Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One Love Sunrise

A most wonderful morning to all~

I wanted to stop in and bring you all up to date on my painting progress.  I have been working on One Love since yesterday, I slept of course.  However, woke early as usual and started with the sunrise.

Marley for Change!
As I sat in One Love waiting for the Sun to begin rising I searched the internet for Sunrise pictures but couldn't find one that moved me.  They were all beautiful, I viewed many pieces of art work and loved them all.  However, I did not find one that gave me the image in my mind I needed to begin the sun this morning.

So I sat frustrated drinking my coffee and decided the best course of action was to pray on it.  I sat and had a talk with self, the universe and God.  I asked all of them to work with me to find my sunrise in my mind.  I sat quietly with my eyes closed while I enjoyed the silence.

 Marley must have noticed the big sign I was holding up that said "Please disrupt my blissful moment" haha, because he got all energized all of a sudden and started barking at me.

onelovejourney2012, jojo williams
Sunrise April 18th 2012
 I laughed and said "well, thanks a lot Mr. Marley" to which he replied "bark, bark, ruff, ruff, grrrrrr"  then he scratched on the door.  Still learning to speak fluent puppy I was glad he used his sign language skills and decided I would listen to him and go outside.  When I stepped out I noticed the sky, WOW!

I don't know if prayers are answered faster these days or if my actually asking for help is the key.  Either way my sunrise was burned into my mind as I stood in awe.  I opened up the front of One Love while Marley barked more and pranced around all excited and stuff.  "Why, thank you Mr. Marley" I exclaimed while petting him on his cute little head, he was happy and so was I.

My pallet of Sunrise
I went in an grabbed my camera and shot some pics of the beautiful sunrise and started getting my paints out, the sun was coming up and Mr. Marley and I were ready to begin.

The Beginning ~ A New Beginning 

One Love Sunrise taking on a life of it's own
We just needed a little more sun to dry the dew off of One Love.  Mr. Marley suggested breakfast in the mean time.

I thought that a good idea and cooked me up a scramble and Mr. Marley some chicken breast and dog food with broth.  We dined and the fun began.

I started with a circle for the sun and the sunrise just started to take on a life of it's own.  I have been working for a couple of hours and thought a break would be nice to update all of you on the fun.

Okay, breaks over, haha.  I am super motivated and inspired to get more done so I will bid you all so long for a not so long time and update you tonight on how much I get done today.

In the mean time think Sunshine for me will ya, I need lots of warm sun over the next couple days to cure the paint job.  I could also use a polyurethane coat, so if anyone out there has some polyurethane or maybe owns a paint shop and wants to get in on the fun and donate some supplies and work to a good cause let me know by all means.  I will think positive thoughts for help to come my way.
Sunshine Power

I love you all from a place where the sun shines on all, shines for love, shines for change.
onelovejourney2012, jojo williams
Open up your windows, your doors, your hearts to love!  Let fear go, let love live!
onelovejourney2012, jojo williams
One Love

One People, One World, One Love

onelovejourney2012, jojo williams, rasta man
Rasta Man, Mr. Marley's little brother!
The wind has picked up here pretty good and my legs have had all they can take for today.  So tomorrow I start early and we shall see what beauty emerges from One Love as the paints bring her to life.

I got a new picture of Rasta today, oohh he is soooooo cute.  I really am happy that Mr. Marley is going to have a little brother.  Marley is a very playful pup and needs someone to keep him busy while I am doing things like walking, hahaha

Talk to you all tomorrow morning.  I have a few things to talk about but honestly to tired and sore now.  Besides I still have dinner to make and Mr. Marley is needing some us time.

I love you all thank you for joining me today
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