Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Art of Being

Mr. Marley
Marley woke me at 4am touching my face with his little paw to let me know he had to go outside and do his business.  I am impressed with how smart he is to learn so quickly where he needs to do such things.

I dressed and opened the door to a beautiful star lit sky and crisp air.  As I took in a breath of the fresh cold air looking up at the sky I thought of last nights sky and what it said to me.

Yesterday was a day of many emotions for me.  I started with pride for my daughter, moved into joy for my friendships with two of my ex's and their wives after spending the morning on Skype with Kirsten and receiving a text from Heather to let me know her husband, my ex boyfriend James was readmitted into the hospital.  He had the lap band surgery a few days ago and was in severe abdominal pain.  I thanked her for again making sure I knew what was going on and shortly after received another text letting me know it was only gas.  We both laughed about it after being very concerned something may be very wrong.

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My Beautiful Friend
I thought to myself how cool it is that I am so close to not only my ex's but to their wives as well.  I would say I am even closer to their wives.  I am welcome in their homes and they mine.  We share laughs and tears together over events in our lives.  How awesome it is to be able to say to them "I love you" and I truly do love them all.  I asked myself what would happen if all ex's thought like we do, recognized that it is okay our relationships changed from intimate to friendships.  I believe we would have much less tension in the world.  I loved both of these men once why should that stop simply because we are not a couple anymore?  Today I understand that if it really is love the love does not die or end.  The status of our unity changes, our bond changes but does not fade away.  I am blessed to have Kirsten and Heather in my life.  I love them dearly also, unconditionally.  I have to give my ex's credit for having such good taste in women, hehe.

Kirsten called this morning to ask a favor of me, she wanted to know if I would do the honors of drawing a yin and yang style Pisces symbol with two carps for at tattoo she wants on her lower back that represents the love she feels for her husband.  Today is their 19 year anniversary of the day they started dating.  Truly honored I accepted and we both enjoyed a great conversation about the topic of my post including the closeness we feel as friends, this favor clearly shows how strong of an honest bond of friendship and love we share.

Before agreeing we made the deal that we will go get our tattoos together and both laughed when I told her I wanted a peace symbol on my lower back, haha.

Later in the day during a conversation with a new friend I was given more scary things to think about that set me on a "take action course" to solve the worlds problems that was way over my head.  I wrote a post that spoke strongly on issues I have little true knowledge of but before posting my masterpiece something told me to consult someone who had more experience in these matters so I called my Mother.  I sent her a copy of the post and asked for her opinion only to find myself wounded and scorned when she broke down the many issues with my speaking on something I do not know enough about.  More so she wanted me to recognize the level of fear I was building in my heart over issues that I have not confirmed the validity of.  I was defensive and cried feeling like she did not trust in my ability to learn about these things and frustrated feeling the words I have heard my new friend speak repeatedly "people don't want to hear the truth".  I tried to get off the phone with Mother because I was now crying and wanted to end the conversation.  She heard my tears and pried further into what was happening.  Grateful she did so because it was then I realized how strongly I was trying to hold onto the fear building inside me based simply on fears ingrained deep into the heart of someone else.

I realized how strong fear is.  I have avoided images, people and things that promote fear for a few months now building love in my heart yet fear can come along, attach to my heart and spread quickly.  I am glad my Mother was here to remind me of my purpose for myself and this Journey being about love, unconditional love. Living it, giving it and letting go of the fears that hold us back in life.
Love is in the air, it's everywhere!
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I made myself a hot cup of some relaxing tea Kirsten picked out for me at Staff of Life, mmmm good.  The tea, music and realization of what was happening to me thanks to my mom left me feeling sleepy so I took Marley outside before we hit the sack.  As I stood in the night air I looked up and was taken back by what I saw, I stood in awe looking at the most beautiful close to full moon surrounded perfectly by a cloud in the shape of a heat.  I felt at peace with the universe at this moment and knew in my heart this was a gift, a reward for the lesson I learned today.  I rose above the fear with love, looking at the skies heart my beliefs that love conquers all were confirmed.  I then went inside, grabbed my camera and tried to take several different pictures of this wondrous sign but could not get the camera to capture the cloud.  I decided that it was okay, this heart was for me tonight, I thanked the heavens, my Grandmother and my Cousin for their guidance.

Cooking up a great start to a new day!
This morning as I stared again into the sky I thought of yesterdays lessons, the blessings, the pride and the tears that streamed from my eyes as my mother helped me to recognize where I was.  I realized how much can happen in one day and grew excited thinking about what today may bring.  I went inside and listened to this weeks Astrology Forecast on Youtube.  I listened and heard clearly what I needed to hear at the beginning of this day.  Being vs. Doing.  I now feel at peace with my self and breath deep of love full of hope and renewal.

I began cooking breakfast, starting with some red onions, green bell peppers and and zucchini only to add more to the mix.

As the recipe formed creating a display of beautiful colors and appetizing aromas I became inspired to create and decided today would be a great day to paint!

Inspired by colors of love for a healthy body, mind, spirit!
I made breakfast burritos this morning.  I think this is a great recipe for my sister or anyone who is limited on time in the morning but wants to get a good serving of fiber and nutrients.  This recipe rendered 4 nice size burritos wrapped in spinach wraps and only containing about 1 egg per burrito which is great for me as I am trying to lower my animal protein intake and replace it with more plant based protein.  I now have breakfast cooked for the next three days.

Food full of energy and life for a better life

I love the way this recipe came out, I kinda just threw this all together based mostly on what needed to be cooked in my fridge.  I let the food tell me what came next while listening to Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles.  I give this recipe 4 stars and hope you like it as much as I did.  Have a most blessed day full of love, unconditional love for self and all others.

I lost internet before I could post this earlier, upon regaining my connection I opened an email from my Mother with a link to a twitter we both follow and cried as I read Jessica Daily discuss forgiveness.  Thank you Mom, you spoke to my heart again today, thank you Jessica you did as well.

Lelania's Gotta Go BreakFast Burritos
onelovejourney2012, one love journey recipes, breakfast burritos, easy breakfast recipes, healthy eating

1 tablespoon virgin coconut oil
1/4 red onion chopped
1 clove garlic minced
1 zucchini chopped
1 green bell pepper diced
1 handful fresh baby spinach leaves
4 preservative/additive free turkey meatballs cut in fours
1/2 tomato diced
1 avocado
21 Seasoning Salute to taste
4 large eggs beaten
4 large spinach wraps

onelovejourney2012, one love journey recipes
Breakfast Burritos To Go
I heated the coconut oil in a frying pan.  I can't wait to get some cast iron skillets because coconut oil works awesome to season and oil cast iron. I added the garlic and onion followed by the rest of the ingredients in the order listed then wrapped the scramble in spinach wraps, then in a paper towel and sealed them in a Ziploc freezer bag to go in the fridge and wah lah, breakfast for 4 days made out of food that needed to go for someone on the go, hehe.

Now while I get my paint set up Bob Marley is singing One Love, the birds are singing outside and I am full of love and happiness.  Thank you for tuning in this morning, have a great day.

One Love
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