Sunday, May 20, 2012

I have a date...

...with the sun and the moon!

Before I head up to Adrianne and Scotts to watch the eclipse on the docs I wanted to stop in and share with you today's progress on One Love and the Tree of Life.

Today has been a day of many days if that makes sense.  I have lived many days in this one day, tears fell, voices roared, I stood up for myself and I feel good about it.  I also broke down and cried like a baby afterwards and then fell into a slumber of sleep that was deep, needed, a peaceful rest.  I was spent emotionally, I was hurt.  I woke and showered all the pain away and moved on.

As I sat down at my computer I heard a "bloop" ie: notification on Facebook letting me know I had an instant message, as I switched tabs I saw her name...  Lavada one of my closest friends for life.  We grew up together.  We haven't spoke in some time as she moved to Hawaii about a year ago and I was busy with my life.  We have one of those friendships that weathers all time, no distance or amount of days changes our love.  We just pick up where we left off, you know; one of your friends that never says... "why haven't you called?".

As I read her message I burst into tears.  Shocked to be reading the words that moved me at the exact moment I really needed some encouragement from someone who understood and believed in this Journey.

Lavada gave me her permission to share with you all our conversation.  Thank you Lavada for being so open and willing to share with others a special moment of ours, that's what this blog is all about.  Being open and honest and showing the journey to self love and love of all else.

I felt lifted and renewed.  My Bud reminded me of who I am, who I am becoming and I thank her for that so much.  I went outside literally inspired and began to paint with the love of her words in strokes and had to call her, the phone rang and she answered laughing with tears of joy falling as I told her I was painting for her today, painting with her.  We laughed, we cried and then we prayed.  I love you Lavada, always!

I painted for a time then began this blog with the intent of posting before I left however, I ended up leaving before I was able to post so here I am now after the Eclipse sharing with you all before bed.

I loved my time on the Docks with Adrianne and Scott.  Mr. Marley had a good time too, he was a little sketchy of the Docks at first, but he conquered his fears and kept on Chooglin'.

What a great day, even the hurtful parts, especially those moments as they allowed me to cleanse with tears that lead me to this place where I was raw enough to feel the encouragement and love of a friend and an amazing Eclipse, I feel renewed, I feel full of light, life and love.

Good night my friends,
 these are good times indeed, 
good times indeed.

One Love

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