and pricing power tools and all kinds of things I need to make repairs to One Love I also decided since I am an artist I will paint my own trailer, after all it's my vision and I have had it in my mind all along.  So I bought these little buckets to be my visualization tools for the paint on my wish list.  I have to primer it first than I can start to have fun with colors and make my fantasy a reality come true.  My buckets shall flow with colors of love for my journey.

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Took 4 years of being single to
believe in me,
Now I am ready to proceed!

While I was in Home Depot a couple things happened, one I got picked up on by a lot of guys in there, ahahah.  I mean more than I could imagine  but then I did imagine it.  I have been singing Jah Cure's "Unconditional Love" and asking the universe for two things while I sing it.  One Unconditional Self Love!  You would laugh your rear off if you saw me sitting in my trailer singing along, arms wrapped around myself as I ask to love myself, it's pretty moving for me anyways, haha.  And Two for someone to love me unconditionally, my someone, my partner in life.  A person who will encourage me to reach my goals, who will never try to put out my fire, someone who will trust me as I am trustworthy while also encouraging me to trust myself.  I have noticed that being open to the idea of having a partner has a huge affect on the message I put out to the world when I am out in it, I'm on fire, woot woot!

Money Can't buy us Love!

The second thing that happened at Home Depot is my realization that I needed a business card.  Every person I talked to about One Love and My Journey wanted the website address and it was a pain spelling out the address each time and hoping they will remember it.  So I went across the street to Staples and got me My Very First Business Card!  Love is my Business and what a great way to go to work right!  No matter how many pictures I took or loaded it still wanted to be sideways for some reason so I decided to let it be!  And honestly that is my attitude about most things these days, I am learning that I can't change what was, it doesn't matter who I was yesterday or the day before.  What matters is who I am today and tomorrow.  So the rest I will just let it be and the best will come to me.

Happy Birthday Stella
So tomorrow is a special day for me! Tomorrow is Stella Day!  I am meeting my baby daddies in the bay at my friend Diane's house for our own little 1st birthday party for her.  Diane is going all out and making an Angel Food Cake for my little Angel with an ambrosia salad side.  I love the idea of the heavenly taste of Ambrosia and the Angel Cake for Stella.  I have her presents all ready and cannot wait to hold my baby in my arms and feel that love only a child can give.  My daughter is a year old and she is Amazing!  I will make sure and take lots of pictures for you all!

Hippie Adventures Rocks!

Well that's it for now I have to go now and imagine my next visit with Stella is one where I get to drive myself there!  Thank you for joining me today, this is a very special day for me and I wish it be one for you to, because you are me and I am you, we are one and today we share One Love!  XooXooX

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