Friday, February 24, 2012

Team Work

Ready to begin a significant part of my Journey
And the fun began.  Colleen did the honors of breaking open the 5 gallon of beautiful Mistake Exterior Green paint. As we got our brushes ready we decided what would be the best plan of attack.  Colleen's two boys were anxious to join in on the painting fun and stood anxiously with brushes in hand.

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Colleen does the honors

Get'n Er Done, lol

My little Rainbow maker getting his artist.
I worked mostly on the bottom half, took turns standing and sitting as doing either to long is not good for me.  I was ready to push myself and be an active part of making my vision of a One Love Tree to signify One World, One People living with One Love come to life.

The fist step was laying the base paint, so we began.
It felt good to be working toward a positive goal for a good cause, I have good feelings about the tree and look forward to watching it take on a life of it's own as each layer of paint is brushed on My One Love Trailer which has become Our Canvas for a Journey to heal all Our hearts.

This hard working young Man is my Rainbow maker, as we sat in the sun a couple weeks ago watching the clouds and sun battle for space in the sky we decided to wish for the sun to win.  He told me to make it happen you have to say your wish in your head with your eyes closed.  We both closed our eyes and made our silent wishes, upon opening them, he looked at me and smiled saying "I wished for Rainbows".  I awoke the very next morning to a Big Rainbow in the Bathroom window and as I stepped outside noticed each drop of dew on the grass was sparkling in reflection of the sun and had it's own tiny little rainbow in it.  So was born the Rainbow Man, wink.

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Making it Happen

Colleen, her two boys and a good friend of the family all helped.  As we worked together as a team to get the base coat on, our friend Zac came walking up on his way home from school, excited to see the painting beginning he hurried home to put down his school books and check in with his parents then returned to help us.
We had a great day of team work, Colleen and her team worked one side of the trailer and Zac joined me on the other.  We had fun being artist for a day, while telling funny jokes and doing imitations.  Zac is quite the character, and a great kid.  A true tribute to his parents love for him.  I invited his whole family to join us on Hand Print day.

Zac the Great thanks for the laughs and good
vibes, you are such a positive person to be around!

We had a good time listening to music and painting away.

Zac painted the high grounds while I painted the low ones. Colleens oldest son joined us for lessons on proper painting and with a few moments of instruction quickly slowed the sway of his brush and showed great promise as an artist with his gentle brushes back and forth, he is a Leo and has a very strong spirit, he will make a great leader one day.

Looking Good

Mobile Artistry is born on a sunny day with friends and laughter

The fun continued right up to sunset when the Mosquitoes decided to feast upon our team of painters and we decided to call it a night.  Colleen and her team pretty much completed their side of the Trailer and it looks great~  Thank you so much Colleen for taking time out of your day to help.  I hope you enjoyed the fun and can't wait to see your hand print on the tree.  I appreciate your hard work and time more than you know.  You guys did a great job, we couldn't have done it without you!

All and all it was a great day, the birds sang through the festivities and laughter was carried on the smooth breeze that gave us kisses of relief from the bright and warm sun.  The day was a good one and today shall be more of the same.  I am eager for the Sun to rise and join me in touching up a few areas that still need a second coat of base and then begin the real fun, stay tuned my friends you haven't seen nothing yet, this is going to be Awesome.

Flower Power

I wish every one  a most blessed night, much love!

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