Monday, April 9, 2012

Truly Happy Birthday

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43 years old today, Yaay what a great day!

Oooh I have so much to tell ya'll.  I don't even know where to begin, haha.  I guess the beginning is a good place to start but before I go there I have to explain here, I think.  I'm not really sure I am just so happy right now.

I can't quite explain in words how I am feeling inside today.  Try to imagine if you will complete clarity, ultimate joy, true love.  Those are words that come to mind in trying to describe how I am feeling right now.

So that's where I am now....  If I had to pick one word to describe how I feel it would have to be...
Supercalifragilisticexbealdopesheet!  I know sounds kind crazy well you ain't heard nothing yet.  Let me begin at the beginning of my day...

Mr. Marley is my happy
Mr. Marley and I woke before the Sun and began our day to our morning Youtube play list.  I put on some coffee and then went outside to watch the sunrise while Marley went potty then joined me for some quite time.  I sat in the dawn air saying a little prayer while Mr. Marley laid on my feet quietly as if he understood this was a moment of silence because right after my prayer he was ready to play and play we did while the sun rose.

Baby Semaj and Renee' coloring Easter Eggs, Blessed day indeed.

My prayer was simple.  I asked God if he would spend my birthday with me.  I then asked Jesus the same.  Spoke to my Grandmother Eva, my Cousin Kenan and my Uncle Bill asking them to join me today as well.  I talked to the Universe as well and asked for its energy and love to fill me on this day and make my Birthday a blessed one of peace and love.  I pictured them all having a Birthday party in my heart today, a beautiful picture it was.

I spent the morning playing with Marley and Skyp'n with Kirsten.  I told her the story about my Uncle Bill as he has been on my mind so much the past few days since my Mom and I talked about him.  She shared some very special moments with me while I told her about an Uncle I love and miss dearly who was a saint of a man and loved by all who knew him.

Semaj was the first of my children to call me this Morning.   I was so happy to talk to him first thing in the morning and felt so special that he thought of me when he woke up.  I found out Baby Semaj is home from the hospital and got to spend Easter with his family coloring and hunting for eggs.  That alone sent my heart sailing on clouds of joy.

My son made sure I knew how much he loves me today and that meant the world to me coming from my first born, my heart.  I love you Semaj and am so proud of you as a Father, Man and Son.  I am so happy we are mending our bond.  I missed you so much.

Hunting for eggs with Daddy.  Big and little Maj I love you both the biggest every minute of every hour of my day!

Shortly after I received a text from Theresa inviting me up to their coach for coffee.  I jumped at the invite because I have been missing me some Mother Theresa, hehe.  That's what I call her most days because she is like a Mother to me in many ways and her name is Theresa.  She has been working all week and I haven't seen her at all so I was excited to see her on my Birthday.  We enjoyed catching up on the weeks events, I told her all about the book I read "The Shack" and she seemed interested in reading it herself.  Glen showed me pictures from his collection of photographs that seems to be never ending.  I always get a kick out of his excitement to share his photos and stones, he is like a little kid showing off his bug collection.  Theresa let me know they were heading into town in a bit and asked if I would like to join them.  I was super happy and asked if we could go to Trader Joes because I was out of organic sugar.  They said no problem, she wanted to see if they had any Chia anyways as she has been wanting to try it.  I headed back to One Love with Mr. Marley and got showered and dressed for the day.

While I was getting ready my daughter Shawntice called to wish me a happy birthday which was awesome.  She and I talked for a while and it felt great to hear her voice.  I love you so much TC, that will never change.

During the drive to town I got a call from Brandon my youngest son who made my heart melt when he told me how much he loves me and how proud of me he is while wishing me a happy birthday, I love you so much Brandon and am so blessed to have such a loving son in my life.  I am so happy we are okay now and look forward to sharing many more Birthdays with you honey.

Next my Mother called and it was so nice to hear her singing on the other end of the line, my face lit up at the sound of her singing voice and tears welled up in my eyes.  I love you so much Mom thank you for the beautiful birthday wishes and for singing to me.  Having you in my life is such a blessing.

We got to Trader Joes and I found my handicap cart, smile.  I was hoping to get a couple things but needed to be extra thrifty so I had more fun cruising the store searching for super deals and talking to shoppers along the way about the Journey and handing out cards.  I met a woman who touched my heart, she was the first of three to speak to me about Jesus unexpectedly.  She told me that Jesus loves me.  I gave her a card along with my email and phone number.

Next I headed down the seasoning isle looking for the organic sugar and was passed up by a Gentleman who worked there and something about him made me do a double take, I didn't quite see him, I only caught a glimpse of him from the corner of my eye but felt such love and positive energy coming from him as he hurried past me so quick I couldn't catch a full view of him.  So I was extra happy when he turned out to be the cashier at the check stand I ended up in.  He introduced himself with a genuine interest in how my day was going and complimented my flowers I had picked out for myself as a Self Bday gift to remind me I am loved by me.  When I explained it is my Birthday today and why I bought the flowers while handing him a One Love Journey card he insisted that the flowers were on the house today.  I was so touched  that tears welled up in my eyes and I extended my hand to shake his in thanks when he held both of my hands in his and told me that Jesus loves me.  He also gave me his card and told me that he and his wife would love to see me any time at their church or if I ever need to talk, or anything do not hesitate to call.  Truly touched and feeling the love I walked out of the store with my soul a glow, a bright glow that I could feel radiating from within.

