Monday, March 5, 2012

How do you eat an elephant?

Moving Day, On the road again!
Day One Begins~
Friday March 2nd 2012~

The day began at 4am for me.  Preparing for Glen and Theresa to pick me up at 8am with a mound of tasks to be ready in time.  Despite my best efforts I was not ready on time.  Glen and Theresa being who they are patiently allowed me to finish while they ran into town.

I finished up before they returned allowing me some time to say my goodbyes to the crew in Oakley, Ca.  I got to spend some extra time with Miss Shotsie who I will miss dearly.

Miss Shotsie I will miss you dearly!

Theresa Guiding Glen to hook up One Love

Gettin Er Done
Once Glen and Theresa returned they began hooking up One Love.  Theresa guiding Glen as he backed up to One Love working together as if two parts of one being it was obvious they have done this before and make a great team.

Two peas in one pod!
Securing One Love

Once all hooked up and ready to go we hit the road saying goodbye to Oakley and hello to a new beginning on this One Love Journey.

watch your speed, 45 mph speed zone ahead, onelovejourney2012, one love journey 2012, one love travels
Keeping One Love Safe!

Glen took his time driving about 35mph along the curvy, bumpy roads while traffic passed us in a hurry we enjoyed the scenery and great conversation.

Narrow Bridge

Narrower Bridge
We had a few very narrow bridges to cross.  Part of the ride was on gravel and dirt roads with a stretch right along side a rail road track.
Glen drove through the rough terrains as if he knew every bump and hole while Theresa and I enjoyed talking about a dozen wonderful things.  Theresa is so easy to talk to. She is also an Aries and has a strong spirit, takes no mess and gives nothing but the truth.  I admire her greatly.

Narrowest Bridge

A new chapter in the Journey begins

Beauty Everywhere, Birds a Plenty
As we arrived at my new home miles from population I found a little slice of down home paradise sitting cozily on a river with trees and flowers in abundance.

one love travel trailer, one love journey 2012, onelovejourney2012
Home Sweet Home
Glen pulled me into my space and we began getting to work.  Theresa and Glen wanted to make sure I got settled in safely with all things working properly and One Love Secure.

no more rocking my boat

The cinder piers I purchased at Home Depot were placed under the levelers that I had no idea how to lower.  Glen did what he does best, got his tools and solved the problem.  As he sawed down the poles to shorten them for easier access to the bolt that had to be turned he explained everything he was doing to me so that I would know how to do it myself further on down the line.

Glen is about as handy as handy can be

Glen believes in helping others when he is given an opportunity to do so and firmly believes the best way to help someone is to teach them how to do it themselves.
While Glen taught me how to hook up and secure my travel trailer Theresa went to their RV and made me a big warm cup of Chai Tea that was just perfect..

View from the General Store
Once we finished Theresa informed me dinner would be ready in a little while and I was invited to enjoy some pork steaks and spaghetti with them on my first night here.  The spaghetti did not meet my gluten free diet, however my diet was to begin here so I figured on my first night here I could celebrate with my favorite food in the world, spaghetti.

Glen and Theresa headed to their Motor home and I headed on up to the office to pay rent and sign paperwork.  As I walked in I saw the clerk talking to a couple gentlemen who were delivering some supplies to the colorfly decorated General Store that houses the office of the park.  

Instantly upon hearing her conversation while I made my way around the Store I thought to myself... “she sure reminds me of my Sister, I bet she is a Sagatarious.  I noticed they carried lots of souvineers and saw some really cute bathing suits for Stella who has been doing very good in her swimming classes. 

Can you see the heat in the between the leaves
From the moment she helped me we hit it off, and yes she most certainly is a Sagatarious.  She was full of helpful information and made me feel right at home.  The only disapointment was the lack of WiFi for a day or two while the check points of the park are being completed.  Hopefully today all will be well for WiFi.  

I made my way back down to One Love taking a different route to see which worked best with my wheel chair.  I have been switching back and forth between using my wheel chair as a walker and sitting in it.  I found the incline through the park an easier route with my chair.  

