Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Celebration of Creation

As I sit illuminated in the glow of the rising sun this morning I am full of emotions.  I feel change all around me this morning, it is in the air, the birds are singing new beginnings this morning.  It is as if they know about the eclipse tomorrow and anticipate the release of so much sorry our divine Mother Earth has held within her for too long now.  They know new beginnings are before us, a new understanding between us all.  A new desire to seek peace and love that is so powerful that even those of us who don't understand it, even those of us reluctant to open up to the ideas of these changes taking place can feel it deep inside.

I certainly feel it, I have been feeling it since things started changing for me inside last year sometime around October when I began to rearrange my house according to a Phen Shui star chart in hopes to rid of the negative energy flow surging through the walls of that house and allow a new positive energy flow to enter and renew the world around me.  I began cleansing then, slowly all the negative around me began to surface and show itself in some of the most painful ways possible for me at that time in life.

Negative energy does not leave us easily, however it does leave when positive energy is introduced into our lives.  The negative wants to survive in us and will fight to do so I have learned personally.  However, it is truly powerless when our desires to harness all that is positive in us and manifest a new world around us is true and strong.

I refer back to the old water faucet metaphor, it is a good metaphor.  Allowing the truth that is within us, has been there since the beginning of time to flow freely is a process, in some ways a very painful process.  There is murky water that must flow first, old dirty water representative of the old dirty ways of which we have become conditioned to live with.  Eventually the truth in us can flow freely.  When that begins to happen it is an amazing experience.  There is still much murky water flowing around us, however, the truth flowing through us; from us makes all the murk around us flow away from us.

Positive truth cannot be drowned in murky deceptions.  So why then do we hang on to the negative so strongly, why do we live so afraid of what will happen if we see the truth within ourselves.  Fear is a powerful emotion, it is full of trickery.  Many we have followed for many lifetimes now know this about fear, they have used fear to keep us asleep for many moons now, knowingly using our fears to promote their agenda of greed and power.

Those days are coming to an end, to know that all we have to do is look within ourselves.  The answers are all there, within us.  A brilliant light shines inside of us all.  I feel that light inside of me today growing stronger, I feel more connected to the whole every day.  My intuitions strengthening, my joy glowing brightly, so bright it cannot be suppressed by any amount of negativity now.  I know in my heart I can weather any storm and remain full of Joy today.

I have moments of confusion, but they are gone quickly.  I seek a higher truth inside of me now.  I feel my creator working inside of me and I seek guidance from the essence of creation more each day.  I feel connected, I cannot feel alone today.  Today I know that is not possible as I am part of something so vast, something that has always been and will always be.

No amount of false testimonies or perpetuated fears can take the beauty inside of me now.  I know how the story ends today, it ends with new beginnings.  I am excited about those beginnings, I welcome the changes happening inside of me and seek more knowledge, more truth, more light to flow through me, from me.  I know now that none of what has happened to me has been bad luck, none of it an accident.  Every step I took that seemed to be a curse was a blessing, an opportunity for me to let go of the old ways of thinking, let go of the things that I thought I needed and grasp the truth inside me that breathes life in abundance and joy.

I know that my creator is so much more than we have ever been taught creation to be, I am free now.  Free of the conditions that mankind has taught me repeatedly as if the truth in me could be extinguished with enough fear put in my paths as there has been many paths I have walked and today I walk a path of truth.  Today I know who I am, and today I am welcoming the lessons of who I have been to help me grow into who I am becoming.  No fears, no regrets all of it has been a gift, a lesson that I was intended to learn from.

The truth certainly is absolute, no amount of lies can alter it, haha.  I love that, I love love, I love you.

Have a most blessed day, enjoy this weekend these are great times.  New beginnings are ahead and we are the sleeping children of Our Creator who are waking up in greater strides than ever in history, embrace the change it is so beautiful.

I love from a place of inner joy that cannot be taken away today.

One People One Universe One Love
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