Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Land of the Free? Where are the Bee's

Tuesday March 20th 2012~

Here in America we have a term that many of us live by.. "Patriotic"  To be a proud American you must be one who lives a life that is considered Patriotic says many.  After all this is the Land of the Free so we are told and willing believe.

I have been on this Journey for about 2 months now.  Getting rid of my TV's and only allowing myself to watch documentaries.  Only listening to music that promotes a positive and thought provoking message for me.  Trying new things, eating new foods with less and less toxins entering by body and mind daily.  Reaching out and meeting new people and sharing my life and experiences with the world.

Every day I am learning more about the world around me, the food I eat the water I drink and bathe in, etc...  The more I learn the more questions I have about "This Land of the Free" and those who "WE THE PEOPLE" appoint to govern over it and us THE PEOPLE.

I learned this week that MSG kills our brain.  Yeah MSG is a poison and the FDA knows it.  Well I also learned that the very people who make the decisions in the FDA used to work for the pharmacutical companies.   How is this legal?  How is it that we allow the very people who profit off of disease and death to decide what we eat, how our food is processed, grown?  Whole Foods is selling out as we speak to some bullcrapola scam about co-existing with the pesticide farmers.  All the food will be contaminated because the ground it grows in will be contaminated.  Sell Outs them and us, we have sold out to convenience and profit just as they have.  We are allowing this to happen because we need to save a buck.

We need to wake up and now my friends.

I interrupt this post to report there are 1,000s of Bee's swarming around One love as we speak, 
they are all over the trailer on the screen door, I have the door latched open and would have to go outside to unlatch it.

My view of the Bee's from my screen door
I called Glen he is getting Rick....

Hard to see them through the window but the dots are bees.  
Glen and Rick are pulling up in the golf cart now, the bee's seem to be gathering around the picnic table on the other side of One Love outside my living room window.

I am going to just keep typing this as it happens so excuse the typo's and such.

Okay they are definitely making a home on the picnic table...

Bee Home Sweet Home
Rick is taping off the area surrounding One Love and the picnic table they are nesting on.

He said the managers are calling an exterminator due to the owner of the park being upset the last time he had to spend more money on a beekeeper.  NO WAY that is going down today.  Bee's are endangered species, I know killing them is illegal.  Any bee keeper coming out here will be photographed and posted for killing an endangered species.

This is amazing to see I have to say.  And the irony of the timing of the post I was writing about our food and those who govern it.  Seriously, do all business owners or most of them just care about money?  I mean come on now this is life we are talking about.  These bee's are endangered, bee's are disappearing at an alarming rate.  We to are dying at an alarming rate here in America, do your own home work seriously do it and find out the amount of people in the United States of America who suffer from Cancer, Aids, Diabetes, Leukemia, Arthritis, etc... The list goes on.  They start feeding us the poisons at young ages, in fluoride tablets for our childrens teeth and adding fluoride to the water supply saying it helps us.  What they don't tell us is that fluoride is only effective against tooth decay topically that means it does NO GOOD BY INGESTING IT.  NO GOOD ONLY BAD IT IS A POISON.

I am calling Beekeepers in this area and getting the same response no one wants to help these bee's unless they are gonna get paid.  I understand that people gotta get paid but what happens when there is no money, the beekeepers who make a living saving bee's stop saving them, what have we become.

Glen is taking pictures now with his kick ass camera.. hold on

onelovejourney2012, save the bees, swarm of bees, one love journey 2012
Man I seriously need a better camera, Great pics Glen

onelovejourney2012, one love journey 2012
Wow this is truly amazing, I feel like the crocodile hunter bee style, hahahahaha

Okay I am going to post this and will update when the bee removal people come to let you know how this goes down.  I promise you I will not let these bee's go to an exterminator no matter what I have to do to protect them.

The bee's are swarming again, a loud motorcycle pulled in and the sound alarmed them they are all over the place again...

onelovejourney2012, save the bees, one love journey 2012, swarm of bees

There is so many of them this is truly amazing to see and a little scary.  I opened my window to get a better pic but not for more than the pic, haha.  I respect the bee's they are powerful little guys and girls who pollinate our plant supply, without them there will be major affect to our planet.  I wonder if that has something to do with there disappearance.  There is a documentary called "The Beautiful Truth"  Highly advised watch that tells us all about MSG and how it kills our brain, it also kills the part that tells us we are full so we will continue to eat more of the poison our government is feeding us intentionally.  It also tells about a company buying up all the seeds to food in an attempt to own them all and producing fruits and vegetables that do not produce seeds so that farmers cannot save seeds.  

The world is waking up!

This video is on Netflix if you have it, it is also on Youtube, check it our for yourself.  Here is a link to http://watchdocumentary.tv/the-beautiful-truth-world-simplest-cure-for-cancer/ where it can also be found.  This 15 year old kid wasn't eating the poisons we are that keep us asleep. Seriously check it out.

Here is another one I advise I watched.  These are yours to learn from, it's your body, your future, your childrens bodies and future.  Help  me and many others who have been trying to help you so we can all help us all as One People.

The bee's are heading toward the farmland next to the park I am located at it looks as if they may leave on their own.  I'll be back shortly.

While we are on the subject of the land of the free this is a link that was shared on Facebook today by my friend Smita.


We spend so much time ignoring tragedies like these ones until they affect us directly.  Our government will not change until we change who the leaders of our governments are across this world, our world.


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