Friday, March 16, 2012

Two orders of Pink Slime please~

Friday March 16th 2012~

Where to begin, hm...  How about right in the middle.  I mean why not?

Yeah I know we are taught that we should begin at the beginning, go back and erase old behaviors or habits with one thought in mind... Old habits die hard.  Or we should begin at the end, because it is there that we are moved enough emotionally to change, only it is usually to late for change at the end now isn't it.

I think I will begin in the middle, right here and right now!

My first order of the day is the realization of the affect that old sayings like "Old habits die hard" has on my ability to change.  If I keep saying crap like that old habits will die hard and likely me with them at some point.

No I think I will change my thinking by changing the way I feel about what I think.  From now on I will no longer accept old sayings like "Old habits die hard" I will replace them with sayings like "New habits are born of life and possibilities"  Yeah I like the way that sounds much better.  By eliminating the many mental blocks blocking my view and replacing them with positive challenges and ideas as my focus I can change.

Another old saying that has never been in my vocabulary is "One person cannot change the world"  It has however been in the vocabularies of many I have known and loved throughout my life.  Many who have called me a dreamer and tried to help me to live the way they live.

Accepting the notion that we cannot change the ways of the world so why put ourselves through the heart ache of trying.  Why deal with the DRAMA of it all when little ole us can't make a difference.

DRAMA! There is another interesting word of conditioned thinking.  I have met so many in my life who make the same false claim...  "I don't do drama".  Quite honestly those are the people who I have found perpetuate more drama than the in your face tell it like it is personalities I have met along the way ever have.  However, they have been very successful at pointing out the honestly outspoken of us as drama queens as to avoid their own behind the scenes drama pot stirring selves.  Come on, you know a few of these, they are the people who often say things like...  "I don't do drama, so you didn't hear this from me" yeah those ones, baaahahahaha.  You've just been sucked in by a true drama king/queen willingly.

Reality is this, WE, every single one of us is capable of changing the world.  How, well I think a good place to start is by changing the way we think.  In order to change the way we think we must change the way we feel.  Most of us do not have a vested feeling in a subject until it affects us.  This is one of the reasons so many of us stay stagnant in our lives getting wrapped up in DRAMA.  Some of us need it to feel alive, some to cope with their suppressed anger, etc.

For example if we sit around all day watching Jerry Springer, Bad Girls Club, Cops, etc... you get the picture well we are feeding our minds drama.  The shows I listed, now that's an honest example of DRAMA.  Try for a week not allowing any of those drama perpetuation images and sounds to enter your mind.  Try something new.  Watch a documentary or two.  Go down to the homeless shelter and volunteer, or just go to the park and meditate, take your dog for a walk and introduce yourself to your neighbors.  Anything positive that is a new act for you that does not promote mindless drama as entertainment.

documentary, cancer is serious business, Burzynski, onelovejourney2012
The truth is available yet we don't want to hear
it until it affects us or someone close to us!

This morning I watched Burzynski, an eye opening documentary on the pharmaceutics involvement in the FDA and the criminal acts they commit against us the people who trust them to govern our food and drug intake in America.  The very same people we trust to govern over the intake of food we purchase in our local grocery stores and mandate what our children eat at school in public lunches.

Yeah well I just learned about "Pink Slime" sounds pretty gross huh, yeah well it is more than gross it is deadly. They actually use all the left over fat that is heated at low templates then rinse it with bleach to kill the bacteria (so they hope) then add it to our ground beef and do not have to put a label on it warning us.

Here is a good link for some information on what your children are being fed and what those hamburger chubs we buy to save a buck surely have in them, but even more so what even the higher cost leanest of ground beefs also have in them.. Pink Slime, ewww.

The Huffington Post

My friend Kirsten and I have been practicing a new exercise in changing our thinking as you know if you have been following.  We decided to change the way we as women feel about ourselves by changing the way we feel about our sisters.  Believing that the two are connected and greatly affect our self views and our attitudes towards each other.  I asked Kirsten this morning how she felt about the exercise and she said.. "I found myself having to correct myself more than I thought and there were challenging moments with some of My Sisters closer to me.  However I noticed that noticing my thoughts and words gave me the opportunity to correct them and recognize how I truly feel and act toward other women in my life and daily routine."

