Friday, April 27, 2012

Our Children

What have we become as a society? Why do we sit idly by and allow predators to be protected while victims are given no justice for the crimes against them.  Specifically Our Children.  Throughout history Children have had little to no voice.  I know this first hand being a victim of physical, emotional and sexual abuse as a child.

During my years in foster care I was beaten with hangers, belts, fists and a riding crop till my legs bled, molested by my foster Mother's boyfriend nightly.  Disallowed to attend school most days as my Foster Mother Betty wanted me to hang out at the beach with her surfing and getting drunk and evenings at the club dancing with grown men.  I was 12 years old.  I lived with Betty for a year in foster care on the island of Maui before my Sister was sent to be under her care as well when my Mother entered an intensive treatment program where she was a resident for about two years.  When my sister arrived I started running away and calling the police about the abuse, I also called the foster agency for help.  I ran away a total of 6 times and called for help each time hoping that they would remove us from the home so my little Sister would not be subjected to the abuse I was subjected to.  I was able to take most of the abuse to protect her, not all of it however and both of us were left with scars from our time in Betty's care.  The police and the foster care system  never helped us when I cried out for help.  Each time I tried to get help I was punished at home for doing so.  It wasn't until I ran away to Betty's sister in law and she as an adult called to report the abuse that we were removed from the home.  My Mother never knew this was going on as Betty stood over us while we wrote letters to our Mother to assure we only told her how great things were.

This post is not about me but I wanted to share a short part of my own experience with not having a voice as a child.  This post is about children who are victimized and their predators who are not punished for the damage they do to the truly innocent of us, Our Children.  This post is about Akian and the many children like him out there who are bullied and abused.  This post is about "Us" adults who are supposed to protect Our Children.  This post is about those of us who want to protect Our Children and are not allowed to do so because us unjust rules and laws put in place that protect the people who harm Our Children.

I watched a video that had me in tears.  The video was recorded by Akian's Father Stuart Chaifetz in attempts to help his son heal from the damages done to him by his teachers and teachers aids while in their care in a special needs class at a school.  Stuart Chaifetz wanted a public apology from the women who bullied his son, verbally abused his son and let him believe his son was acting out in class unprovoked by anyone.  The link below is an article on this story as well as the Youtube link to the Video made by Stuart Chaifetz demanding the apology.

If you watched the video you are likely as disgusted as I am with what Akian was subjected to while in the care of his teachers.  I am equally as disgusted with the idea that the women who did this to Akian are still allowed to work in the school system, still given the opportunity to hurt other children.

I do not have a lot of hands on experience with children who have Autism.  I do relate to children with disabilities having as my Grandson Baby Semaj suffers from the rare disease Prune Belly  While he is not like all other kids he is blessed in many ways to be special and unique. He is a fighter with an amazing heart of courage.

This post is about awareness, it is about waking up to the world around us, a world that allows people like the women in this video to be hidden and protected after treating a child, a disabled child at that in a way that no child should be treated.

I have to ask myself why we as people do not fight more for Our Children and I say Our Children because if we went back to a village raising a child I do believe Our Children would be better cared for.

This society we live in of everyone mind their own business is a huge part of the problem.  This society of false Representatives we present outwardly to mask our issues, fears and pains is the heart of the problem.  We care more about how we look, that how we are.  Shhhh, don't talk about that, what will people think!

Have we forgotten that we were once children too?  Have we forgotten what it felt like to have our whole lives ahead of us, have dreams in this big scary world.  Have we forgotten what it feels like to those of us who were abused to not be protected by the very people we looked to for protection?

Throughout History there has been so much abuse against children swept under the rug.  From Schools to Churches.  Your next door neighbor.  When you see the child playing in the yard next to you with bruises on their arms or face what do you do about it?  Do you keep on walking by and mind your own business? I hope not.

The level of problems in Our School Systems across this Country is paramount.  Yet we as a nation do little to change that.  I went to school on the days I was allowed to go, or snuck out before Betty caught me and beat me for trying to go.  There were days I couldn't sit in my seat because my legs were so tender from the whippings that I took the night before.  Not one teacher or employee of that school helped me, some of them knew.  They did nothing.

Here is another link that focus on our school system that I found interesting.

I have said for some time now that one of our greatest crimes in civilization is our school system.  Our school system is designed to teach us as children to behave, never question authority, never seek a higher truth.  Our school curriculum is set up to teach us not to follow our dreams, not to think outside the box.  If I knew when I was raising my own Sons what I know today I would never send my children to school, I would home school them.  My youngest son Brandon was on the honor roll many years of his school life and I was proud.  I had the bumper stickers to prove it.  Today I wish he had failed more often and I had supported that rather than punished him for not making the grade I expected him to make to reflect my being proud of myself as a parent.

Our school system raises the very teachers who teach our children today.  I know some teachers and some of them are really good at teaching, some not so good.  I know some who don't even like children yet they teach them.  How is it that someone who doesn't like children is in the position to care for the education of our children?

The requirements to be a teacher are lower than the requirements to be in many other fields of occupation that do not include the responsibility of caring for children.

If you like me and many others feel that this needs to change help raise awareness and spread this video or any videos or news clips that expose this.  Lets get involved, lets take part in signing petitions to help protect Our Children.  Worldwide there are Children in need of love, food, safety, housing.  We as adults can help them.  If only by sharing links to raise awareness.  We can be a world of people who care about people, parents who care about Our Children.  We can bring change for Our Children, Our World, Us as People, One People!

The Teachers and Aides who did this to Akian should be fired and never allowed to work with Children again.  No exceptions.  There are other fields of work they can do that do not involved a level of trust needed to be a teacher.  They can pick strawberry's or clean sewers.  I am making the point that there are other jobs out there they would be more deserving of.

Stuart Chaifetz I commend you for making this video and exposing this for the world to see.  I am so sorry this happened to your son Akian.  My heart wept for you both watching your video.  Akian is very lucky to have a Father like you Stuart.  I want to extend my love and gratitude for you standing up for your son, all sons and daughters by making this video and taking action for what happened to Akian.

Anyone reading this who shares this story thank you for being part of the solution, thank you for helping Our Children to have a voice.

I love you all from a place of reaching out for all the abused children of the world, from a place of understanding of what it means to be one of those children.  Thank you for letting me share.

One People, One World, One Love
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  1. I get you on this one! You know I have a special needs daughter, who is in special ed classes. The schools are the worst. They try to make parents believe they are in control of their children's education, when really the schools don't listen to parents and do what they want anyways. The make us send our children to school, make us believe they care and will keep them safe, but they don't. Sore subject for me.

  2. i love this article, miss jo jo!