Thursday, March 22, 2012


Aries Sunrise March 22nd 2012

Let go of the pain Lelania, let go~  You deserve love Lelania, grab a hold of the love you deserve Lelania, grab a hold~  You are Love Lelania, You are Love~

My morning prayer as the sun rose so did my soul, my spirit ready to fly as I am love and love is I~

Jessica my sleeping beauty may you rise with love in your eyes

Breath of an Angel, my daughter sleeps beside me, lost in her dreams I wish her strength to conquer all things.  A wish of wisdom to come into her own, find her love of self born to lead from her thrown~

The singing of birds surrounds me now, I feel Mother Natures love and give humble bow~
Brilliant sky clouds of sea, wash away the doubt, waves of new beginnings crash down on me~

As the Moon moves into Aries,
A beginning, breath of life born of fire of courage~
Today I see my worth, I praise the skies, I kiss the earth~

A leader born am I, time to soar, time to fly~

Believe Lelania, believe in you~ Believe Lelania, you are Love True~

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