I noticed the same thing.  While I have been working on self love for a few months now and did not have as many negative or comparative thoughts as I expected to have I did have some and noticed they came to me most when in a vulnerable situation.  For example during shopping at Costco I found myself in the way a few times with my handicap cart.  It was in those moments where I felt resentments or judgement towards others based on my own insecurities of being embarrassed for having to use the handicap cart.  If someone was in a hurry to get by me due to their pending destinations or simply zoning out as we all do when shopping and didn't notice me until we almost collided I found myself having negative thoughts about them.  I corrected the thoughts and said something positive about them silently and it was then I recognized what the real issue was, it was my issue.

I also noticed it was that realization of it being my issue that has helped me the past few days to stick to my new diet with less battle to do so.  I have given into my negative self talk a few times in moments of loneliness or depression, moments of anxiety and ate more than I should have.  This sounds normal right, haha well try overeating when all you have in a travel trailer to eat is health food, fruits and vegetables.  Yeah all that fiber and nutrients is packed with system cleaning goodness and like with all things there is such a thing as to much of a good thing let me tell you.

It's about responsibility I am learning.  And it starts with my thinking.  I realize in order to change my thinking I have to change how I feel about the topic of thought.  So therefor I am only allowing positive images, thought provoking media and books that encourage me to educate myself on issues of importance that not only affect me but affect us all.

At first this was good for me on a personal level, today it is growing inside of me and I feel angered at what I have ignored for so long.  How "WE THE PEOPLE" have become "WE THE WALKING DEAD" living lives of little substance.  Feeding ourselves the lies given to us without even caring to read the label.  Ignoring the dramatic devastation of so many lives being taken and not once taking the time to care until it affects us.

Saying what we have all said so many times... Until everyone does something about it we cannot change it!  Bullshit!  One person can change, one person can educate themselves and decide to care about what happens in their little world.  Others will notice the changes, others will start to seek change also and it mutliplies.  If every one person who says.. "one person cannot change the world" would stop saying that garbage and decide to believe that "ONE PERSON CAN CHANGE THE WORLD" what do you believe would happen?  Aren't you even curious?  Or are we all to lazy to care?

I mean lets keep it real, if someone was holding a gun to your head and making you eat cancer how long would it take before you realized they are killing you either way?

The reality is no one is even holding a gun to our heads.  The knowledge is available, the truth is a click away and yet we are more likely to click on the latest celebrity scandal than the latest breakthrough in the cure for a fatal disease like cancer.

If you are not willing to change your thinking on the ability of one person changing the world maybe you should at least be honest to yourself.  Rather than say "One person cannot change the world" keep it real with yourself and say "I am to lazy and ignorant by choice to care enough to try".

I mean that's what I was really saying all those years my little sister tried to help me with my diet, tried to help me to be a healthier me.  I used to laugh at her.  Her family still does today at times, we call her bread cardboard, her husband jokes about her trying to kill them with all this organic food.  We operate on conditional thinking like robots all day long and think it is a big joke.  The joke is on us!

I had to get to a point where I can barely walk, at a morbidly obese weight of 419 being my highest weight now down to under 350lbs and dropping to wake up and smell the saw dust and toe nails I have been feeding myself my entire life.

If I can say to the world I weigh almost 350 lbs without shame rather responsibility in my choice to be this obese why can't I say to myself "I can change the world".

I am changing my world every day and dammit it feels good I am here to tell you that WAKING UP feels good.  I refuse to walk through life asleep anymore.

This money drive consumer society we live in took me to places I never had to go to survive in a world of lies and heart ache.

This blind attitude of ours is our biggest threat, it is what keeps them on top and us struggling at the bottom.

Change begins in one person and it grows.  No one is going to hold a gun to your head and tell you to better your life or the lives of those around you.  Until you decide to change even one single thing in your life starting with your thoughts you are loading and holding your own gun to your head.





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