Friday, May 11, 2012

911 is a joke~

I don't know how many of you remember the song by Public Enemy "911 is a joke" but I am reminded of it this morning when thinking about the Emergency Department at St. Josephs Medical Center in Stockton, Ca.

I have not been feeling so well the past week.  A strange swelling started occurring in my left ankle accompanied by pains that extended up my leg, in my left arm, neck and jaw.  I also felt extreme fatigue the first few days of this.  I have not stepped wrong on my ankle or sprained it in any way, it just started swelling on it's own.

I attempted to go to St. Josephs Medical Center in Town twice now for this problem.  The first time being last Sunday.  On that visit they preformed an ultra sound on my left leg to check for blood clots.  I was never given the results of this test.  I waited for over 5 hours in the lobby for the Doctor on duty in the Emergency Department to see me without being given a bed to lay down in.  I explained to the staff that I cannot sit for such long periods without extreme pain due to circulation problems and need to lay down.  With the pain and swelling in my leg standing was not a good alternative.  Still I was left to sit for over 5 hours with no bed and ended up leaving to return to One Love to lay down and alleviate some of the pain.

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, mr. marley, jojo williams
The hospital not treating me may be a blessing in disguise as it prompted me
to seek alternative ways to help alleviate my pain and swelling.  Just like Mr.
Marley didn't like this bath, it was a blessing in disguise in helping him with
itching from flea bites.  We do not need to seek revenge, seeking peace helps
us to find the blessings in even the situations we think have none.  All things
are gifts in life I am learning, especially the challenges and pain!
I again tried to visit the Emergency Department this past Tuesday.  At this visit blood work was taken, a chest xray taken and again sent to the lobby to wait for results.  After another 5 hours of sitting in the wheelchair the pain again became unbearable so I told them I needed to lay down "Please".  I was told an EKG had been ordered and I would be given a bed soon.  I waited another 2 hours before leaving again without getting the results of any of the tests taken or the EKG test performed.  This time they insisted that I sign a paper saying I was leaving against doctors advice.  I did so with a note on the paper exclaiming that I did not want to leave but was left with no choice as the pain was to much after being left sitting so long without a bed to lie down in.  I was given the email of the person in charge of the ED who set into place a triage system of giving patients beds that is an obvious fail if you spend one night in the ED viewing the many patients in need of beds who are left to wait in the lobby in pain and sick.

I wrote a total of three emails to the woman who's information was given to me and did not receive one single reply, not even my results from my tests taken.  I find it very disturbing that I cannot at least get my results to see what they indicated in the need for further testing.  My insurance pays for these tests yet I am not allowed access to the results of these tests.  There is something very wrong with that.  I think I will contact my insurance company and suggest they do not pay for tests that do not benefit treating me.  I am beginning to think that the tests ran are more for the hospital to make some money than to actually diagnose my problem.  In my last letter I threatened to contact her superiors if some thing was not done.  Still no reply.  I also told her that the swelling was increasing and pain worse, asked for my results, still no reply?!

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, jojo williams, mr. marley, drama queen
By choosing to be the only person accountable for the results my choices render
the level of problems has greatly decreased and the level of solution greatly increased!
I was upset when I wrote the letters, I was scared about what was happening to me and worried about my health.  I was not as polite as I could have been, I wrote the letters with tears streaming down my face in frustration.  After letting it all out, I was able to recognize what player I had on the court, I was letting fear take center court so I benched fear and pulled out the MVP for this game...  "Accountability"  I needed to take charge of my health and the first place to start in doing that was by letting go of the anger and blame that was only causing me more stress and drama.  I needed to look at what control I have over my own health so that I could decide to be an active participant in finding a solution to what ails me.  With Accountability now on the court I could build a team of players from my personality consisting of all star players in winning the game of problem solving.

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, jojo williams, mr. marley, froggy, taking accountability, change,

My thinking was this... if the ultra sound results warranted blood work which warranted an chest xray which lead to the need for an EKG why than did none of these tests warrant a bed for me to lay down in?

By changing the players on my team I was able to change my thinking from being upset that they would not help me lay down to ease the pain so I could wait for treatment to focusing on the here and now and trying to figure out what I could do.  I started there.

Both visits I started out my usual cheery self, despite the pain and discomfort I am able to block pretty good these days due to long term chronic pains I maintained a great attitude until my pain levels got so high I could do nothing but cry the last hour waiting to be seen.  I didn't yell at the staff, I didn't freak out, I asked nicely, pretty much begged for somewhere to lay down for a time so I could alleviate some of the pain.  The chairs in the lobby do not offer a place to lay down as they are all separated by arm rests.  The only other option is the floor and even if I had a blanket getting down and up from the floor in that much pain is not real doable for me with my disabilities.

