Saturday, April 28, 2012

Justice for Jacob

I have spent the past day and a half surrounded by many mourning the loss of a beautiful young man, a young man I knew as one of my Nephew Budda's friends, his name was Jacob Green.  Jacob was one my two nephews friends whom I really liked.  Always polite, helpful, positive and friendly Jacob was the kind of guy who would take out your trash and carry your groceries in with a smile on his face.  I wish I had gotten to know Jacob more during his short time here on earth now that he is gone. I came here this weekend to learn more about him and his senseless death so that I could help his family find peace of mind in knowing there was justice for Jacob in the end. 

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Jacob Green
April 24th 1994 ~ April 24th 2012
Rest In Peace precious soul, your time here may have been short, your memory and impact on all those
who loved you was huge.  You will be missed by many, may God hold you now and no pain nor sorrow
find you as you enjoy life in a better place.  We will see you agina one day and together rejoice.

My Nephew Nemo and his beautiful girlfriend Bridgetter came down to pick me yesterday afternoon so I could be of help in organizing a rally scheduled for Monday morning in front of the District Attorney's office here in Sacramento, Ca. at 9:00 am.  I spent the day today with Paula my life long friend and mother to my nieces and nephews of the heart driving around handing out flyer's to gain support for the rally this coming Monday.

I met Jacob's Sister briefly and hope to spend more time with her and their Mother before I leave.  I met with some of Jacobs friends and some neighbors of his Sisters where his 18th Birthday party was held last Wednesday, his last birthday party as he was shot by a neighbor three doors down just before 3am while picking up his girlfriend who left the party earlier after an argument the couple had.

There are still many unanswered questions on what happened outside that neighbors house that I am gaining answers to slowly.  One thing is for certain, Jacob was unarmed, he was shot out side several feet from the door, there were witnesses from the party that saw the shooting along with his girlfriend.  The man who shot him claimed self defense however, Jacob never entered or tried to enter the home, he was there to pick up his girlfriend, waiting outside and the shooter knew that. 

To date the shooter has not been charged.  There is much pain and unrest over this by the victims family and friends.  A law that gives us a right to protect ourselves in our homes has allowed this man to claim self defense.  I do not believe that law was meant to apply to a young man picking up his girlfriend who was not a stranger and had no intentions of hurting anyone or breaking into anyone house.  He is guilty of knocking on someones door just before 3:00 am. 

I plan to spend tomorrow trying to help bring some organization to this group of mourning and confused people who have lost someone they love.  This is a time of great pain for the friends and family of Jacob Green, having to grasp that the man who took his life unprovoked is still free to walk the streets while Jacob lies in the morgue awaiting release so his family can put him to rest despite their own unrest over the events and lack of justice in this senseless murder of yet another one of our youth.  I hope to be of service to the family in helping bring awareness to Jacob's murder so that Justice can be served and some sense of peace gained knowing that has happened.

I invite any and all who want to support Justice for Jacob to join us and Mr. Marley this Monday at 901 G Street, Sacramento, Ca. at 9:00 am for a rally to let the Sacramento District Attorney know that Jacobs death is not another statistic to go unnoticed by the many who loved him dearly.  My dear friend Paula Dial has worked day and night trying to bring Justice for Jacob.  You can look her up on Facebook for posts updating everyone on what's going on.  Thank you Paula for being such service to the family of Jacob Green.

Jacobs friends appear at a glance to be your typical stereo typical image of young thugs with their dress and demeanor.  It would be easy at first glance to see only threats to society as many do with today's youth.  If you look closer and remove your glasses of fear you see young men who are sad and mourning the loss of a very close friend. 

I think the fact that these young men are channeling their energies into a rally to gain support for Justice for Jacob shows that they are not simply street thugs who don't count in many out theres minds as valuable contributors to society and our community.  The fact that these young men are seeking Justice through our legal system with a plea for help coming from a place of loss and pain shows that they are not defined by stereo typical views.  They could have taken other avenues with the anger they felt when the Sheriffs department here in Sacramento did not charge the man who murdered Jacob.  They could have let thier anger get the better of them after being obtained for over 5 hours for questioning while the man who shot their Friend as he stood outside alone was released several hours earlier.

They have taken their pain and anger and decided mutually that they want to seek Justice the right way so that they do not become part of Jacobs death being another one of the many senseless deaths that is forgotten and never given it's due process to bring the bad guy to justice.

I am super proud of these young men and hope to be a big support to them and to Jacob's family by getting the word out to all of ya'll that we need your support.

I will keep searching for more answers to all the details so that only the truth is told here.  Jacob's family and friends do not want this to be an issue of race although they recognize that many will see it as just that.  The man who killed Jacob's reasons are his own, what he did was unnecessary and wrong, what he did ended in a life being taken.  A valuable life of a young man celebrating his 18th birthday.  Jacob Green deserves Justice, his family and friends deserve Justice.

The message my nephews hope to get out is one of ending the violence that threatens our youth of today, that threatens us.  They hope to help the world be a safer place where we can all learn to help bring peace as they have seen enough violence and despair in their young lives.

Thank you for reading today, I hope to see you Monday.

One Love for All People of One World
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