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, one love tree
Even the trees are happy here
Once I made it down the incline into the park I realized I was in the middle of so many beautiful trees and birds were singing and flying every where as the trees swayed in the gentle breeze.  I sat down in my chair to enjoy the view and take a break when I noticed one tree in particular.  It is a Eucalyptus, my sister and I used to call them strip trees as kids.  It was smiling at me, I laughed and smiled back. Glen came walking by and chatted with me a bit while introducing me to everyone who walked through the park. When I was ready he showed me the best route back to One Love.

Getting settled in to my new home

I finished putting away the living room and kitchen when  Glen came by to let me know dinner would be served in 30 minutes.  I could already smell the savory scents of smoked Pork Steaks drifting down from their Coach that sits above and across from my trailer and my tummy was growling. 

 How nice not to have to cook my first night in the park

I cleaned up and dressed in some warmer clothes to enjoy some time on their nice porch sharing an amazing dinner, both Glen and Theresa sure know how to cook.

I went back to One Love after enjoying a great dinner and some company with two people I now consider my guardian angles.  Got some more work done and then fell into a deep coma of a sleep out of pure exhaustion.


Day Two brings beginnings a new~
Saturday March 3rd 2012~
Greeted on my first morning here by the beautiful Sunrise that brings to life the park around me

What an amazing way to start my day
I woke on my first morning excited and eager to see the morning sun rise as Adrian said the sunrise and set here are amazing.  I headed up to the showers at about 5:30am and got dressed to greet the sun.  I sat in front of the General Store and watched the Sun rise and she was right it was amazing.

Beauty surrounds me now
The sun breathes fire of life

The Sunrise lit up the park, as it touched the trees they came to life in brilliant colors of red and gold.  It was beautiful to watch.

The many Cranes and various birds flying about seemed to love the show as well as they were all flying overhead to perch on a particular tree with a great view of the warming sun.

This is the what I needed to help cleanse and heal my soul

As day two begins in my new home I am full of happiness and love.  Excited to start my new diet and quit smoking I charge up my E-Cigarette as I only have one cigarette left.  When I first tried the E-Cigarette it wasn't so bad.  I thought to myself, okay this is doable.  As I sat writing and loading pictures I continued to smoke my E-Cigarette and before I knew it was in the bathroom throwing up and feeling very dizzy. I had to lay down for about an hour and drank a bunch of water to help me feel better.

As I started feeling better the cravings for a cigarette kicked in.  Afraid to smoke the E-Cigarette and out of cigarettes I was growing quite anxious.  I called Glen and Theresa to see if they were up and about and they invited me over for coffee and a smoke.  Theresa gave me a pack of her generic menthol's which normally are horrible to me but at this point I needed a cigarette and they were fine.

Glen tells me..  Don't try this at home, as he uses his hands
instead of the grip he is supposed to use.  It is easier for him
to control the grasp of the stone with his hands than the grip.
Theresa being a nurse suggested that I consider taking all these changes one step at a time.  I quit taking prescription pain meds recently, changed to a new gluten free diet and have walked away from my old life to start over, maybe smoking can wait a bit.  I agreed. So I decided that if I was not going to be able to use the E-Cigarette just yet I would purchase her brand and save half on a carton.  They offered to take me to town for some shopping while we drank coffee and enjoyed a smoke I had the honor of watching Glen work on a very pretty green stone.

Each stone is unique and tells a story all it's own
His talent for working with stones and making wire wrapped jewelry is awesome.  If you are a fan of jewelry that is unique, has a story and was created by one of the nicest people I have met on this journey please go check out his website at and support his business.  It is amazing to watch him work with his hands despite his MS, he is determined not be limited by disabilities.

I fell in love with the little guy with the brown ears.
Theresa being a nurse is not surprising to me, she has a genuine care for all life and is a natural healer and mother to all here at the park and has adopted many people along their travels who now consider her family.  Her dream is to retire to their large property in Oregon and be able to live off of their jewelry business.  She loves to go mining for the stones they use to create these awesome pieces.

While we sat outside we had a visitor who invited us to come see the puppies I heard about, oooh they are so cute and the mother very protective over them.

Heading to town for some shopping
Next we took our trip into town to go to Costco for cigarettes and to a hardware store for a thermal copler as mine was not working to keep the pilot lit for the hot water heater and I longed to finally use my own shower and not have to boil water for dishes.

walmart in Pittsberg, ca, walmart in antioch ca, disabled carts, handicap society, customer care
Walmart needs to show some love to those who support it!

