Saturday, May 26, 2012

Is it unhealthy to be fat?

My lil Sissy called me telling me how she received the results to all of my tests along with a letter of apology from St. Josephs Hospital.  The letter apologized for the way I was treated in the emergency department on my two visits.

My Sissy read the results to me one by one...

Ultrasound...  Clear, no blood clots visible!  Blood flow normal of a healthy person.
Blood-work... Clear, no signs of any problems.  Healthy person blood work, woot woot!
Chest X-Rays...  Clear, no sign of any mass in my lungs, heart normal size for a healthy person no signs of any blockage.  Hell yeah!

My ankle swelling was most likely Edema or due to my Arthritis.  

An example of my attitude about my weight and my
sense of humor on the subject, haha  This picture was
taken about a year ago I think.
My Sissy laughed at me as she said...

"You are an anomaly dammit, it is totally unhealthy to be fat unless you are my Sister" 

To which I replied happily...

"That's cuz I am not fat Sissy, I am PHAT; Pretty Hot And Tempting!  See Sis the difference is that I own it and love it! get it?"

Then I explained to her my philosophy on most health issues.  I believe that most health issues are caused by repressed emotions.  Each part of the body coincides with a part of the emotional side of us.  I happen to hold some issues in like we all do and ironically enough those issues coincide with my ailments.

Arthritis-  Feeling unloved.  Criticism, Stubbornness.  

Gall Bladder-   Hard thoughts.  Condemning.  Pride. Stubbornness.

Knee- Represents pride and ego.  stubborn ego and pride.  Inability to bend.  Fear.  Inflexibility.  Won't give in.  Legs: Self-sufficiency and support.  Problems related to lack of childhood support, being overwhelmed by adult responsibilities.    

Sinus Infections-  Irritation to one person, someone close.  Represents the suppression of intuition.  Emotional expression and release.  Blocked sinuses may indicate expression that is blocked emotionally or creatively.  Maybe you are pressuring yourself to much and not allowing release.

Weight Issues- Over-sensitivity. Often represents fear and shows a need for protection.  Fear may be a cover for hidden anger and resistance to forgive.  Running away from feelings.  Insecurity, self-rejection and seeking fulfillment.  Belly:  Anger at being denied nourishment.  Hips: Lumps of stubborn anger at the parents.  Thighs: Packed childhood anger.

Stubborn is my middle name, haha

I am a hard headed woman, been stubborn most of my life.  And my ailments represent that stubbornness.  I used to suffer from chronic sinus infections.  I haven't had one in a while now and that I believe is because I am expressing myself creatively and I am trusting in my intuitions and listening to that inner voice.

Even though we missed a lot as kids we always had each other and that made all
the difference in the world for us both then and now!

I suffered for years regret over my childhood and carry my weight in the places that represent that resentment.  However having a little Sister to care for and protect I didn't carry the deep seeded resentments and hate many carry because I was conditioned to put my feelings aside for the well being of someone else, my Sissy.  I loved her so much that I didn't fill with anger and hate.  Now that I am dealing with my issues of childhood, forgiving myself and my parents and building a healthy relationship I am losing weight and having a much easier time eating healthy than I was before.

Same goes for my arthritis and knee issues, now that I am letting go of control and pride on this journey I am using less pain medications and more healthy remedies.  I am able to overcome my limitations easier and believe one day will be even stronger.

Quitting Smoking is a serious goal of mine, one I am preparing
myself for daily and working toward.  I recognize the dangers of
smoking and in NO WAY am saying it is okay to smoke, it is a
gross habit if you ask me and I hate the part of me that clings
to this addiction so strongly.  I am learning to deal with the inside
parts of me that cause my need to hold onto this outer need for
cigarettes.  My advise if you don't smoke is don't start.  It is highly
addictive no matter what the tobacco companies claim, I am a
telling you those nasty little tubes of tobacco are addictive to me.
I have smoked for about 30 years and my lungs look great.  Cancer stems from the part of the emotions that represent "Deep hurt.  Longstanding resentment.  Deep secret or grief eating away at the self.  Carrying deep hatreds inside."  And I have never been the type of person to carry hate, I forgive easily again and again.  Many in my life say I forgive too easily, I always disagreed and still do.  I believe forgiveness is what we are intended to give and receive in life and love.

My heart is strong and I have always been able to express and accept love.  My blood pressure has always been normal and I attribute that to my ability to overcome stress easily.  I am a best under pressure type of gal, always have been.  

I triumph in stressful situations.  A good example of that is my grades in school.  I missed a lot of school growing up due to our moving a lot and my foster parent not allowing me to attend most days.  Yet I always got good grades by acing my tests.  I am great at taking tests and we all know test account for a high portion of your grade.  Tests can be really stressful to some people, to me they are motivation.  I thrive on stress, it is fuel to me.

The down side to my viewing stress as fuel is that in life I have created a lot of stressful situations without realizing what I was doing.  I needed to feel motivated and honestly in boredom seldom find motivation to get out of it unless it is stressful.  I am looking at that because I am tired of the roller coaster I built for myself in life.

Nature, Nurture and Natural Remedies are proving to me to be
essential in my physical and emotional well being today!
Bottom line is how we feel strongly affects how we feel if you catch my drift.  Of course diet and exercise strongly affect our health as do the things we put into our body.  It all counts.  All I am suggesting is that there is more than just the medical view of health.  

For example most of my adult life I have been over weight and when I go to the Doctors office they all say the same thing about what ever problem I am having...  "you need to lose weight"  I'm like... "Doc, it's a damn tooth ache"  haha just kidding but you get my point.  A lot of overweight people do not get properly diagnosed due to everything being attributed to our weight. 

Just because we are big does not mean all our ailments have to do with one thing is all I am saying.  So explore your emotions, find healthy cures to things like good foods and seek the advise of your Doctor always yes but also trust that inner voice and find ways of your own to help you heal.  It is your body no one knows it better than you when you are paying attention to it.

I am super happy the results came back good and thank St. Josephs for the letter and the results.

Now I am off to keep working on those stubborn issues of mine, haha

Love Ya'll
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