Paul thank you so much for making me cry tears of joy on my special day!
Theresa did not find her Chia at Trader Joes so we went across the street to another specialty store.  They didn't have handicap carts and I am in a lot of pain today, probably from not eating so good yesterday so I decided to sit outside and wait at the tables outside the store.  While walking out the door I almost ran right into a man who was happily marching by.  I say marching because he was kind of stomping, like he was in deep happy thought in his own little world and it made me giggle out loud so I said "woah, get your stomp on" and laughed out loud, he laughed with me and said "why thank you beautiful lady and how are you today"  "fantastic" I replied as I took a seat at the first table and he joined me sitting on the other side and we started talking.  I told him I had to give him a card since we had said hello and began telling him about my Journey, he listened with curious eyes only speaking when I paused to ask more questions about me.

Aloha Paul, you touched my heart with your kind outgoing ways, big hugs
When I was done he began speaking, and one of the first things he told me was that Jesus loves me.  He continued to talk about God and love and my eyes filled with tears as I this man I just met spoke to my heart and I realized that he was the third person in the past hour to tell me that Jesus loves me.  I thought about the prayer I said this morning, the silent talks I have had throughout the day with Jesus and realized that my prayer had been answered.  Jesus was with me for my Birthday, I knew this in my heart.  Paul, that is his name invited me to join him on Wednesday at his Church, I explained that he would have to come all the way out to the park I was at which was 16 miles outside of town to pick me up and he didn't seem to mind one bit.  So I gave him my number and he called my phone to give me his.  I left my phone in Glen and Theresa's truck so Paul left a message wishing me a very happy birthday while I took his picture with his permission.  Thank you Paul I look forward to seeing you one Wednesday.

Glen and Theresa were done and so we headed to Walmart.  I didn't get to shop their either due to no handicap carts but it is okay I was able to meet a few more people and then we headed home.  The ride home was a blast, we talked a lot about life, love and dinner that was going down when we got back to the park, haha.  Glen and Theresa invited me to go to the casino tonight with them, we shared many laughs and I enjoyed yet another great ride with Glen and Theresa.

Lovelisha called me to wish me a happy bday during the drive and I got to talk to my Grand kids and found out my youngest Granddaughter who just turned a year old on the 5th just started walking, how awesome to hear this today.  Thank you so much Lovey for all the love, you always bring me so much joy with just the sound of your angelic voice, you are truly my daughter in every way possible.  I love you honey.

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, jojo williams
Stella on Easter, oh she is so beautiful and a true blessing to us all.

I got home and picked up Mr. Marley who was so super excited to see me it made me feel so loved and missed.  We got to One Love and he just curled up next to me and fell fast asleep.  The phone rang and it was Jason.  He and I share the same Birthday so I now refer to him as my Birthday Buddy.

onelovejourney2012, jojo williams
Stella I love you my precious miracle baby, every minute of every hour of every day
of my life.  You are the best of me honey, your smile warms my soul.
We talked and again I broke into tears touched by his telling me that Stella kisses me every morning.  He explained how she has two pictures on her dresser, one of me and one of Eric's Mother.  She kisses us both every morning when she starts her day.  I laughed so hard when he described her kissing our pictures with a big open mouth kiss that resembles her trying to suck our brains out through the frame but that was her way of kissing us good morning.  Thank you so much Jason I love you and Eric so much for being the fathers you are to our daughter Stella.  I was honored to hear Jason speak of the conversations him and Eric have had about me, the blog, the Journey.  I felt so proud that they follow along with such excitement.  We said our goodbyes and I continued writing this blog.

Next Tamar called me and we blot shared some very precious Moments talking about my Birthday with Jesus.  She is the one who gave me the book to read and today she told me that she knew I needed to read it because I had been trying to tell her something and she knew what it was was written in the pages of that book and she was so right about that.  I love you so much smart and intelligent sister of mine, thank you for blessing my day and my life.

This is the best Birthday I have had ever, thank you God for a great day!
I am now heading up to Glen and Theresa's for supper.  I want to say a big thank you to all of you for the Birthday Love and a very special one to Jesus for letting me know he is with me today.  I realize now more than ever how important this Journey is for me, how special each moment is in life.  This Birthday wasn't full of gifts, there was no big party, no balloons, no candles to blow out.  Just a great day full of good people, time with self, time with my God as I am learning to know and trust him and lots of love.  Love is truly the answer for me, it is transforming my life more each day.  I still am amazed at how much love does for me, the fears lifting as I face them all while they are replaced with a love of self and others that makes this birthday the best one I have ever had.

Have a most blessed day my friends I love you all
One People, One World, One Love

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  1. All I can say is: God is good all the time and all the time God is good!! God bless you and keep you my dear