Sunday, March 25, 2012

A visit to the emergency room~

So yeah um, apparently I didn't throw my back out at all.  I realized this couldn't be the issue a couple nights ago when I broke out in chills.  I had One Love at a toasty 90 degrees while covered in a feather down comforter and still shaking and shivering all the way till my fever broke.  I realized that I must have a kidney infection and started drinking cranberry juice, water and taking cranberry pills for the next day and a half when I began to get upper abdominal pain as well and decided Friday morning that I needed a ride to the ER some 16 miles away.

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A tree and some flowers caught my attention as we made a U-Turn
Rena picked up my youngest Son Brandon and they came down to take me to the hospital.  Jessica already being here joined us and I gave them a grocery list to go shopping with while I was at the hospital.  Rena had plans and we needed to be thrifty with her time so I insisted they go shopping while I go to the ER.  On the ride to the hospital we talked about documentaries and laughed, it was a nice ride, so nice we got lost and ended up having to turn around but not before seeing some beautiful landscapes.

I enjoyed the most pleasant visit to any hospital I have ever  been to for an emergency visit.  I mean everyone was nice at this hospital.  Not one person told me to lose weight, when asked about it they had the same response..  I figure you know that you are overweight and what that means for you.  My experience with doctors all these years has been unpleasant for the most part and I have always expected it to be again until this visit.

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Waiting for Rena and Brandon to arrive to take me to the hospital
I hadn't realized that I walked into the hospital with a positive attitude anticipating being treated in a timely matter by friendly people until I got exactly what I expected.  I mean, of course I knew my spirits were positive, however I didn't realize they weren't positive as in I didn't have to tell myself to anticipate a positive experience, I just did.  I suppose that I am getting used to thinking positive and anticipating the best to happen therefor it is becoming effortless to do so, I am building a habit of positive thinking, YEAH~ That ROCKS!

I was greeted at the emergency room desk by two very nice women, one who complimented my hair and bandanna and the other who took me right in after explaining why I was there.
The nurse and doctor came in pretty much back to back and both were super cool, I mean really cool.  They both enjoyed hearing about my journey and listened to me when I explained what was wrong.

I gave blood and urine samples then was sent up to ultrasound where I met a the ultrasound tech who is a very nice woman.  We talked about her desire to travel and see the Country while she confirmed I need my Gall Bladder removed and sent me downstairs while the radiologist and doctor examined my ultrasound pictures and waited for lab results to be in.

While waiting in the lobby for the verdict I met some really nice people.  I met a grandmother who was there with her daughter and granddaughter Layla.  I got do draw a picture for Layla while talking with her Mother and Grandmother who were both surprised at my positive attitude and ability to remain positive while in so much pain.  It was during that discussion that I realized I was so positive and we discussed the things I have been learning and practicing in my life.

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I met a young couple also.  The young lady was a very special young lady who asked if she could pray with me to help me with my pain, I was happy to pray with her.  She knelt down beside me and held my hand rubbing it between hers while praying for my health and well being.  I could feel her positive energy and took much comfort in her prayer.

I handed out all the One Love cards I brought with me at the hospital which felt good.  Being so far from town I am limited in interacting with the public.  Being able to meet some new people and discuss One Love for One People of One World was awesome.

Brandon and Jessica also handed out 3 cards each before returning from shopping to eagerly tell me all about the healthy stuff they found at Trader Joes, including organic sugar that Rena found.  Jessica excited to tell me about her shopping healthy for us was awesome for me as I really want my family to focus on better eating habits and know at Jessica and Brandon's age it is not so easy to convince them to eat better.

Rena needed to check into her Cabin in the woods for her weekend retreat of time with "Self" so I gave Glen and Theresa a call to see if they could pick me up.  Just so happened they were on their way to town to do some shopping anyways and were happy to do so.  I let Rena run the kids back to One Love to put the groceries up and drop off Brandon and Jessica to wait for me.  She felt bad leaving me, I didn't feel bad at all.  In fact I am very proud of her for planning a weekend of no computers, phones, work.  Just some good books, her and nature.  We need to take time out for ourselves and nature.  Rena is an Aries like myself and rarely puts herself first in life as I used to do also.  We are not much good to others if we do not take care of ourselves, so I encouraged her to do just that.

The results were in shortly after the kids and Rena left and as I suspected I did have a bladder/kidney infection.  My Gall Bladder also needs to come out, however I am being treated for my infection first and was scheduled with a surgeon at the hospital for surgery consultation this week.

While I am not looking forward to surgery, it is a minor one from my understanding and to be honest a blessing that this happens now.  This came at a good time for this Journey and I will be happy to get this out of the way as I have needed my Gall Bladder removed for some time now.

Thanks for visiting Jess, I loved having you read your presentation
to me and am honored you wrote about One Love and what it means
to you.  I am blessed to have you in my life and love you always.
I spent most of yesterday resting and enjoying the kids.  They even watched two documentaries with me before I went back to bed pretty early and now find myself awake at 3 am on Sunday while the rain dances on the roof of One Love and the kids who are not kids at all sleep.  I woke up to discover they cleaned up all the dinner dishes and the living room of the trailer.  How nice to sit here in a clean trailer sipping tea and hearing the rain fall while I talk to you.

I have to say, once again I am amazed at how much deciding to live life with love in my heart and a positive outlook on all things has changed me and the world around me.  I wonder how long I will still be surprised and amazed at how much of a difference being positive about life and expecting the best to come makes.  Letting go of the fears and negativity wasn't all easy as you know.  I have shared some big challenges with you.  I am finding that the decision to let go of the things that don't matter and rise above the negativity was the hardest part, I had to want to change. By facing challenges in life with a positive attitude and appreciation for what matters most I am finding the challenges are more opportunities than hardships.

Thank you Brandon for coming up to take care of me.  I love you
so much and want you to know how proud I am of you for also
making many positive changes in your own life.  I wish the best
in your new life.  Love you baby.
Rena is picking up Jessica and Brandon today.  I will miss them and the laughter that has filled One Love the past couple days.  Brandon was a big hit here at the park, everyone loves him already.  In fact I found myself upset yesterday afternoon as my pain got worse and he was out hanging out with Brad helping chop wood and work on a tractor.  I was able to communicate my feelings to him and he cheered me up with hugs and threatening to lick my face if I didn't laugh which always makes me laugh, I hate my face licked.  I am sure many of you understand that, haha.

So far I have managed to deal with the pain with only taking two pain pills.  Not bad, I am pretty proud of myself for that.  I used to get so down when I had a gall bladder flare up or a knee went out.  Mainly because I don't like to have to depend on others, I prefer to be the one doing the caring for.  I was down right bitchy, you'd of thought I had a "Man Cold".   Hahaha, sorry to you guys reading this but some of you do take "Man Colds" to a whole new level, you know who you are, haha.

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I am just thankful that I am learning it is okay to need others, it is okay to need help and now that I am open to that I don't get all worked up over my own fears of rejection or abandonment.  I don't anticipate having issues so I don't have issues.  Sometimes we need our Gall Bladder taken out, can't do much about that right now so might as well look at the bright side and keep on chooglin, ya know, smile.


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  1. Glad your feeling a little better, I know that hurts because I need mine taken out too. Its right up there with child birth if you ask me and it can last anywhere from a hour too a dayor two. Glad you had a great time with Brandon, its nice when we can spend time with our kids even when they are grown. Have a good night night

    Love Kat