Monday, March 5, 2012

A shower with a view~

Sunday March 4th 2012~

As I sit outside in the warm morning sun sipping my coffee while listening to Al Green sing to me about Love & Happiness I am hoping to catch my weekend neighbors outside before they leave.

throwing stones, one love journey 2012, onelovejourney2012, one love journey
The first stone that caught my attention with a face I recognize
was looking right at me as if to remind me of my list and
it's burden on my heart for the pain I have carried to long now.
Waiting patiently for my opportunity to properly introduce myself I notice a stone on the ground that reminds me of someone who is on my throwing stones list. As soon as I finish examining the stone I see another that strikes a chord for me.  

Each stone speaks of something long carried
on my heart, telling me it is time to let go of past pains.
Before I know it I have 4 more stones and I realize I have been holding onto my list for almost a month now.  I realize that it is time to plan my throwing stones day, after all I have a big river right behind me to cast my burdens into. 

I am distracted from my stone throwing thoughts by the sounds of dishes being washed and muffled words of morning conversation that have a tone of happiness in them.  Yay, they are awake.. I think to myself smiling at the sun.

Overly eager to meet the happy couple I pretend I am surveying the park as I walk around for a minute hoping to see them opening a window or a door.  They are still all closed, blinds drawn so I casually head back to my picnic table and continue sipping my coffee.

As I hear a door open and close I decide to get brave and go over to make my introductions.  No one is outside so I say well I am here and knock on the door.  They both opened the door and listened as I introduced myself and explained my Journey handing them business cards and asking if they would be interested in getting to know me a little before they leave.  They were happy to talk to me and thought my Journey a good one but declined any pictures or time together to discuss their lives.

Respectfully I understood and thanked them for their time.  They complimented my trailer giving me the opportunity to tell them about the tree I am painting next which they both felt was a great idea.  I gave credit for the original idea being that of my Daughter Jessica’s who is in Sacramento and I miss dearly. 

The scents of a good home cooking escaped their cabin door as they stood talking with me so I decided it best to let them enjoy their breakfast and wished them a very Happy Anniversary.
The smells of breakfast reminded me I had two big breakfast burritos wrapped in spinach wraps and a pot of coffee waiting for Brad whom lives in a tent across from me to the right with his wife who I have not met yet. 

Brad is a great guy who is working hard to make a life for
him and his wife.  
 Brad is coming over to get my internet all set up for me and help me out with some computer issues I am having.  The word in the park is he is the go to man for any issues computer related and he offered to help me out being good friends with Glen who gave him a little history on me and my purpose of this Journey.  I met him the day I came in briefly and got to know him a little better last night when we made plans for him to come by this morning to help me out.  

He and Glen chatted it up as I sat in my chair outside One Love giggling and thinking to myself.. “ Oh, yeah he is definitely an Aries”  when I saw a chance to interrupt the conversation I asked him his sign and sure enough was right about  him being an Aries.  We Aries are a special type of sign, we are loud and expressive in your face type of people who speak with honesty and act with integrity always willing to help another out.

 A shower with a view~
 Brad is 26, same age as my oldest son Semaj.  He reminded me of my son as he walked away last night saying he may only be 26 but knows as much as a 48 year old to which I replied “Yeah, I said that till I was 40, then I realized I didn’t know jack”.  He, Glen and I all laughed, Glen and I understood exactly what I was saying as we have passed our 20s and realized we don’t have all the answers to life yet like we thought we did back then.

Brad worked on my computers for a quite a while and got me online.  Glen came by to replace my thermal copler so my water heater would work and a couple hours later I finally got to take a shower for the first time in One Love.  I have been using the parks showers, or Colleens shower when I was there.  It was awesome to take a shower in my own bathroom. 

I could listen to them for ever, it is truly heart warming to see
so much love shared between two who are truly one!
 After dressing I decided it being past 4pm I should go visit the world outside me.  I sat in the sun feeling fresh and happy when Glen and Theresa came on down and joined me.  We sat outside One Love as they told me stories of their life.  Listening to them tell a story is one of those things that just gets me giddy. It is as if the story could not be told by only one of the two of them.  As they take turns talking every other sentence, correcting each other every so often only to laugh at themselves when realizing they got the location or time wrong, never annoyed.

Two Peas In One Pod!
There was a time when Glen's MS was much worse, before they discovered the huge impact that additives and preservatives had on his condition.  MSG being one of the worst.  At one point riding his motor cycle became to dangerous and he thought about selling them all and voiced this to Theresa.  She shrugged the idea and said..  "No we will just build you training wheels".  Glen offended at the idea of having to use training wheels was a little ticked off at the idea, however couldn't get it out of his mind.  A couple of days later he decided that Theresa's idea wasn't so bad after all and went to work building training wheels for his bike.  He built them himself and did a damn good job.  
motorcycle training wheels, courage over disabilities, onelovejourney2012, one love journey, conquering disabilities
No limits, No Right Way, No Wrong Way just solutions for any thing life throws their way, that is Glen and Theresa!
Together this couple can figure out a solution to any problem that comes their way.

