Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ah crap!

Okay, so puppies and upset stomach's are not one of my favorite things in life, hahaha!

Poor Mr. Marley and poor poor Miss Mommy.  My little best friend had an upset stomach last night, so he had the puppy runs.  I don't quite understand why but for some reason his little aching belly made taking a grumpy outside scary for him.  He would pee outside but wanted to drop the main load inside?

onelovejourney2012, Mr. Marley, puppy training
Chew, Chew, Chew, pee, poop, eat, play, chew chew chew, that's my day, haha
We only had one accident in One Love.  Unfortunately that accident was right on top of my purse, haha.  I mean come on Marley of all the places to take a crap and you choose a woman's Coach bag, really!

I have to remind myself that Mr. Marley is not aware of my purse addiction that I recently tried to overcome by giving all of my purse collection away to Jessica as a reminder to me that I can only use one purse at a time and yes you guessed it, purses are things, irrelevant things that do not sustain me.

I kept one purse.  My favorite Coach Bag.  Hey...  I could of kept the Prada from Italy, that baby was hard to let go of but it wasn't a practical purse, it was animal print and well that just doesn't go with much.  Besides Jess wanted that one the most.

Nani and her little Angel
So while Tilla and I were looking at pictures of Baby Semaj Marley was on the couch beside me and before I knew it Tilla said "Uh, I hate to tell you this but Mr. Marley just took a crap on your bag" "Omg, he did?!?!" was my reply as I quickly took him outside and got sissy cleaned up.  Sissy is my Coach Bay, yes I name my purses! Shh, don't even think it, hahaha.

I paid close attention the rest of the night and had to stay up pretty late making sure we didn't go for my Ugg Boots.  Hey some women like Christian Louboutin I like Ugg and New Balance.  I like my comfort and I also like NOT falling on my face, haha.

I was scared he would have another accident after I went to bed and since he had gone in the trailer he seemed to want to do so again.  I actually spent an hour outside with him late last night while he whimpered and cried and obviously had to go but wanted to go inside.

Finally he went and was rewarded and we tucked ourselves in. I had no choice but to stay out there, if he didn't go outside he would want to go inside all the time, he had to go outside and be rewarded for it.

Breakfast, Hoorah!
Puppy parenting is a full time job, training them is important in the first couple weeks so that bad habits don't develop.  He really is a great dog who wants to please me and is very curious about how to do that.  He is doing much better this morning, we have had two healthy grumpies outside, yeah!

Speaking of my babies, Baby Semaj is doing a little better I just got off the phone with Lovey and she said he is slowly getting better.  This trip to the hospital he seems to be having a harder time getting better as quickly as normal.  Lovey and I have been discussing her changing her families diet.  I am putting together a grocery list for her of foods that do not contain preservatives or additives, links to documentaries and good stores and farmers markets to shop at.  She really wants to educate herself and her family on better nutrition.  My kids are coming around to better eating with me, it seemed at first this was going to be difficult as I am "Just Mom" right and Mom is always preaching about something that they are always saying "Yeah, Okay Mom" to.  The Pink Slime discovery helped a lot.  No one wants to eat something with the word slime in it!

Oh, before I go I wanted to share some great news with you all!  We have officially been visited by 10 Countries now, woot woot.  India and Mexico joined in and are picking up view counts pretty nicely.  Love is contagious I tell you, it feels good to love and be loved, it is great to relate to real people who are not all fancied up presenting their representative.  You and me, him and her, we are everyday people who want a better world.  I am so excited to see where this Journey leads Us.  I wonder if my spiritual guides vision of a caravan of RV's rolling down the road together in support of One Love for One People will come to pass.  I sure hope so, that would be nothing short of amazing.

Have a beautiful day,
I love you all
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  1. Just wanted to say that Im glad to here the bany is feeling better. Have a good night