Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Beginning Of A Tree

Hello Loved Ones~
I hope to find you enjoying your Tuesday Morning fully with joy of life.  Today is Tree Tuesday here at One Love.  I thought I would stop by while I make me a cup of coffee and return to creating the Tree of Life on One Love and ask all of you to join me today in your thoughts.

Every Day is a New Beginning
The Tree of Life
One Love Journey 2012

If you would be so kind as to think Tree today with me, I would love us all to channel our energies together into the creation of this tree that represents us all as one people of one world living in one love.

Enjoy your day, living in the here and now knowing that we are exactly where we are supposed to be with no worries of past pains and regrets, no concerns for future worries or concerns.  Today we are here and today we celebrate each moment with excitement and thanks for all the gifts we are given in each precious moment.

I love you all from a place of creation for a better today!

One Love for all~
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