Monday, April 30, 2012

A Cry For Justice

The past few days will be etched in the memories of many for ever I am sure.  A Community came together in remembrance of a young man who touched many lives with his generous and kind heart.

Saturday I joined a community of people at Liberty Towers Church at 5132 Elkorn Blvd. in Sacramento, Ca. who hosted a benefit car wash to raise money for the family of Jacob Green to help them with the cost of putting their loved one to rest. 

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A Community Comes Together in Honor of Jacob Green

Busting Suds for Love, Love of the life of Jacob Green aka Gas
Volunteers for the car wash included Jacobs Family and Friends along with Community and Church Members.

Being a part of this event filled my heart with hope for a better tomorrow
 The turnout was awesome and you could feel the love in the air.  Of those who came for their car washed many got out of their cars and talked to the family and Friends of Jacob Green.  I felt blessed to be a part of such a powerful event.  There was no drama and no issues.  We gathered at the end of the day on the Steps of the Church for a "Group Prayer on the Stairs" in remembrance of Jacob (aka Gas) Green.

Everyone there was involved in helping and
shared the same attitude of finding Justice
for Jacob and raising awareness of the threats
that Our Youth face today.

I was also blessed to spend time with Jacob's Mother Donna.  Donna is a woman of faith.  Her bright smile and kind eyes showed her inner strength in a time of such devastating loss.  No Mother should have to bury her son, especially over such a senseless crime fueled by anger and hate.  Donna remained positive throughout the day that Justice will be served and the man who killed her son in cold blood last Wednesday will be charged and tried for his crimes. 

Jacob's Sister Amanda held her head high despite her pain
and loss in hopes to help her family lay her Brother to Rest.

I was given the opportunity to meet with several of Jacobs friends who all had the same things to say about Jacob... "he was loved by many for the person he was to all who knew him".  I also met some who knew the man who shot and killed Jacob.  

Church Members joined in to support Jacob and his family in their time of need

Family and friends of Jacob Green have maintained that they do not want this to be a race issue, they say that it doesn't matter what color Jacobs murderer is they would want the same justice if he had been a black man or an Asian man. 

Wrong is wrong is the general attitude of all who seek Justice for Jacob! Jacob's Murderer shot and killed an unarmed boy who posed no immediate threat to him or his girlfriend who was the main aggressor in this sad story.

Makenzee my Niece worked very hard washing cars all day and took a couple
breaks to sit in the shade with Mr. Marley and I.  I love you Peanut you made
us all so proud thank you for your help and support baby.  Makenzee say's she
will miss Jacob for a long long time, he was special to her.
Seeing so many come together from so many walks of life was truly inspiring.  We should all be proud of ourselves for joining together at a time like this when it is so easy to fall apart and allow more bad to happen.  I pray we stay on this path and do not let the stereotypes of us define us only allowing the media and society to further confirm their views of our youth based on further violence. 

Everyone in attendance showed support for Jacob a young man who many
loved and will miss dearly.
While Jacob's murderer's race is not an issue to his family, Jacobs race was an issue to the man accused of Jacobs murder who admits to shooting Jacob but claims to have done so in self defense.  This man is a 32 year old white male who is known to hang out with young girls in the neighborhood smoking methamphetamine.

Many of the young ladies I met who know him report he is a known racist and commonly refers to the black youths in the neighborhood as Niger's.  Jacob's murderer and his girlfriend both have been known to give other girls a hard time for dating and or associating with any of the black youth of the area, including the young woman Jacob knocked on the door to walk back to his birthday party. 

I listened as the young woman who was inside the duplex on Karm where Jacob was murdered as she told me the story of what happened when Jacob knocked on the door.  She claims to have been asleep on the couch when the murderers girlfriend woke her up telling her that "Her Nigger" was at the door.  Jacobs friend went to the door and let Jacob know she would be right out then went to put her shoes on.  Jacob knocked again a few moments later and as she went to open the door the other female jumped in front of her and swung the door open and began yelling at Jacob for knocking on her door at 3:00 am in the morning.  Jacob apologized for late hour and explained it was his 18th birthday and he was just there to pick up his friend who then came outside and they both started to walk away from the home.  The angry woman continued to scream at Jacob and his friend including using racial slurs at which point an argument broke out between Jacob and the woman.  Jacob never attempted to physically attack the woman and at no point did so.  The argument led to Jacobs shooter getting a gun with a laser siting attachment and aiming the laser at Jacob.  Jacob noticed the light on his stomach and said "so you're gonna shoot me" and was shot right then and there.  Jacob's close friend and brother of the heart Jordan was coming down the street at this point and saw Jacob shot, he says Jacob was standing still, arms down at his side and talking to the man who was holding the gun when the shot was fired.  Jordan ran to Jacob's side and held him in his arms in the middle of the yard trying to help stop the bleeding when he noticed the laser of the gun on his own chest and looked at the shooter and said "man, I'm just trying to help my friend, you gonna shoot me too" the man responded by removing the gun from being aimed at Jordan and went inside.

