Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Sisters~

When I ask myself what it means to be a woman I am left with more questions than the one I asked to begin with.  Every thing I have been taught thus far takes me apart from the woman inside me I was born to be.

We are given principles of what a good woman should look like, behave like, think like.  All principles that bring about separation of us all as women so I ask what does it really mean to be a woman.  I do not believe it means you and I are meant to be at odds, meant to compete, meant to compare ourselves to reach a higher standing of womanhood.

I am finding the more I seek inner peace the more I yearn for harmonious relationships with the women in my life.  The less I need to compare myself to the rest of womankind to find some worth to sustain me.  The more I need my sisters hand to help me, guide me, strengthen me.  The more I recognize how similar we are.

A series of events and conversations has led me to this post.  Over the weeks, months, years..  The many compilations of interactions with My Sisters directly and indirectly have brought me to this place where I can no longer adhere to the teachings of a lifetime that separate us.

I cannot allow my worth to be wrapped up in the simple teachings that say I am worth my reputations weight in gold, or my level of success is based on the husband I land.  It is those teachings that separate us most.  Put us in positions of competition to weaken our strength as women by keeping us at odds with each other.

How many years have I wasted in the grocery store line comparing myself to the woman ahead of me? How many friends have I compared myself to in an attempt to feel better about who I am?  To say I haven't is a lie, just as big a lie as the one I believed about my need to separate myself from my sisters. The lie that tells us we cannot trust each other and keeps us jealous of each others accomplishments in life when we should be celebrating one as if it benefits us all.

Today Kirsten and I decided to try something new for three days.  The next three days we will take responsibility for our thoughts, actions and words towards all our sisters.  We will recognize each time a negative or derogatory thought passes our mind when we interact with our sisters and replace it with a positive and encouraging one.

I will not fear My Sisters, rather I will embrace You!  We are not at odds with each other any more.  There is no need to be in competition with another woman who is simply battling with the same missing piece as I am, that piece is the connection between us that was meant to be all along I believe.

Today I love all My Sisters with the power of One Love for each of us.  We may live different lives, but our dreams of happiness and love are the same.  We can all have what we dream so much easier if we share the life like we share the dreams.

So today I reach out to My Sisters with extended hand and heart and say join us and for the next three days, be mindful of your interactions with Your Sisters as well.  Take care in the thoughts toward each sister you come across and see what impact it has on your own ability to accept and love yourself.

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One People, One World, One Love
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  1. Yes, if we listened to what the world told us, we should have never been friends. I am glad we are, you are a amazing woman.