Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Mindful words~

Wednesday March 21st 2012~

A born Aries I tend to leap into most things head first with much passion.  Patience is not one of my given virtues.  It is however becoming a repeat lesson in my daily life out here in this whole new world for me.

I am reminded today that I am just waking up.  While my waking up began without my acknowledgement of it a couple years ago, my willingness to learn from it and eagerness to share my findings has brought forth a new lesson for me today and that lesson is to be mindful of my words.

This is a lesson and could easily go on the lesson tab, however I am going to share it here because prior posts relate to this lesson and I want to be clear on my position and my desire for seeking and sharing the truth.

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Don't feed me no Jive Turkey, keep it real please!
A lot has happened this week.  And I have ruffled some feathers with my posts.  I expected that.  I was honestly torn on speaking honestly about my experiences.  I still believe that while the truth is hard to hear we should all speak it more often.  I have to stand by my beliefs in this if I am going to stay true to them.

That goes both ways, I need to be told the truth also.  Honestly, what good does NOT telling each other the truth directly do to solve any one problem?  I mean if I say to Jane Doe how hurt or pissed I am at John Doe how have I made any progress in solving my problem with Jane?  I involved John in my problem and talked behind Jane's back.  Jane doesn't know I have a problem with what she is doing because I haven't told her a thing.  Now John has an opinion of Jane based on my opinion formed from my own emotions and need to be right.

 I could have just told Jane how I felt and we could have worked it out and then met up with John for some good coffee and laughs.

See it really is that simple.  If our intent is to solve problems then we should go directly to the problem and address it.  If we truly feel strong about our view of things why then do we not feel strong in our ability to honestly in a healthy way express our point to the source?

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I want to attract more bee's with honey than vinegar, wink
I also learned some discouraging facts yesterday while the bee's were swarming about One Love.  I learned that the average attention span is as long as the drama lasts.  Meaning that while the bee's were a threat to me the interest was high, once my course changed from protecting myself to saving the bee's interest dropped and that was a rude awakening for me.  I wanted people to care about the bee's too and was not very successful in my attempts.  I am learning that conveying a message is hard to do if the message does not directly affect those receiving it.  The Bee's are okay they flew away.  I wish they had left me some answers before they did so, smile.

Today is day 3 of lessons being learned, today I had a healthy debate on my Facebook page over a topic I am eagerly learning about.  I learned that I should be more mindful of my words and positions on any topic.  I need to be mindful of what I say and remember that I am just learning all this new information and remind others I am far from the expert on sharing the information I am finding and so eager to share.  People easily get offended and this world we live in of combustive energy.

This Journey is about learning.  Just as life is about learning so I want you all to know I am okay with making mistakes and I want to know when I do.  I am open to the truth coming from you towards me.  I want to be a better person and live in a better world full of better people.  I get discouraged often because I hear the same attitude a lot.. "What you're doing is admirable but don't set yourself up for disappointment, people don't want to change."  I also hear old cliches that reinforce that thinking like..  "I plan for the worst so when the best happens I am surprised.  If I plan for the best I will only be disappointed".  More self fulfilling prophecies.

I truly don't believe "People don't want to change" honestly I don't.  I'll tell you why, I used to say all those things that I now see differently.  It wasn't that I didn't want to change, it was that I had grown so accustomed to accepting the way things were and didn't believe changing would amount to much.  I didn't realize the huge difference changing does make in my world.  That's really what I am trying to share with you all.  I am waking up to the world around me, learning every day because I am actually seeking lessons and hungry for knowledge.  Things are changing in my life.  My life is better today than it ever was yesterday or the day before.  So my changing amounts to much, a lot of good much.
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Cruisin through the Grand Design
Spreading Love and Happiness!

I think I just answered my own questions, hahaha.  Funny how that works.  I will just keep on chooglin, that's the answer.  I will share my lessons and be mindful of my words on expressing my new formed opinions of the things I am learning.  If I present new information I will present both sides of the argument for you and I to decide for ourselves what we think about any given issue.  Yeah, I like that idea.

In closing I want to say thank you to the overwhelming support I have gotten over the recent posts.  Many have reached out to say thank you for my honesty and shared how it helped them in their own lives.  It really helps to hear all views of my posts.  Thank you to all this week who gave me an opinion that helped me to learn some things and to stand strong to my belief in sharing the truth.

One people, One Planet, One Love

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