Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I Believe~

Tuesday April 3rd 2012~

I Believe I can change the World!
I Believe YOU can change the World!
I Believe WE can change the World!!!

I chanted with tears streaming down my face as I turned the curves down the winding bumpy road to One Love.  Overwhelmed with emotion after a phone conversation where I was told that President Obama signed the NDAA Martial Law Bill.  I felt grief for Our World, I felt anger for what we have become as a people.  I felt disgust for my own ignorance in not educating myself on what is happening right here in my own Country and what it all means.

I found this Youtube video I don't know how legit it is.  I thought together all of us could make it our responsibility to learn more about it and let our voices be heard on how we as the people feel about what is taking place in Our World.

I don't know what this means for us as a world.  I don't know what happens next to us, the people.

I felt fear for my family, your family, our families.  I asked myself why we sit by and allow this to happen.  Our Government is supposed to be servants of the people, they are supposed to be working for us.  I voted for President Obama, I believed he wanted to change the World.  I don't understand why he signed this bill.  I do understand that I need to learn more about this and start being present in what is happening out in the world.

I found a couple articles on the subject, please share your views and any links you find of relevance on this subject.  You do not have to be a member of this site to comment.  Please join me in discussing this.  I will publish your comments.  Can we have a discussion about this and together come to some understanding of what is happening and what our rights are as people.




Look I am far from an expert on any of this.  Politics is not my strong suit.  I'm sorry I am just being honest.  I don't want to see anyone hurt, I don't want to see our world change as we know it for the worst we can imagine.

What are our rights now?  Do we have any?  I don't know!

I do know that Diane gave me a birthday present yesterday that I wear on my wrist as we speak.  I stopped at her house on my way home from a great visit with my family in Santa Cruz.  My bracelet says "Believe".

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I believe that to achieve we must first believe!
Tears swelled in my eyes as Diane tightened the bracelet on my wrist and I thanked her for the beautiful gifts she has been holding onto in anticipation of my birthday.  Thank you Diane for the beautiful bracelet, heavenly smelling sweet pea flower and sache of lavender from your garden.  I promise not accidentally wash this one, smile.

While I was on the phone with my friend I was stuck in traffic on 580.  Unsure of what was going on up ahead while I spent over an hour at almost a complete stop I chatted with a friend on the phone about nutrition, love, family and what is taking place in our world today.  Shortly after my friend told me about the Martial Law bill signing I saw the lights of the many fire trucks that passed me on the left shoulder while I stood still in traffic all that time.  A totaled truck being pulled up on a tow truck bed came into sight as I hung up with my friend to call Glen and Theresa and tell them I was running late so no one at the park worried about me.  As I hung up with Glen I saw the severity of the crash that held us in traffic and said a silent prayer for it's passengers. 

I thought to myself how quickly in the blink of an eye an accident can change the lives of so many including the one in that truck.  I remembered my own families despair when we lost my cousin Kenan in a tragic accident at his young age of 16.  I thought of my favorite Uncle Mike and his beautiful wife with tears in their eyes and pain in their hearts as we sat outside on their porch three years ago on my last visit to see my Grandmother Eva for the last time before she died a few months later.  I remembered my Uncle crying as he told me about his encounters with my cousin and reminded myself that there is something much greater after this world as evidenced by my families experiences with my Cousin after his death. 

I drove along the now open stretch of freeway and thought again "why do we call it a freeway?" Why do we think we are free when we live trapped in our own minds prison most if not all of our lives? Why?

Visions danced in my head that promoted fear from just the mention of the words "Martial Law" I thought to myself... "Self what does this mean for Baby Semaj?"  He still being in the hospital was the first to come to mind of the many I love and care for in my family.  

Uneasy by the fear that was beginning to set in my heart I looked down at my bracelet and began to cry.  I started praying to the heavens for answers, understanding, I prayed to my Grandmother Eva and my Cousin Kenan who are no longer with us in this world for answers, help and guidance.  I asked God to help me change the world.

Without thought I started saying out loud "I can change the world" "You can change the World" We can change the World" I repeated this till I was yelling it as loud as my voice could yell.  I felt strength grow inside me as love began to regain my heart pushing the fear out.  I looked at my bracelet as I chanted these words letting my heart fill with love for all of us.  Love for my family and yours, love for all of us as one people of one world living in one love.

I called my Sister and said "I believe we can change the world" She said "I believe you believe that" I replied "What if we all believed it Sis" "What if we walked around the house saying I believe I can change the world and our children mimicked those words like they do the rest of the words we say in front of them." She said "The world would be a better place"  She is right!!!

I don't know what is what politically.  I am not a political activist.  I am not an expert on politics.  What I am is a Mother, Grandmother, Aunt, Sister and friend of many who lives on this earth with other parents, sisters, brothers, and friends an believes in peace and love as the answer.  Peace and Love are not bad words.  Censorship and Martial Law are bad words.  Imprisonment and detainment are bad words in my book.

How much power do we have to change the world? 
As much as we BELIEVE!

I can't let this fill my heart with fear.  As I wrote this entry into my blog I felt some fear for even speaking on this issue and I am sure many do.  We are taught to avoid fear, avoid pain as if they are four letter words.  The just have four letters in them.  They are not bad words or emotions when we recognize their importance and purpose.  Fear and pain are needed emotions that should be acknowledged and tended to leading to love as an answer.

I understand that this subject brings about many emotions for us all.  Together lets acknowlege those emotions and heal them with love and start believing if nothing else our Belief that We can change Our World is enough.

That's really where it starts, Believing.  It is Our Fears that tell us we are helpless in affecting change or making a difference let Our love for Our families, friends, humankind be the reason we decide to say "I can change the World".   Just start by saying it even if you don't quite believe it yet, your mind will listen when you speak, trust me I am learning that more each day that I change my world.

I have to get ready for my surgery consultation now.  When I get home I will pick up Mr. Marley whom I miss terribly and check in to see if anyone has joined in on this conversation.  Please find it in yourself to take part in helping us all to push fear aside with love for ourselves and all others.  We are all here on this earth seeking the same thing..  A life of happiness and love for Ourselves and Our Families!

I Believe We can change the World!
One People, One World, One Love
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