Soul Mates
As I sat listening to each story I noticed so much love and affection between them when they reached touching parts of their lives that brought back memories they were obviously reliving while telling the story with much fondness.

I told them about my stones and asked if they would like to walk up to the levee with me.  I wanted to watch the Sunset and choose a location to throw my stones at a time when most the world sleeps around me and I can enjoy privacy in my moment of letting go of the many burdens I have carried a life time now.

Happy to join me we headed toward the levee.  When we reached the stairs I was prepared to leave my wheel chair but Glen insisted on getting it up the stairs for me so that I could sit in it while the sun set and be comfortable.  I was extremely appreciative of this however tried to protest as he has his own disabilities but like me does not let that stop him from living and certainly didn't stop him from making sure my chair got up those stairs.

Theresa's Flower
We found a beautiful spot to sit, I started snapping shots of the scenery while waiting for the sun to set and Glen set up his tripod and rather impressive camera and did the same.  Theresa went walking for a while while we had fun trying to catch pictures of her in the distance, I failed as my camera can't hold a candle to Glens but he got some really great candid shot of her.

I miss you my Corina Corina

Upon her return she had in her hand two gifts for me.  A delicate little flower and a stone.  A perfect stone, as soon as I saw it I knew who it was.  It had the face of my dog Corina, my baby love.  A little Cocker Spaniel that I lost during my second divorce.  Carrying anger in my heart all these years toward my ex husband for that loss is a burden I am ready to let go.  I tucked the stone in my bra and gave her a big hug thanking her.
onelovejourney2012, one love journey 2012, one love sunsets, photos by jojo williams
Treasured moments in life are in the life around us

As the sun starting setting we all three enjoyed the view, Glen and I snapping shot after shot, Theresa making our night the best it could be with her glowing presence that gives the Sunset a run for it's money.  I felt complete for this moment in time, I felt loved and I felt like if tomorrow never comes I am so blessed to have had today I will have gone truly happy.

onelovejourney2012, one love journey sunsets, one love journey 2012, photos by jojo williams
Amazing View, I am taken away with the beauty that surrounds me
We all enjoyed every minute of the Sunset, shared laughs, talked about Glens many photos from many places they have been over their years of travels with destinations depending on where Theresa's next hospital contract is.  They roll with the punches enjoying life as it comes because they know that is what life is all about.  I have yet to see them get discouraged with one single mishap or obstacle
 and we have seen a few in my short time knowing them, haha.

Three birds sitting steps from my doorstep high atop a tree watching
the sunset with us three, thank you Glen for the picture, I love it!

Glen did the honors of capturing a shot of the Crane for me since my camera could not get er done.  I love the Crane there are so many of them, I have been warned to steer clear of the trees they nest in or take an umbrella if I venture through that area of the park, lol.

Glen's awesome shot of Our Sunset!

Again Theresa invited me to dinner, Brad joined us as well.  This night she made some amazing left over stew made out of all kinds of vegetables including mushrooms that I cannot stand but couldn't even taste nor see mixed with Tri Tip Steak, mmmm Oh my that was some of the best stew I have had and was preservative and gluten free.  I am discovering Theresa loves to feed everyone, she invites Brad and I for dinner each night and feeds us great healthy good.  It is so nice to be around someone who shares so much love with no resentments for what she gives.  I have lived a life without many people in my life who gave and now know how it feels to have someone care so much to give but for the right reasons, unlike myself who gave for the wrong reasons all those years.  I am blessed to be learning the difference now.  I don't have to be that person anymore who thinks because I help others it is their fault when I am without and cries about being used or taken for granted.  I know now my choices are mine, I know now to take care of myself and there will be plenty of surplus love to give once I truly and unconditionally love myself first.

While we enjoyed dinner Glen shared hundreds of photos of their many travels, he also shared some amazing Sunsets they have seen along the way.  I asked if I could post two of my favorites and he was happy to share them with us.  
Glens Sunset Pictures are breath taking to say the least

Thank you Glen and Theresa for a great dinner, for a great time watching the Sunset together, for sharing so much with me and helping me to see what I to can have one day in my life with that special someone when I am ready, True Unconditional Love, a Soul Mate.

I just love these, when I look at them I see a tea pot full of Theresa's Chai Tea

 As I went to bed visions of the Sunset danced in my head, the day was one to remember!
One Love

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  1. Those are some amazing pictures!! Tell Glen thanks for sharing!

  2. Glen is a great photographer among many things. He had a friend who was doing an auction for the benefit of returning veterans ask for one of his Sunsets. He happily said yes, and said you won't get much for it. His picture was the first to be bid on and started wit a bid of $500. He is modest to say the least. I am blessed to know him and Theresa.

    Love you Kat