Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Have you ever seen the rain?

In my best dreams I imagine a world without positions of power where all are equal and work together to preserve life on earth and for earth.  Yeah I am a dreamer I know.  I can live with that title.

I like the way Vicki Ward put it in a phone conversation we had..  She said "If we lived in a world of reciprocity oh what a beautiful world we would live in."

I would rather live with the idea that we as one world can resolve our issues together than accept the idea that I or you are to small to bring about a better tomorrow for ourselves and others.

My post "I Believe" posed questions about rumors surrounding a Martial Law bill being in effect.  I have been reading a lot trying to determine if this is true and how it affects us if it is.  I discovered that during this I have cried more in the past few days worrying about what could happen than I have on this Journey all together.

The thing I don't like about Conspiracy Theories is that they promote fear and panic.  They bring about the very disaster we fear.  I try to avoid taking in thoughts that provoke conspiracy thinking.  I don't want to become paranoid and act on fear if things do get tough around here.  I don't want to become someone or something I am not in the name of protecting myself and mine.

I was listening to the song "Have you ever seen the rain" and the lyrics really hit me.  And I really wanna know have you ever seen the rain coming down on a sunny day?  I haven't.  Think about it.  If we are peaceful how can there not be peace?  If we are mindful of our actions how can there not be mindful actions?

I have decided that no matter what is happening I am going to do this one thing to preserve my soul, my spirit, my life meaning something more than the end of it.  I am going to be responsible for my own actions and act with kindness and love for all life.

I think of great leaders in history like Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi preaching about peace as a defense.  Today marks the anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.'s assassination, with great pain in my heart I still morn the loss of a Man who spoke, lived and practiced peace.  He was assassinated one year and 5 days before I was born.  He died before my birth yet his memory and dreams live on. People like myself who were not even born yet still think of him in times like these because he had a dream, like myself and many of you out there he dreamed of peace and unity, equality and love.  He was a great man.  Gandhi also died 21 years before I arrived in the hospital on April 9th 1969 the first daughter of a young couple full of dreams for a happy future.

I think we all have dreams like Dr. King and Gandhi did.  I also think we are conditioned to set our dreams aside and focus on this rat race dollar chase we call a life. We have bred a consumer society that bases everything on our own greed.  I say greed because what we need to survive and what we greed to survive are not one in the same.  It takes going without somethings that we consider needs to recognize how little we truly need to live happy full lives.

What I have discovered in the short time I have been on this journey is that the things that make me happy today sustain me in ways the things I fought to acquire my whole life never did.  I am happy to sit under a tree reading a book and blessed to be visited by a butterfly or a bird.  I laugh out loud at the clouds moving in the sky, my puppy rolling on the ground making funny noises.  I live in a tiny little travel trailer and feel like I am in a mansion compared to some of the nice impressive places I have lived that did not sustain me they only sustained my need to work day and night to sustain them, the things, not me, my family, precious moments to remember for a life time.

I think about the song "resistance" by muse and they say "love is our resistance" I believe that.  I really honestly believe that love can conquer all things including fear.  In fact I believe that so strongly now that I no longer fear dying and I used to truly fear death.  What I fear is not living.  Does that make sense?  While I am alive I want to live an honest life.  I didn't always live an honest life.  I used to justify gains by dishonest means by saying I had to provide for my family to myself to make my wrong choices feel right.  I was a good person who didn't always do good things but believed since I wasn't hurting anyone that preserved me being a good person and being a good person made everything okay.  I was wrong, everything I believed was wrong!

Today I am different, today I have lived the consequences of my past choices and I have learned what it means to be a truly good person, it means doing good things always no matter what I have to go without to do so.  Today I do the right thing simply because it is the right thing to do.  That sustains me.  I want my children and their children to be proud of who I was in this world.  I want to be proud of me too!

I believe we can change the world around us by changing who we are on the inside individually.  If we inwardly live to promote peace and love we can bring about peace and love.  If we are capable of disaster and ignorant actions towards others we will bring about disaster.

We have a chance to affect how things turn out from here is all I am trying to say.  So maybe if everyone reading this sits back for a few and thinks of solutions and positive ideas toward a good future for us all not just us, not just you or me, all of us in this world than we can bring about a positive outcome for us all.

See here's the deal folks, when we use the conditioned thinking that limits us to the small world around us as we know it we miss the whole big world around us.  I know we can only feel our feelings, well most of us can only feel our own feelings.  However, we can feel compassion in our hearts towards others feelings and situations.

If each one of us tries to open our hearts to love and compassion toward all others then we can begin truly loving ourselves.

See it feels like self love when we're protecting ourselves but it isn't always.  It is fear rather than love that makes us feel the need to protect ourselves from others.  Love opens us up to understanding and acceptance, love brings about peace and unity, love is love my friends, unconditional love knows no disappointments and it will sustain us all!

A friend said to me the other day "what if we planted fruit and nut bearing trees all over the world, there would be no need to steal food because we could go into the local park and simply pick some off a tree"  how simple of a solution to starvation, plant trees that bear fruit and nuts.  Why haven't we thought of that before?  Ideas like this one are possible solutions to world issues no matter where you live.  I think if we all make it our responsibility to care about issues on a broader scale that help to heal us and our world we can see a better world together.

I know this post is long, I know it is dreamy.  It is my thoughts today so I wanted to share them with you.  Love and peace are to often dismissed as a beautiful dream.  I believe in order for change to happen we must first believe it can happen.

We have thought of universal love and peace as a dream for too long, maybe it is time to stop thinking and start dreaming.  I'm just saying.

I love you all, I mean that!


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