Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why do we believe~

That omission of the truth is not a lie we live?
When did we decide to accept the same lies we give?

Why do we call being polite right?
While we conceal our true selves in the dark of night?

Why do we choose to live as victims of our own demise?
Why do we pretend were happy holding back the tears in our eyes?

Why do we think normal is the way to be?
And why do we label creative ideas as crazy?

Why do we follow the leader who treats others wrong?
Is it our own fear of what they will say about us while were gone?

Why do we call ourselves friends yet we watch the ones we love live a life pretend?
When do we get honest and let the truth heal us and the pain end?

When do we as a people start telling the truth?
How many children will we allow to be robbed of their youth?

We will hold each others hands and claim in love we trust,
then watch our friend walk blindly in front of a bus
saying nothing afraid of the voice inside of us!

When do we stop being polite and trying to fit in?
Stop pretending others can crucify us, determine our sins!

I'll tell you when, when we get real with our selves and learn some self love
when we stand up for whats right come push or come shove
when we decide that anything fake will no longer do
when we start to care, you for me and me for you!

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