Saturday, March 10, 2012

Three Steps Up~

Saturday March 10th 2012

It is with tears in my eyes of pure joy that I share this moment with you all.  I cannot express in words how I am feeling right now, I really can't.  But I sure am gonna try.

Jim, Nick and Glen.  A Few Good Men!
I have never met so many nice people in my life, let alone in such a short time.

I was sitting here jumping up and down after checking the Google Analytic and discovering that an 8th Country has tuned into to the blog.  Canada, one person from Canada visited the site today.  I love Canada and was so excited that such a nice place has a person who somehow found this blog.  I was sitting here woot woot'n as Brad walked by laughing at me and said "right on for Canada".

I get giddy when someone from a new place comes to the blog  because I think wow, love is contagious, how cool is that.  And Canada, well I have always wanted to visit Canada and I know the people there are soooo nice.  It just warmed my heart to think a Canadian stopped by.  Really warmed my heart.

My Ladder To Success, Real Success, the kind money cannot buy!
Well as I am jumping around I notice Jim driving by on the left side of One Love and I wave thinking he must be driving off to somewhere when all of a sudden I notice he has a flight of stairs in the back of his truck, then I hear Glen outside my door retracting my metal flimsy stairs that come with the trailer and as I peep out I see Nick the resident carpenter walking up and I know these three men are up to all good.

Wow, I am truly touched.

I just started crying as they put my new stairs in front of One Love.  I mean how nice is that of someone to do.  Nick made them for me after learning from Glen that I have disabilities and one pretty suspect stair and a cinder block as my entrance and exit into One Love.

I don't have to step backwards out of my door anymore, I have a rail, and three big solid steps, I am so blessed today, thank you so much Nick.  I cannot thank you Glen and Jim enough for brightening my door today.  I will never forget this moment in my life.

Yaaaaay, I got stairs, I got stairs, hahahahahahahah

Glen and Theresa were concerned I might take a spill and talked to Nick to see if he would do the honors.  He happily built them for me right under my nose.  In fact I didn't even know who Nick was before today so when I gave him the biggest hug ever I am sure he knew how surprised and grateful I am.

This is a great day, I just can't stop crying and it's okay they're good tears ya know.  It is so nice to have so many people care about me like this and I just met these folks.  Wow is all I can say right now, Wow!
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I will never forget today, what a great gift, what a thoughtful thing to do, thank you so much.

Thank you for sharing this moment with me.

One Love 
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