Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Put it on the Earth~

"So I have decided that for every 100 One Love cards I hand out 100 people will visit the blog and believe in change for us all"  I said to my best friend Charles as he answered the phone on my way home from Dr. Taurus's office.  His name isn't really Dr. Taurus but he is a Taurus and that is close enough, hehe.

"That's right my sister" replied Charles as he chuckled his manly cute chuckle, haha.  

I said... "Hey I am aiming big my brother, I figure why not I mean why settle for 10 out of 100 when I can think for 100 out of 100"

"Right on, I'm diggin it Sis, what did the good doctor say today?"

"Well "The Good Doctor" for starts was actually a good Doctor, he wants to run some more tests.  He agrees my gall bladder probably needs to come out but thinks there is more going on and wants to run more tests first.  He is a Taurus by the way!"

And there was the manly cute chuckle again..  "A Taurus huh?"

"Yeah, I think I am a pretty unorthodox patient, hahahaha.  So it was super cool to meet a doctor who wanted to run some test and didn't blame it on my weight or seem to have any pre judgement toward me, he was cool bro.  Oh guess what my buddy, I met a trucker who saved a lizard named Steve on my way home!"

Charles was in full blown man laugh now.  I call it man laugh because Charles has a one of a kind laugh and voice, but then he is a one of a kind typa guy, that's why he is my best friend, smile!

"Okay so how did you meet a trucker saving a lizard?"

"I was handing out business cards all the way home Charles, you'd be proud of me, or you would think I can't drive hahahaha.  I pulled over to the curb every time I saw a person and handed out One Love cards to everyone I saw from d boys on the corner to lizard saving truck drivers.  Steve the super cool truck driver was gassing up when he saw a little lizard looking hurt at the truck stop.  He went to pick him up and noticed there was blood on the poor little guy so he carried it to safety and put it on the earth."

"Put it on the earth, that's what's up Sis!  I like the sound of that..  Put it on the earth, yeah!"

"Me to, Put it on the earth, it does have a ring to it.  Hey you know what I am going to title my next blog "Put it on the earth" and quote you.  Haha, gotta read my blog today you never know what I'll say about you, haha."

"I actually read your blog a lot sis, it's my daily reading these days I like to see what you are up to!  So you coming down to the Cruz for your birthday next week or what?"

"I don't know yet, depends on who is paying for my visit, hahahaha"

"Holla, hahaha"

Welcome home Mama
That's about what most of my conversations with my best friend of 30 years sound like.  He is a great guy, a great father and my best friend!  Love you Chucky!

So the Good Dr. Taurus wants to run some more tests which means I do not have a surgery date woot woot, and likely means I won't be all recovering on my birthday which rocks, I hope.


I was sad leaving One Love this morning.  Distressed about us as a world and decided that I would do what I could do and hand out One Love cards in hopes to help people wake up to change and believe they can bring change.  To everyone I handed a card I said "You can change the world" "We can change the world together"  Steve the trucker was the last card I handed out, he told me I was to cute to be single, haha.  I replied "I know right".


I got home to the park and went to the office Nick was waiting outside and I took a seat with him while we waited for Linda to come back up stairs.  Nick always makes me laugh and is one of the sweetest guys around here.  Linda got my rent taken care of and I headed on over to Ricks to pick up Mr. Marley.


Omg, Marley was so happy to see me and I him.  I brought him home and gave him his new toys and placed his new collar around his neck with a charm to signify his position in my heart and this journey.

Marley was super happy to be home he surveyed the property marked his turf and then went to town on the toy frog I bought himHe is sleeping like a baby now next to me.

Before he dozed off he asked me to tell you that he also believes we can change the world, swear he said it in plain puppy and I now speak fluent puppy! wink!

Have a blessed day my friends,
One Love
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