After returning to One Love and laying down a while I decided to do my own homework online about my symptoms and possible issues.  From what I can tell my symptoms most likely indicate either blood clots or cellulitis.  The tests ran would be most likely tests for blood clots as far as I can tell.  I do not have the red coloring or fever that cellulitis typically includes.

So I looked up home remedies for blood clots and started right away with natural remedies that help with this issue.  Turmeric and Garlic are great for issues like this so I made some home made hummus with several fresh cloves of Garlic in it.  Knowing the true magic of Garlic is active only within the first 10 minutes of cracking it and must be consumed raw I ate the hummus with carrots immediately after making it.  It tasted great, in fact I really liked it better than the store bought hummus.

I am learning how important what I put into my body is in affecting what I get out
of my body.  Learning to love myself has helped me to improve much in my life!

I used organic chic peas, lime juice, fresh garlic, ground flax seed, turmeric and 21 seasoning salute and mixed it all in my magic bullet then ate it with fresh organic carrots.

Having fun with peas and beans is an affordable way to eat healthy
I also made a large pot of split pea and Lima bean soup with turmeric and coconut oil and combination of seasonings along with neck bones that I have ate for two days now along with turmeric tea and more fresh garlic.  I have started eating a fresh clove 4 times a day now, either mixed in food right after chopping it or just eating it whole.  Yes it is strong but the results are proving to be worth the taste and strength of eating raw garlic.

I am experimenting with shakes also.  I had one this morning that was made using my juicer and my magic bullet.  I added one apple, 10 carrots, 1/4 small white onion, one clove garlic, 2 tbs. ground flax seed, 1 tbsp turmeric seasoning and 5 ice cubes.  It is a little spicy tasting but not as bad as I thought it would be.  I read an article this morning on three super seeds that are very beneficial to our health (linked below).  Flax, Hemp and Chia seeds have many healing and preventative properties in them.

I have found that freezing bananas and then cutting one up and blending it in my magic bullet with coconut milk is a really tasty and healthy way to crave that sweet tooth.

My swelling has reduced by at least 50 %, my pain reduced greatly and my energy returning.  Being I don't have a car of my own to keep going back and forth to the ED some 20 miles away from the park I am located at I have have decided to get creative in treating myself.

Along with seeking home remedies I have also used positive thought, meditation and prayer to help me heal.  I am calmed when I pray and meditate and allowed to tap into my own resources for healing my own body.  I am also actively taking part in my own healing by choosing positive thought rather than negative thought.  In the past I have sat feeling sorry for myself or angry with the doctors that did not help me.  Today I have no need for those feelings for long.

Today I am learning to recognize my own powers inside of me to make things better simply by thinking them better.  That may sound crazy to some of you, others not as many of us are waking up to our inner strength and opening our eyes to the world around us.

Realizing what we have allowed ourselves to accept and become.  Many of us are taking charge of our lives, taking responsibility for our impact on our own lives and the life all around us.  Treating ourselves and all life with a new respect that is bringing about a new and better world globally.

I am not saying that you should not seek medical attention when you are ill.  I am saying that I tried to seek medical attention not once but twice for this problem and was not treated so I am trying to help myself get well and it seems to be helping.  I am not a medical expert of any kind and in no way make claims to be educated on any of this.  I am simply sharing my experiences this week so take what you want from it and leave the rest, smile.

I will keep you all up to date on how I feel.  Mr. Marley is a big help too by the way.  He seems to know when I am not myself and makes me get over things by insisting on us playing which helps me in many ways.

Have a most blessed day~

One Love

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  1. The Emergency Room staff should be written up and or fired. That is our tax dollars hard at work. If they thought your condition was that bad to warrant other testing, then it was bad enough for you to be given a comfortable place to rest until the test results were in. To give that many test, why weren't they ordered STAT. STAT is within 4 hours of testing...

    Yes, sometimes we have to take our matters into our own hands. Natural herbs and healthy eating is always a plus.

    I am glad that you are doing better. I hope and pray that you continue to get well and feel better.


  2. Dear D~
    I agree. I think I will be heading up to Sacramento for a couple of months to get my surgery there. I honestly do not want to get it here where I cannot even count on adequate health care in the Emergency Department. My swelling had decreased considerably but it is still there. I have continued to eat the foods and spices that that I found when Looking up home remedies.

    Thank you so much for reading, much love