We went to Walmart first and like every other Walmart in every town I have visited including my old home of Sacramento, Ca has the same problem.  Lack of handicap carts for the disabled shoppers.

This part of the story was hard for me to decide to include because I don't want to say bad things about anyone, however being part of the disabled population on this earth on behalf of us I think it should be said.  I find it really sad that Walmart being one of the largest retailers in America can not provide enough working carts for it's handicap shoppers. Every store has the same story, they put in a call for repairs.  In Antioch Walmart all three of my visits spaced a week apart I was given the same excuse.  I finally asked the manager why so much of an issue getting repairs, she claimed they were waiting on the repair people.  I said I had trouble believing that seeing the condition of our economy I find it hard to believe that the people who fix things like these are so overwhelmed with work that they have no time in a three week span to get to Walmart.  I am looking for new places to shop.  I have started buying my cleaning and laundry supplies at Home Depot.  They may be a few pennies more but I would rather support a business that just donated $100,000 relief fund to the victims of Kansas than a retailer who can't even spare some change to supply enough working handicap carts and enough employees to monitor the running ones being plugged in so they are fully charged to avoid leaving someone unable to walk far distances stuck in the back of the store.  Walmart needs to seriously step their game up and give a little back to the people who have made them millions.

After having to walk Walmart I was in a lot of pain but determined not to give into the pain and pushed on.  As we drove back to the park Theresa and Glen told me of the story about Glens mother and her last 6 days here on earth with them.  They told another story of a man they met who became family.  I was so touched by the two stories I cried most of the ride back.

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, 1lovejourney, elephant in a cup holder, how do you eat an elephant
How do you eat an elephant?
One bite at a time!
I talked to them about my disappointment in myself for the cigarette issues.  Theresa said to me.. "Honey, how do you eat an elephant?"  I giggled and said I don't know, to which she replied... "One bite at a time!"  I laughed, looked down at the little elephant hanging on her glove box in front of me and said thank you Theresa I needed that, you always know what to say.  We enjoyed the ride while I told them I bought stuff to make a big salad to bring to dinner, they were making Liver and Onions.  I have never liked liver, however made a promise to myself this year to try new things so I promised to try it.  I ate two bites and decided I still do not like liver however the fresh green beans she cooked in the left over juices of the liver were great, with my salad I stayed on my diet and felt good about that.

As I went to bed I reflected on the day, besides the lack of internet being available for me to talk to you all I could not have asked for a better day.  I slept like with peace in my soul only waking up once.


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  1. Hey there, I was wondeing where you were!
    Your new place looks amazing. Tey not to be to hard on yourself about the whole ciggarette thing your friend is right, you dont need to do everything at once. I went down to watsonville for the weekend, it was my god daughters 17th b-day, man how the time flys, it seems like just yesterday we were baptizing her and now she is almosf a adult. We had fun, we ended up at thd Santa Cruz flea market, talk about flasbacks!!!! Anyway it was a great weekend up until I was walking down my friends front steps and her welcome matt slipped out from under neaith me and down I went. I landed with my right leg behind me. I twisted my knee and my ankle,my whole right side is messed up. I just thank God cause it could have been a lot worse, but thats all I need is more pain on top of pain!!! I tell ya that welcome matt was not very welcoming!! Well I will let you go, glad your all settled in your temp home. Hope to hear from you soon.

    Love ya, xoxo

  2. Kathy,
    I am so sorry to hear you fell honey. Try to think of the up side, besides the pain which I do know a little about you may need to take a break and welcome mat was letting you do just that. Take care of yourself honey and use this time to do some you stuff that daily life running about prohibits. Like escape into a book, read or watch The Secret, if you have seen that one try out Love it digs deeper into The Secret. There is a great video on Youtube called THE MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO YOU WILL NEED NOW AND EVER that says some thought evoking stuff. Take some you time baby girl to nurture your spirit while you nurture your ankle and knee. I hope you have a speedy recovery and your pain subsides. I love you lil one, for life, unconditionally.

    Jo Mama, hahahaha