Monday, May 14, 2012

Get'n My Paint On~

It has been a most blessed day I have to say.  I am still working on One Love but wanted to stop in and show ya'll the sea~

One Love Journey 2012
Getting closer to starting the Tree Of Life.  I love the blues I ended up with from others mistakes.  Isn't it great how someones mistakes gave us a sea of blues that are bringing the landscape of One Love to life.

The Silver on the clouds looks great the camera does not do it justice in the shade.

While I have been working outside Gia has been working inside and surprised me with a super clean house including organizing my bedroom I am so grateful to have her help and thank God for sending me such a true Angel.

Coming Together Beautifully

Okay back to work, will keep ya'll updated on my progress.  I have plans for the back in dedication to Jacob aka Gas.  I think you will all love the finished product then we can start planning the First Hand Printing Date.  I want to have a big BBQ and Tye Die Party to break in the Tree of Life.  I hope to see many of you along the Journey to add your hand print to the Tree Of Life.

Super Excited about the progress, it has taken a while due to my limitations but it is happening, yeah~

Love you all big time
One Love
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