Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mr. Marley and Marii Jane

Thursday March 22nd 2012~

What a great day. A nice morning of meditation and prayer while my visiting daughter Jessica slept like an Angel.  I woke her with breakfast and we spent the morning laughing and catching up.

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After a great morning we headed up to see Mr. Marley who was happy to see us both.  He will be here on Saturday, yaay.

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, Jessica and Mr. Marley
Jessica and Mr. Marley

While we were visiting with Mr. Marley we were caught by surprise when his sister made it known she wanted Jessica, she stood at the fence barking and jumping up.  Rick fetched this cute lil darling and handed her to Jess who instantly fell in love with an named Mr. Marley's sister Miss Marii Jane.

Jess and Miss Marii Jane
We laughed together while snuggling these adorable puppies that chose us.  

After and extended visit with the puppies Jess and I enjoyed a fun walk up to the levee while plotting on how we can get her Mother Rena to agree to letting her keep Miss Marii Jane.

After sitting by the water a bit we headed on down to the General Market so Jessica could meet Adrian one of my favorite people here at the park.  Adrian was making home made chocolate dipped pretzels and invited us to join in on a treat while we sat outside.  Nick, Jim from the docs and Scott joined us and we had a blast laughing and telling jokes, talking about the One Love Journey, our views on change and how much better our world will be when people start caring about people again.  Jess was complimented as being an old soul by a nice Gentleman who adjusted my wrist and did a great job at that.

We made our way back to One Love and Jessica cooked us a great lunch with Turkey Meatballs and Oranges.  Thank you for always being so good to me Jessica I love you every minute of every hour of every day of my life.
onelovejourney2012, one love journey

Jessica and I are going to watch a documentary on Netflix now.  Have most blessed night all.

One People, One Love, One World

Lelania & Jessica

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