Thursday, March 1, 2012

Random Uphoria~

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And the fun begins...
To say thank you to Amber and Hunter for making my stay here a particularly great one and show my appreciation for her help and kindness I invited them both out to breakfast.

She happily accepted my invitation, jumped in her car with Hunter 4 and were on their way to swoop me up.

And the Fun Began....

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Peace be with you always Amber, you deserve it girl!
Hanging out with Amber is like going to the boardwalk.  You know you are gonna ride some fun rides.  Amber being the little burst of energy she is started our drive off with some cool music and some laughs as she excitedly told me of her plans for her future starting with her spending some time with herself for a while, she feels like she is a pretty cool person and wants to get to know her better, I love it!

We both noticed this sign and laughed together
So we're driving down the road listening to music, dancing in our seats, laughing with the wind in our hair and onlookers trying to figure out why we're so happy or what exactly is wrong with us, haha.  We however totally unaffected by the strange looks continued our drive in our little Euphoric state of happiness.

Not all who wander are lost
In the Thursday lunch hour traffic we were kinda outa place I guess.  Everyone around us looked in a hurry to get to their pending destinations while Amber, Hunter 4 and I enjoyed our journey to breakfast. We noticed things along the way and some how they related to us.  We saw this random shopping cart on the sidewalk beside the car while waiting at a light and we both thought it was really cool that this random shopping cart had made it's way out of it's lot and down the street to sit here for us to giggle at.  When Amber and I hang out we are kinda like this shopping cart, random happiness and joy is in abundance.

Our prize was the moment they shared, so we all won!

We reached Denny's, got on the waiting list for a table then had some fun with Hunter 4 throwing  money away.  I like the idea of throwing money away sometimes.  You know these machines were designed to take your money.  I hear parents say to their kids all the time "no, those machines are made to take your money" and the parents are right they are designed to do just that.  But hey it is only money, the machine only cost $0.50 a try.  So for 50 cents you get to have some fun with your kid.  Doesn't sound bad throwing your money away when you think of it like that.

Really Cool Goof Balls
We didn't mind the wait any more than we minded the traffic.  We were our usual giddy weird selves having fun snapping pictures, making jokes, enjoying our last day together.  I will really miss Amber, Hunter 4, Colleen, Tommy, Hunter 5 and Zac.  Both Amber and Colleen are the same age as my oldest son and it was really cool to hang out with them and their young sons.

Gettin Our Peace On

I will remember you always Hunter 4
It reminded me a lot of when my sons were kids and all the precious moments I can never go back and do over.  I feel blessed that both Colleen and Amber had an opportunity to be a part of this Journey and hope it in some way touches their lives the way they have both touched mine.

Kids say the cutest things don't they, haha

We had a great breakfast, fun from start to finish, good service, good friends and good times!
Our eyes were bigger than our stomach's and we ended up walking out a little full.  We sat on the bench to have a smoke real quick when a really cool guy walked up and asked if he could sit down with us.  He looked a little rough, maybe some time ago I would have said yes and continued talking to Amber.  Not today, we both started up a conversation and learned about him, his friend and his cool dog.  Wish I had gotten his name he was a nice soul to know.

Today it is all about the Journey for me, the destination will come
Headed back to One Love and Amber switches CD's and plays some great music so we can dance in our seats to help our full bellies out a little.  We're riding down the street singing at the top of our lungs along with George Michael singing "Faith", loving it...

jojo williams, onelovejourney2012, one love journey 2012
I'm making that change, I like the results!
Next comes Michael Jackson singing one of my favorites "The Man In The Mirror".  Amber yells out "OMG I love this song, haha and we both start singing.  As I am looking out the window singing the words I feel a strong connection to the song because I really am at a point in my life where I am changing my ways, starting with me.  Every single day I meet more good people like Amber, Colleen, Diane, Glen, Theresa, The Crew at The Rusty Porthole, Zac the Great, Kevin Williams of Williams Plumbing, the Awesome Staff at Home Depot, the list goes on and it's growing.  I thought to myself... Self this Rocks!  I am changing my ways by looking at myself instead of pointing the fingers at others around me and my life is changing every single day for the better.

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, jojo williams, lelania, one love, green eyes, looking ahead
Today I like who I see in the mirror more and more!

If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make a change, just change one thing in your life and it will happen for you, I promise it will happen for you.  It's just a choice. That simple.

One Love!

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