Monday, March 12, 2012

Meet Mr. Marley

Monday March 12th 2012~

World Meet Mr. Marley...
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Mr. Marley Meet the World

After a long day yesterday I decided to go feed the ducks before the sun went down enjoying some quiet time by the water is always a great way to end a day.  

Rick having fun in the sun mowing the lawn.
On my way to the docks I noticed Ricks puppies were out.  Rick is one of the maintenance men here.  He reminds me of Clint Eastwood.  He is super funny and has a great personality.  Once I learn more about him I will add him to my friends page.  I will say he has to be cool because he wears Beatles shirts a lot, haha.

Ricks girlfriend was outside so I asked if I could see the puppies hoping one of them would pick me.  It has been my experience that if a dog chooses you he or she becomes a great companion.  When you don't get chosen you end up with a runner which I did last year when I got a dog who wasn't really the dog I wanted and most certainly didn't choose me.  I let someone else pick out my dog and things didn't work out so well.

Shady I love and miss you every single day baby love.
Since then I have spent the past year with a dog that was really hard to say good bye to but he was a friends dog who needed someone to take care of him while they lived in a place they couldn't have dogs.  I had hoped to bring him on this journey after him living with me for almost a year.  I kinda thought of him as my dog after so much time had passed, vet bills and costs of food and so on.  The owners didn't help with care of him and originally he was only supposed to be with me for a month or two.  I did the right thing and told them I was leaving with hopes I could keep him but that didn't happen so I said my sad goodbyes.

The three puppies I had my eyes on when I met them all
When I got here I soon discovered that there was a new batch of puppies at the park and met the group.  I have had my eye on 3 of them and hoped one of the 3 would end up mine.  The main one being the runt who I wanted to name "Rasta".  She is a tiny lil thing, solid black and looks just like the mother of the litter.  

Well none of the three I had my eye on picked me. In fact they seemed to be unimpressed with my attempts to get one of them to come to me and carried on doing their thing.

He makes the cutest sounds when he snuggles me.

 I was surprised to meet my new doggy when he came right too me, climbed up my chest and nuzzled his head in between my neck and chin making little grunting sounds. 

 I giggled at the sounds and then held him up looking in his eyes and instantly knew his name was not Rasta, nope his name was Mr. Marley.  

Love at first snuggle, Me and Mr. Marley

jojo williams, Mr. Marley, one love journey 2012, onelovejourney2012
Are you My Mr. Marley?

onelovejourney2012, jojo williams, one love journey 2012, me and mr marley
He is so precious, I am in love already

I asked him.. "Are you my Mr. Marley?" and he winked one eye at me.  

Ricks girlfriend laughed with me as I asked again... "Are you my Mr. Marley?" and sure enough he winked with one eye again.  

We both said "Wow, yepp he's my dog"  as I laid him back on my chest and he climbed right back up to my neck and nuzzled in making his moaning sounds.  

By this time Rick had joined us and was also in awe of the new sounds Mr. Marley was making.  We all three agreed this cute lil guy was certainly my Mr. Marley.

OH YEAH he is a chewer this should be fun, haha.  Time to hide the shoes.

He had fun chewing on my fingers so I have a chewer on my hands, literally. Ha, ha.  He is truly precious.  Super mellow and laid back.  I think Marley is the perfect name for him because when he snuggles me I just don't worry and feel like everything is gonna be alright, wink.

Well I have a companion now and I am super excited about him coming home in a couple weeks.  Training him should be fun, haha.  I think I will start brushing up on Dog Training now with some online research.  I cannot wait to show him his new home.  There is just enough room in One Love for us both.  He will keep me nice and safe and fill my days with lots of happiness and joy I am sure.

Me and Mr. Marley 

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  1. Aww how cute, what kind of dog is he? I have 4 dogs, 3 cats 2 pot belly pigs, 5 chickens and 1 turkey! Yep mt own Little zoo.

    Love ya,

  2. A zoo can be good, haha

    I think I may be limited on space to join you in creating a zoo, but commend your love animals.

    He is a mutt, I love mutts. Always was a big fan of the underdog growing up as you remember. He is a mix of Black Lab, Pitt and Springer Spaniel. Shh about the Pitt they got a bad rap on the rep department. I have also never been a fan of stereo typing anything. Least of all animals who are taught by us, that says a lot.

    Love Ya Too