Monday, March 5, 2012

Common Folk~

Monday March 5th 2012~

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Chai Tea Heaven
Enjoying my morning posting, what took several hours to post due to slow internet conditions I finished up and took my second shower in One Love.  I am so excited about my shower working, can you tell? Haha.

I made my way up to Glen and Theresa's Coach for some of her Chai Tea.  Ever since the photos of Glen's Sunsets last night I have been craving some of the warm goodness.  I set up my computer outside on the patio.

Happy to have my tea and be in good company I knew it was going to be a great day!

onelovejourney2012, one love journey 2012, Glen, granite, sanding stones, making unique jewelry
Glen working with his Dremel with a special diamond drill.

As I sit sipping my tasty tea I notice Glen working on a piece of stone.  He shows me the raw version and it is a simple piece of granite cut off of a large chunk of granite.

Raw Granite

After allowing me to see the raw stone he keeps his hands covering the stone and I cannot see what exactly he is up to in there but patiently wait sipping my tea wondering what he is going to do with some simple granite.

Sling and Majic
I snapped a couple shots of the raw stone and went back to writing, enjoying the sun sneaking through the latice on the porch.  Glen disappeared inside with Theresa and I enjoyed snapping a couple shots of the "Kids" as Theresa calls them.  Sling Shot and Majic Shredder are Glen and Theresa's two mini dobermans.  Majic was named for shredding a newly laid kitchen floor with her claws while they ran to the store shortly after bringing the pair home.

The rough beginning of a Journey for One Love

After a while Glen returns outside and tells me to prepare to cry, now I know he is up to something.  He holds out his hand in his favorite "I have something hiding" fashion and I open mine as he places a heart of Granite into my palm.

As he sets it slowly in my hand he says to me.. "This is to signify your Journey, the beginning was rough like this side here" as he shows me the rough side.

With the sun on it there are tiny sparkles that resemble the many tears I have shed through the beginning of this Journey.  Tears of sadness, regret, loss, happiness, joy and revelations of who I was and have become.  Tears for our world and us as a people, one people.

heart of stone, one love journey 2012, onelovejourney2012, heart of granite, unique jewelry, wire wrapped jewelry, custom jewerly
One Love Journey takes on a course of it own
taking me on a new and wondrous path.

As he turns the stone over to the other side he says.. "This side is to signify the rest of your journey, it is smoothing out, but there are imperfections as you can see.  Life is full of imperfections and that is okay that is what makes life so beautiful.  You don't have to be prefect and neither does your journey"

The smooth side of the stone shines with happiness yet shows some cracks and rough patches surrounded by the smooth beautiful stone.

made from love, heart of stone, hand crafted jewelry, onelovejourney2012, one love journey 2012, jojo williams, unique jewelry
I will cherish this gift always, the meaning will be with me for all time
Then with tears in my eyes I listen as he says one more thing about the gift...  "Now that is a common piece of stone, as we are common folk you and I.  There is beauty in the most common gifts in life.  Not all things made of riches that shine are valuable.  Sometimes the most valuable of gifts in life are the common ones we find along the way."

Then he goes inside and puts it on a leather strap and places it around my neck as Theresa stands by my side looking as touched as I.

Each day I am touched with a new and life changing gift on this Journey.  Today like many of the Journey thus far that gift is one  given by my new friends who I have come to love as family, Glen and Theresa.  I am blessed to be truly learning what matters most in life and letting go of the things that were no more than things and can never replace the joy these gifts of the heart bring.

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Yes I cried, tears of Joy.  What an amazing gift to be given on this beautiful day.  One I will remember always as I wear this common
stone around my common neck walking a path in life full of riches beyond my dreams.  Riches no amount of money can ever buy!

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  1. Wow that is beautiful. Tell Glen he is very gifted, a true artist. I hope your enjoying your day.

    Love kat

  2. It amazes me how there are events, powers, connections that we cannot see nor understand, but our path keeps going and we keep meeting the most AMAZING people! THANK YOU!