Thursday, March 1, 2012

Zachary, Many Thanks to a new friend~

Good Morning Beautiful Day,

Saying goodbye means saying hello to something new
Today is my last day here on my friends property.  I have mixed emotions on this as I drink my morning coffee.  Part of me is super excited to get back to park life.  The first week I spent at Sugar Barge was cool.  Being surrounded by new people and challenging myself to get to know some of them was good for me.  Good for One Love!

Always a positive attitude and friendly face

While staying here has also been good for me and One Love as well.  I have learned much in the past three weeks here.  I will miss Colleen, her cool kids.  Amber and her cool kid and my new friend Zac who has been a major help to me when I needed it most.

Zac and I hung out for a little while yesterday while I searched for my still lost camera charger.  He is kinda bummed to see me go and really wants to be involved in One Love for us all, he believes in it.  However, he doesn't have a computer to keep track of my travels or participate.  His family has financial challenges like many today and does not own a computer.

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My Buddy Zac

So I got to thinking this morning.  I bet there is someone out there that has an old computer they don't use any more just collecting dust.  If you are that someone and would like to help Zac out with staying involved in this Journey, would you consider gifting it to him?

Zac believes if we can help people we should help them
If so please email me at or you can look for Zac on Facebook at  He uses Colleen's computer when he has a chance and can check his messages there.

onelovejourney2012, jojo williams, lelania, one love journey, a journey of love
Excited, happy, on the road again!

Up until this time I have been with people I knew before this Journey began, after today I will really be out on my own in the world and that is exciting to me.  As I shop and pack today preparing for Glen and Theresa who I met at Sugar Barge to come tow me away I will be thinking of all I have gained thus far, and anticipating all I have to learn out there.

Have a great morning, a great day, a great life full of love, One Love!

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