Thursday, May 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Wise Old Soul

Today one very special man is on my mind and in my heart.  He is my Son, my baby boy Brandon.  Brandon while you are not a baby anymore you area always my baby boy honey.

4 Months Old, My Little Sailor Boy

It is hard to believe that 23 years ago today you blessed me with your arrival into this world looking like the wise old soul you are.  The Nurses and Doctor stood in amazement as you lifted your head all on your own and looked around the room meeting my gaze and resting your precious head on my chest.

1 Year Old, A Bright and Cheerful Soul
From the beginning of you I knew that you were special in many ways.  Your bright smile lit up the world around you.  Your contagious laugh and cool spirit putting all at ease around you.  Your loving nature and kind gentle soul a true testimony to the heavens above.  You my Son are an amazing being of light and love.  Your sense of humor and ability to make others laugh so honestly is a gift and one I miss daily while away on my travels.

9 Years Old, Oh I miss these days, you are so beautiful Son

Today I think of all these truths of you and with joy I cry a few tears missing you and the baby you were when I held you in my arms.  Those days gone and now replaced with the Man you are becoming I again cry tears of Joy for the challenges you have faced and overcome with the inner strength that makes you so very special.

Big Bee and Little Bee

No longer my little baby, you have grown into a man and become a Father yourself.  Like me learning the joys and regrets of parenting along the way.  I wish you and yours the lighter of lessons in life so that your days may be filled with love and peace.  I wish your days to be filled with triumphs over lives lessons so that you can feel and share joy always.

You and Me, together always no matter where we be, love you baby

Brandon you are my youngest Son, you have blessed my life in ways that no words can ever express other than to say... You bring me Joy!

I love you baby and while we may be apart today, where it counts, in Our hearts we are together always.

Love Mom

And Mr. Marley Too
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