Rest In Peace Jacob
By this time several from the party made their way down the couple of homes between the murder and the birthday party and someone called for an ambulance.  The 911 dispatcher seemed to be having trouble determining their location so they put Jacob in the car in an attempt to get him to the hospital before it was to late.  In the car with Jacob were the girl he picked up form the house he was murdered at, his best friend Budda, Jordan who held him after he was shot and other friends.  The youths were pulled over the first time shortly after leaving the scene and released without an escort to the hospital or help.  They were again pulled over near Greenback Ave. in Citrus Heights and made to exit the car one at a time with their hands up while yelling for help and ignored until all of the youths except Budda who could not exit the car without assistance due to be partially paralyzed and Jacob who was bleeding to death were out of the car. After many moments wasted an ambulance was called to the scene and all of the youths in the car detained for questioning for over 5 hours while their friend died in the hospital and his killer was released from being questioned without being charged after only a short time.

Jacob we know you are watching over us and know we
are seeking justice for you.  We love and miss you much.
Jacob's murderer and his girlfriend have Facebook pages and have been posting comments in defense of the murder along with degrading comments and lol's regarding the death of Jacob.  Little if no remorse has been shown for the death of Jacob from his murderer or his girlfriend until they are interviewed by police.  On Facebook they show no remorse at all.  No drug or alcohol testing was done to see if the man who murdered Jacob was under the influence of anything while claiming to act in self defense.  Many speculate that the couple along with the girl Jacob went to pick up are known for using drugs in the house where Jacob was murdered.  Even some of the couples own FB friends were disgusted with the comments made regarding the murder of Jacob and printed screenshots of the comments for Family and Friends of Jacob Green to read.

Today we all gathered in front of the Distract Attorney's office to rally for Justice for Jacob.  Paul Dial mother of Nemo and Budda close friends of Jacob organized the rally to help bring justice for the murder of Jacob.  Paul thought of Jacob as a son and loved him dearly.  Shortly after we began gathering at 9:00 am this morning several reporters from various news channels here in Sacramento, Ca. joined us to interview many of us. 

Channeling thier pain and anger in a positive direction hoping the Justice system will do the right thing and bring Jacob's
murderer to Justice for his crimes.

A representative of the District Attorney's office also came out to get information on the gathering and helped us with advise on what the Doe's and don'ts were so that we could gather to spread our message in peace.  The Distract Attorney's office appeared to be very cooperative and even organized a meeting in a private room for the Family of Jacob along with anyone who was at the scene of the crime to discuss the case with them. 

The message today was
Our Youth Is Not Disposable

Nemo and His Girlfriend Bridgette showing support for Justice for Jacob
The rest of us sat outside with high hopes that something was finally being done about Jacob's murder and were all a bit confused when Family and Friends of Jacob's left the building not looking very happy.  All who were in the meeting felt as if a decision has already been made even though the DA's office says they have yet to make a final decision on weather or not to charge Jacob's murderer.  Many were upset by one of the investigator on the cases comments that he spoke with the shooter this morning and thought we should know he is very distraught over taking the life of Jacob.  Family and Friends of Jacob were hurt and felt betrayed by justice after listening to an investigator defend the man who shot and killed Jacob in cold blood.

All local news stations were present and interviewed many yet few actually
reported on the news the rally or the many interviews of Our Cries for Justice
Many are upset that the identity of Jacob's murder is being protected.  We are not allowed to mention his name yet Jacob's pictures and name are all over the news while he is made out to be the aggressor in this unfortunate senseless murder.

While may news channels came out to cover the rally very little about the rally was televised or reported on the 5pm news.

Paula Dial being interviewed about the Rally she organized this morning

 The reporters spent some time interviewing us yet are not reporting the interviews and I can only ask myself "why" that is.  The truth about his murder is being swept under the carpet, the fact that the young men driving Jacob to the hospital during his last moments on this earth were pulled over not only once but twice.

