Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Baby Budda

Buddah is my 18 year old Nephew of the Heart.  His mother and I grew up together in Santa Cruz, Ca.  The day before Budda was born a little over 18 years ago I looked at his Father Garvin and asked him what he was going to do with the girl name he just got tattooed on his chest when his son was born.  Budda was born the following day and I was there to watch his first breath.

Budda has always been special to me, I love him dearly and he I.

We sat last night and this morning talking about his best friend Jacob.  With tears in his eyes Budda told me about the morning of Jacob's 18th Birthday, his last day on this earth.  Budda called Jacob to wish him a Happy Birthday and see what he was doing.  Jacob told Budda he was reading the Bible.  Budda was not surprised by this as a lot of their conversations of late had been about things that involved God, the after life and the Heavens.

While Budda played a song for me that he has spent every day listening to since Jacob died I listened as he told me how Jacob had been telling him things lately that he never said before in all their years growing up together.  Jacob and Budda have been friends since 4th grade, inseparable best friends.

This Song was made two years ago by Jacob and his Brother Joseph

Jacob is also know by Gas and his brother by Thought

Thought Ft Gas Mornings

Warning: Some explicit lyrics are in this song.
There is also a message, listen to the words
with an open heart.  We love you Jacob

He told me that Jacob told him one day that We are to big for this World.  He also told Budda he had been having dreams that he was leaving this world soon.  Budda has also been having similar dreams. 

Budda was involved in a shooting himself not to long ago and today is fighting to regain his legs full use he is partially paralyzed and uses a wheelchair to get around or hops about in determination not to be confined to that chair.  He is determined to recover, he is also determined to find answers and peace in life after the violence and loss he has experienced.

Budda slept in the living room with Mr. Marley and I after staying up late talking about Jacob, God, Us as a People and the World as it is changing around us.

Budda I love you my Neph, Keep on Chooglin baby
This morning Budda was woke up by Mr. Marley who was having a field day with Budda's long dreads that seemed like perfect chew toys for Marley.  Before Marley woke up my Nephew I sat staring at him thinking to myself he looked just like an Angel to me while he rested his weary head that has not had enough sleep lately.

Mr. Marley wants to play with you Budda
Today Jacobs Family and Friends are throwing a car wash at the Church on Andrea and Elkorn in Sacramento Ca. that is right around the corner from where Jacob was killed.  The car wash is a fund raiser to help the Family put Jacob to rest and make sure his death counted for something.  They want to make shirts for Jacob to help remind everyone that their generation is not disposable, that they are Gods Children like all of Us Are.

Mr. Marley and I will be attending the Car Wash with Paula, Nemo and Budda today and hope to see many others there in support of our youth and Jacob Green a young man who was loved by many.

We ask that you send your prayers and positive thoughts to the Heavens for Jacobs Family to find peace in their unfortunate loss.

Thank you so much for reading today, I love you from a place that knows no differences between us that cannot be overcome by peace and love.

One Love

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