Friday, May 25, 2012

The Holiday Hustle

A Day on the Docks Rocks
Wow, what an awesome day.  The park is buzzing with campers, RV'ers, Boaters.  The smell of BBQ and sound of laughter is in the air.  Being a regular here at this little Oasis on the Delta I am used to slow days with a park that maintains about 50% occupancy.  Today the RV park is at full capacity and the camp grounds about 70% full.  The Landers and the Boaters are everywhere around One Love enjoying the beginning of their holiday weekend.

Happy Holiday from Mr. Marley and Me

I pulled out my crafts box from the storage compartment and started on the props and wardrobe for Rasta Toe.  He's pretty basic, said he doesn't need a lot of frills ya know, he's just a cool toe like that.

Mr. Marley got his running out up on the Docks today since the campsite is pretty much full with kids playing and other dogs running about.  Mr. Marley is not really politically correct in the Dog Social Scene yet, he barks at the other dogs and mauls the children.  All in play of course but that doesn't help much when explaining it to people who have suffered a scratch from his still sharp puppy claws and teeth.  Knowing he needs his hyper active time I took him up to the General Store and ran him up on the levee.  He really loves it up there.  Something about the water that gets him really energized and he certainly is a bird dog, he loves the birds and tries to chase them as much as he is allowed to do so.

Mr. Marley loves to run, and run, and run, and run, haha

onelovejourney2012, one love journey, Mr. Marley
Mr. Marley sporting his new harness and collar that now fit him, woot woot

We had a blast playing catch with his hose, the hose is a great catch tool as it is much easier to throw than the tennis ball, also easier for him to carry in his still puppy size mouth.  He is getting much bigger much quicker however.

Oh how I miss him when he was so tiny and cute.  He is a ball of energy these days and requires at least one to two trips to play fetch to keep him from going buck wild here in One Love.

Mr. Marley at 2 months old, aweeeeeeeeeee

Today has been a day of gifts as well, a couple of the Guys here at the park blessed me with some unexpected presents for the holiday weekend.  Chuck who lives a couple spaces down from me grilled me up a whole chicken in his special made BBQ sauce to say thank you for me letting him park one of his trucks in my space while the park is full.  One of the other Guys here dropped me off a nice bottle of red wine to say happy holidays.  I am feeling the love today from the long timers here.

Amazing Sky full of Light and Love
The day is winding down, Mr. Marley is finally getting tired himself and I am pausing from all this activity to read some and enjoy some much needed peace and quite time.  The weather is magnificent today, the wind is blowing, the air is in the cool 70s and the clouds are so beautiful, full, puffy and reflecting the light of the sun with such splendor it feels like a scene from a mystical movie.

Having a Care Free Attitude in Live is What's Up
The corn is beginning to grow in the fields across from me and in the wind I can see them beginning to sway a bit, how nice.  I feel blessed to have this day and this time in my life where I can truly appreciate the wonders of each moment in life without holding onto the moments before or the moments to come.  I notice more and more each day that I focus on the moment at hand how much less stress there is in my life, not caring so much about the things I cannot control allows me to care so much more for the things that I can enjoy, like life and love.  The here and now really rocks.

Rasta Toe is turning into quite the fun creation and I look forward to sharing him with all of you soon.  In the mean time be blessed and enjoy a great weekend yourselves.

One Love
Lelania and Mr. Marley 
I love My Life Today, Truly Do!

and soon to join us
Rasta Man
Rasta Man, My little Man

Woot Woot

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