Monday, March 26, 2012

Marley is a genius!

Okay maybe he isn't a genius, but he's a really smart dog with genius tendencies, haha

Before I settle in for the night I thought I would share some Marley stories with you now that I am able to get online.  A big thank you to the Park for getting Our internet back up and running, woot woot!

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He just keeps getting cuter!

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, 1lovejourney, Mr. Marley, puppy climbing stairs
He learned how to go up and down the stairs on his own today!
So where was I, oh Yes Mr. Marley's above average dog IQ, hehehe.  He is a smart dog and certainly knows I am his Mommy now.  Marley and I have spent our day in and out of One Love while working on training him with the use of positive reinforcement and persistence.  I believe those are the two necessary ingredients in training a dog.  I do not believe in hitting animals and find those who do so to train theirs lacking in self control and skills, sorry but if you have to hit something it doesn't respect you it fears you.

I want Mr. Marley to respect me and know how much I love him.   I use firm tones when telling him no, and rewarding excitement and praise when congratulating him and I cannot tell you how quickly he is responding, it's just awesome.

Marley, Mr. Marley, playful puppy, onelovejourney2012, one love journey 2012, 1lovejourney, jojo williams
Marley loves to play, he is super cute jumping around, flipping over, rolling about.  Marley Rocks!

Marley and Teddy

Tara, Marley's mother came by today while Marley and me were outside for a potty break and some play time.  My new friend Tilla who lives next to Glen and Theresa's space was sitting outside One Love with me to view the fun.  Marley and Tara were super excited to see each other.  Tara wasn't super excited to be mauled by Marley trying to nurse, can't say I blame her he has some sharp teeth and nails.

However, Marley only being here about 30 hours she still wanted her puppy back and tried to pick him up and take him with her but he is to big for her to carry in her mouth now.  So she decided she would take his baby bear "Teddy" that Wild Bill gave Marley for a chew toy.

Mr. Marley, Marley and Teddy, onelovejourney2012, one love journey, one love journey 2012, 1lovejourney, jojo williams
Got my Teddy!
Marley looks right at me when I am talking to him, it's precious to see.  

She grabbed Teddy and off she ran with Marley following behind her.  I yelled firmly in a even tone..  "Marley NO!" and snapped my fingers and he stopped and turned around and came running back to me letting his mother continue on her way with his Teddy.  Tilla and I were both shocked that he came back, of course I rewarded him greatly and said "wow Mr. Marley, you really are my doggy aren't you"

We are going to need lots of chew toys, hahaha
So pretty much most of my day was spent in and out of One Love.  Mr. Marley has a routine of eating, peeing, playing and sleeping with a little whining in between, haha.  Shortly after seeing his Mommy Rick brought his two sisters by to say hi, and to try to talke me into training them also, haha.  I would be happy to if I didn't have to do them all at once.  Training one dog is enough and requires around the clock attention.  I feel like I have a new born baby on my hands.  I certainly am not complaining.  In fact I am super happy that he is keeping me on my toes.  I have little time to sit around in pain with him around that's for sure.

While I was sitting outside on our last trip out I received a call from my Mom who heard from my Sissy that I was having a hard day.  My Mom said she was going to send me $25 for my birthday in two weeks and could green dot it to me tomorrow instead so I could fill up my propane tank.  Perfect timing, so I only have to rough it without warm water or a stove for one night, how cool is that.  Thank you so much Mom, I love you.  I can't wait for your book to be out.  My mother is also a writer and artist.  Her first book is being released very soon and is called "Starfish".  It's her life story and tells the story of my childhood.  I am super excited to read it and hear my mothers voice in her words.  So proud of you Mom!

Mr. Marley and My Mom blessed me today in more ways than one

Now with the internet back up and tomorrow I will have propane I guess my phone off for a couple days won't be so bad, after all I can communicate right here on the web.  I love how things work themselves out if given a chance.

Rena, I hope you know that the juicer tried to attack me first, haha 
The only complaint I have about today is the new to me Juicer Rena brought me as a re-gift knowing I really wanted one.  Well I was super excited to get my juice on and washed it out and all only to put it together wrong.  There are no instructions with it being it is a 3rd hand juicer.  Well I broke it on the first try, I am sorry Rena.  I really appreciated it and am sorry that I broke it so soon.

No right or wrong, only solutions!  While we can't control what
happens every day we sure can control how we handle what
comes our way each day, learning that is the best lesson so far!
Oh one more good thing happened, my electric heater started working again, strangest thing.  Guess it was taking a day off, why not we all need one of those from time to time, haha.

I hope you all have a blessed night full of love and laughter.

One Love
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  1. He is such a cute boy!! I think he needs a kitty for a friend!!! My cat had 5 babys today!! I have all my animals fixed but she slipped thru the cracks and got prego. I am so exocited about your mom writing a book. Let me know let me know as soon as it comes out. Love the title. Well have a wonderful night.