Monday, April 23, 2012

How are you?

Three words often asked with no actual intent of receiving an honest reply.  Most who say "How are you" are doing so merely as a greeting to appear polite.  Few actually want the truth and few offer it in return.

The expected reply is "fine, thank you and you?" to which a reply of "fine, thank you" is returned and both go about their day heading their separate ways with the truth to the question "how are you" held inside.

Walking through our day holding in our troubles, our fears, our wants, desires, even our triumphs and joys which are more commonly shared but held back as well as not to be boisterous.

We have grown into a population of conditioned thinkers.  We offer conditioned greetings with conditioned responses all in efforts to maintain a clean outer appearances that fit into the mainstream idea of what we are supposed to look like, act like, be like~

Imagine a world where we spoke only the truth.  Sure at first things might get a little harry.  The truth being so unfamiliar to many can be scary at first.  It is like an old rusty water faucet; at first the water will pour out like mud, rusty old dirty water running through unused old pipes until the truth can flow freely and the waters clear begin to flow of honesty.

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, Mr. Marley
Mr. Marley does not know how to lie, he thinks from the heart
In my attempts to leave conditioned thoughts and actions behind I have begun to only ask the question "how are you" when I honestly want a truthful answer in return.  I have noticed that the tone in my voice when I speak those three words has changed, the expression on my face is now inquisitive rather than a fixed superficial smile.  I have also noticed that I am getting more honest answers.  My energy is different allowing the person I am asking how they are to feel my genuine concern for their state of being and a more truthful answer is given.

I am learning how to be in the "here and now" and listening to others with the intent of truly hearing and feeling their words, this helps us both.  Allows us both to engage each other in an honest and heartfelt conversation.  Many things come of this, one the ability to share with another how we are; this is important as it allows us to let out the thoughts we are accustomed to dealing with inwardly; alone.  This also allows us to relate as most of us have things that we need to let out; things we need help with or just need to hear spoken so the fear of them loses it's power over us.  This allows us to connect to others; relate and share on a higher level.  We being one are not intended to live so separately, not intended to carry burdens alone crying inwardly while smiling outwardly saying "fine" when we are not fine at all.

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, jojo williams
I honestly want to know how you are, if you need someone to
talk to email me, I would love to listen.
Weather we believe it or not there is much more happening between us that we can see with our eyes.  Our energy radiates outwardly like invisible streams of brilliant colorful lights reaching out engaging more brilliant colorful lights coming from the person we are interacting with.  If we lie in our replies to others the energy we produce is intended to keep others away so they do not discover the truth inside of us.  When we speak honestly even when the truth hurts the energy we radiate outwardly is welcoming an exchange between us to solve our problems.  With the truth spoken solutions are possible with a lie spoken a solution is harder to reach; temporary bandages are put over the wounds to give us what we think is a solution when really we only avoided the opportunity for a solution.  For wounds to heal they need to breath.

Imagine a world where we only spoke the truth, only asked honest questions with the intent of receiving honest answers.  Imagine it and it can be.  It begins inside of us and grows from there.  Our intents produce our results.  Try it for a week, try only asking how others are when you honestly want to know, when you have the time to listen to how they are with open ears and heart.  See what happens inside of you by doing so.  I think you like myself will like what you discover happening with you and others around you.

At the dinner table when you ask your mate how their day was, do so honestly wanting to know, honestly wanting them to share their day with you.  When you ask your children how school was and they say "fine" try opening the lines of communication by talking about your day in return; begin changing the conditioned thinking and acting that has become common dinner conversation between you and them by taking the first step to share honestly the good and bad of your day.  Allow them to feel your intent and offer a new intent of their own.

It is these small things in life that are so big in helping bring about change for us as a people.  It starts inside us and grows from there.  The reason so many believe that change is not possible is because they see only the big picture, leaving us lost in a sea of problems that are much larger than us from that perspective.  The smaller picture is one we can grasp and the only picture that matters in beginning to affect change.  Change begins in our thoughts.  Believing we can change ourselves is the beginning of changing our world and all that is needed is the desire to change, all that is needed is a simple choice to do so.  It's a choice.  I have chosen to change and my world is changing much faster than ever before.  I am amazed every day at the results I get.

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, jojo williams, one love sunrise
One Love Sunrise April 23rd 2012

Have a most blessed day I love you from a place of honest intent to bring happiness and love into your hearts so that we can share openly and honestly with each other and bring about a world of people caring about people.

One Love
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