Then detained after being made to exit the car one at a time with their hands up as if they were criminals.  Despite their cries for help while Jacob lay bleeding in the back seat of the car officers who pulled them over ignored thier cries for help and treated them like suspects in a crime even after they found out they were trying to get Jacob to the emergency room to be treated for a gun shot wound.  Then they were held for 5 hours for questioning while the man who shot Jacob was only questioned a fraction of that time.

Stop Stereotyping Our Youth, Stop letting killers walk the streets!
Reports say that the police have the murder weapon but say nothing of the laser siting attachment the shooter had on the gun being recovered or mentioned.  They also say nothing of the home Jacob was murdered in front of being searched thoroughly past finding the gun or given the gun and or the occupants involved in the murder being subjected to any drug testing to determine what state of mind the shooter was really in when he claims to fear for his life and the life of his girlfriend who could have at any time stopped arguing with Jacob and went inside and called the police for help.

Jacob's close friends are trying to do the right thing and not seek revenge for the murder of Jacob in hopes that our justice system will also do the right thing and charge the man who killed Jacob and is still able to walk free and given sympathy by some of the investigators in the case as expressed to Jacob's Family and Friends during the meeting held today at the DA's office during the rally.

This evening we are all left to prayer.  Jacob's mother is at a loss for words right now and in much turmoil after the meeting at the Districts Attorney's office I have been told by some close to her.  Understandably so after her Son's body was released this morning before she arrived at the DA's office for the meeting.  My heart goes out to Donna and the rest of Jacob's Family and Friends tonight.  I sit with tears in my eyes as I write this entry and prayer in my heart that Justice will be served to help Jacob's Family and Friends find some peace in this senseless tragedy.

Breaking Stereo Types and doing the right thing in hopes our Justice System
will also do the right thing and bring Jacob's Murderer to Justice
Too many of our youth has been murdered in similar circumstances and deaths never given the proper attention from our justice system or media.  When do we as a people decide not to allow this to continue. 

When do we recognize that it is fear that feeds the hatred that kills our youths.  Fear of our difference, fear of the unknown allow us to stereotype each other and form opinions of each other that keep us separated as a people. 

Until we let go of the fear we allow to invade our hearts and minds and begin living with love and acceptance of our differences so that we can celebrate what we share in common we will continue to see more senseless deaths like Jacob's go unpunished.

Justice for Jacob Green!
Paula recently spoke with Jacob's sister who was upset after being questioned by a news team from channel 10 news.  A reporter who showed up at her door to
question her about her brother the deceased Jacob Green asking if he used drugs. 

News 10 also called me a couple of hours ago seeking another interview with family and friends.  On the phone with me they acted as if they wanted to help when in fact they seem to only be ignoring the many interviews earlier that tell the true story of Jacob's murderer and are now digging for any dirt they can find on Jacob to justify his murder.  I am disgusted with our media specifically News 10 as well as Our Justice system this evening and hope tomorrow brings a new day and a new attitude toward all this from both the news and the DA's office.

The DA investigator told Family and Friends that all of the people in the home Jacob was shot by have exactly the same story and that leads them to believe they are telling the truth.  We ask why it is they haven't considered that having the same story could be an indication of collaboration on the story after all everyone saw things from their own perspective and I would think their stories if true would reflect some differences of perspective rather than being identical.  I'm just saying.

Jacob Green just turned 18 and was murdered while unarmed.  He never put his hands on anyone at the home he was murdered outside of, how they can claim or anyone can accept it was self defense is beyond me and many others involved.

Please support Justice for Jacob with your prayer for him and his family and friends to all rest in peace of this horrible tragedy.

Thank you for reading tonight, I love you from a place of pain and confusion seeking understanding and Justice for Jacob Green.

One Love

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  1. I'm am sorry to hear of yet another very tragic loss of life, and again that the powers that be have dropped the ball, and another murder has walked away free. At what point will the words To server and protect actually come to fruition. And at what point will people see past color and realize that we are all God's children and that we are all ONE on this big rock..

  2. Mike,
    Thank you for responding. I ask myself the very same questions. A big part of the problem is Our acceptance and support of Our Media. We should never believe everything the news reports. I saw myself first hand yesterday how little concern some of the news channels in Sacramento have for the truth being reported. Channel 10 News reported on the 11 pm news last night was an intentional passive agressive attempt at making the victim look as if he deserve what he got. They did not report at all on the Youth who took to the streets of Downtown Sacramento in peaceful protest trying to do the right thing and channel thier energies in a postive direction rather than seeking revenge. I sit disgusted with the coverage of this senseless murder. We are truly One People who need to Wake Up and stop letting the powers that be define who we are!