Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Little Miracle Man

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Nani's Little Angel
I am in Sacramento, Ca for a visit to see my Grandson Baby Semaj who is in ICU.  Baby Semaj is one of my 6 Grandchildren, he was born with the rare disease called "Prune Belly".  He holds a very special place in my heart, we share a common trait... "Never Give Up".  Semaj does not let his disabilities get in his way, he is all boy.  Although he has spent most of his life in the hospital he has done so with a glowing smile on his face.  He has the heart of an Angel and Courage of a Lion.

Baby Semaj, Our Little Miracle Man

On my way to Sacramento
I dropped Brad off at the Sacramento airport this morning.  He is flying home to Michigan to see his family and spend a couple weeks with his lovely wife Lauren who I am hoping will return with him so I can get to know her.  I also hope to meet Brad's mother one day and get to know the woman who raised such a fine Son.

Brad going home to see the wife!

Brad said I could use his car for my doctors appointments while he is gone and to visit my Grandson today.  Thank you again Brad for being there for me and treating me like family.   Brad is stellar example of people caring about people and someone I consider family already.  He makes sure I am okay and is always happy to offer a helping hand.

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Lovelisha is a Saint

Lovelisha, my daughter in law was in her 7th month when the specialist in Sacramento advised she abort.  They were unsure of what was wrong with her unborn child yet sure he would not make it to birth.  That night Semaj and Lovelisha along with Omareous and Renee my two beautiful grandchildren stayed at my Condo in Natomas.  Lovelisha slept with me.

While we laid in bed talking, crying, asking ourselves "WHY?" every time I spoke a word Baby Semaj kicked my hand that laid on her stomach.  I realized that he was responding to our voices and said to Lovey "This baby isn't going anywhere, we are going to get a second opinion!"

Semaj and Lovey
We went to San Francisco, Ca to the Saint Francis Childrens Hospital and within a week knew that her unborn child had Prune Belly and he was delivered 2 months later in San Francisco, Ca.  Semaj is now 3 years old and has spent most of his life in the hospital for reasons from surgery to correct the size of his organs and intestines to a simple cold or UTI.  Semaj has to be admitted to the hospital for things that most of us just take a day off of work for.

Renee, Lovey and our newest addition Samia

 Lovelisha has never once left his side.  She stays with him at the hospital day and night only leaving when My Son Semaj relives her to go home to shower, then right back by her Sons side.  I love you so much Lovelisha and cannot thank the Heavens enough for your strength and courage as a Mother and Wife.

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Nani loves you Always!

Baby Semaj is a fighter, he has his Nani's fighters heart and will be with us a long time reminding us to count our blessings and never let life get in the way of living life.  I love you Baby Semaj, Nani is on her way to see you in a few minutes.  Can't wait to kiss your precious face.  See you before you know it lil one.

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Kissed by an Angel

I am at my Son's house now waiting for him to get ready to go to the hospital with me to see our Little Miracle Man baby Semaj.  We are going to visit with my other beautiful Grandson first Baby Brandon.  I am hoping Shawntice will want to join us for a visit to the hospital.  I love and miss her much.

I will take pictures and post an update on how he is doing later providing the internet at my park is working properly, that has been an issue and quite a frustrating one at that.  Well I had better get moving here I have a long drive ahead of me after my visit with Semaj.

Prune belly, disabilities, onelovejourney2012, jojo williams
Baby Semaj in January 2012

Have a most blessed day,
One Love,
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  1. He is so cute!! Keep me posted on how he is doing. I will say a prayer for him and all of you. Your all in my thoughts and prayers