Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Message to All Who Love Jacob Moses Green

I spent last night talking with some who loved Jacob and were the closest to him in his daily life.  My heart wept with them as they shared their pain and disappointment with the lack of results of their attempts to bring Justice for Jacob by taking the right path to do so instead of taking Justice into their own hands.

Together Our Love for Jacob is Stronger than any hate or disappointment life puts in Our paths!

I felt their pain and can understand how discouraging it can be to our youth of today to have hope in a system that has no hopes for them.  The News reports on Jacob's murder have done little to comfort them and much to leave them in pain.

This post is for all of you who loved Jacob and want to see Justice served and his murderer pay for his crimes against someone you love and miss dearly.

I understand your pain and frustrations, I understand your anger and confusion.  I know it feels like law enforcement and the media does not care about the truth or justice being served.  I know how much that hurts all of you!

Let your love for Jacob shine more now than ever, bring justice to his death through living your life in honor of him with
a goal for change for us all!  Protect your brothers and sisters, your children and thier children from more pain and loss
by channeling all your strength to find an answer of peace and love that cannot be questioned or taken from you!

Today I ask all of you to think of Jacob.  I ask you to embrace the love in your hearts for him to help you heal the pain and anger in your hearts for a justice and media system that does not care for the Memory of Jacob the way you do. I ask you to recognize that it is up to you to honor Jacob's life and memory even though others are not doing so.

Decide who you are, let your light shine bright and love fuel your fight!
Please do not let others define who you are.  It is in times like these when it is clear that the media and law enforcement is not going to do the right thing that we need most to do the right thing ourselves.  How we react to their lack of concern determines the support they receive in continuing to NOT care, continuing to treat tragedies like the murder of Jacob Green and many more before him to be considered a non issue by the General Public. 

I pray that everyone find the Courage inside of themselves to Honor Jacob's Life and Memory by channeling all your anger and pain in a positive direction regardless of what the media or law enforcement chooses to do.

I know when things like this happen it feels like we cannot make a difference, it seems as if we cannot bring about change.  WE CAN!  YOU CAN!  Being responsible for Our Actions is the only way WE can change Our System.  Not allowing their disregard for life, liberty and Justice to be Our own disregard is the answer to helping bring change. 

You have a voice, and you can honor the life and memory of Jacob by using that voice.  Write about it my friends, Sing about it my friends, Speak On It and do so in a peaceful way that gives them no power to disregard you also!

Show the world who you are with your voice, don't let no one take you out
of your character, you have what it takes to change this world, together we
can make this happen.  Let's do this, lets do it right no matter what they
throw in our path!
Jacob woke up the morning of his 18th Birthday reading the Bible.  When you are angry, when you miss him and when you can't find answers to why Your Justice and Media system is not honoring his life by seeking Justice for his death remember that he woke up on his last morning on this earth talking to God.  Jacob had a personal relationship with his God, he found strength there.  He was not perfect, he too felt lost in this society many days as you all know. 

Yet he still turned the pages of the bible to seek answers when he found none here.  Now he is in a place where there are no doubts, no pain and no hate.  I know in my heart he would not want more doubts, pain and hate to grow from the end of his life here. 

Remember your friend and loved one each step of the way, remember to ask for guidance and understanding from those who care when those who don't cause you more pain.  Remember that it takes strength and courage to express your anger in positive and healthy ways and do not allow the media and Justice system to be the reason you dishonor the memory of Jacob by allowing his death to be in vain. 

Let's keep those candles burning bright in honor of Jacob!

Jacob Loves Ya'll!  He has no anger or hate in his heart and would not want you to be left with a heart burdened with such destructive emotions.  Jacob would want you to use love as your sword in honoring his memory.  Jacob Moses Green is still with us in Our Hearts!  Allow your love for him to heal your pain of losing him so that together we can change our world and stop more deaths like his from happening in the future.

This is a time to bond together for Jacob, togethe we can bring change!
Together lets honor Jacob by doing what many would not expect of us, lets prove them wrong.  Allow Jacob's death to be your reason for standing strong and doing the right thing in honor of his memory and the love you have for him.

All of you have God Given Gifts, some of you are artist, some of you musicians, performers, speakers.  Find your gift and use it to honor Jacob and all of our youth who has been struck down with no justice served to honor their memory and life.

Express your pain and anger by healing together, use your talents to tell the world who you are, who Jacob was.  Live your dreams not your nightmares.  Find your inner strength and use it rise above this negativity with all the positive you have inside you. 

Make the choice to accept this challenge and rise above it!  You can make a difference if you want to.  Don't let them tell you that you don't count, decide to count for yourself by finding your gifts and using them to bring a better tomorrow.

Time to Heal, I love you all and believe together we can turn our pain to Joy
I love you all so much and will continue to write about each and every positive thing you do to affect change for us all.  I promise to help you show the world a side of you that the news does not want them to see.  Help me change this world by being a positive part of that change so we can end this senselessness and bring peace for us all, One People of One World sharing One Love!

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