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Jacob Green ~ God's Child

My favorite morning sound of the coffee pot gurgling started to fill One Love as I brought Mr. Marley back inside and realized I had woke up at 2:30 am.  Now I am an early riser but this was a bit early even for me.  I thought about going back to sleep when I realized the time but I was wide awake for some reason so I sat down at my desk and began writing a poem for Jacob.

As the words took life on paper I realized how sad I was that I couldn't be at his funeral later that morning.  I stopped writing and sat in prayer for a time.  I talked to God and told him how badly I wished I could be there and left it in his hands than began to write again.

Around 7:30 am I had the thought to call Brad and picked up my phone and dialed him.  Brad answered telling me he was literally dialing my number before his phone rang with me on the other end.  Not really sure why I called him I let him do the talking.

He proceeded to tell me that he missed his flight back and would not be able to fly out till the next morning.  His carry on bag was a couple inches too big so he had to go back and check it in.  When he returned to the gate his plane was rolling away without him.  He said his brother would not be able to pick him up a day later and asked if I could do the honors in his car.  I said I sure could and asked if he would mind if I went up for Jacob's Funeral and spent the night in Sacramento to pick him up the following day, he happily said yes and that was when I knew why I called him, big smiles.

I arrived in Sacramento and picked up my daughter Jessica and we headed to the funeral home where Jacobs public viewing was scheduled. We said our goodbyes to Jacob standing over his body knowing he is no longer there, he was however with us.  You could feel him in the room, his presence was strong.

Upon viewing the pictures I took with my Nephew Nemo, Paula and Nemo's Girlfriend Bridgette on his PS3 on the TV in his bedroom we realized we felt him there because he was indeed there.  Many of the photo's had orbs in them.  Not all of them however, pictures I took back to back rendered only orbs in select pictures.  Some in Sequence you can see the orbs decent toward the boys, the Fab 5 as they called themselves.  Now the four of these young men know that they are indeed still the Fab 5 and Jacob is indeed still with them always.

I am no expert on Orbs and do not claim to know anything about them really.  What I do know is that I have been getting Orbs in some of my pictures in the past two months.  I sent a series of photos to someone who does know about Orbs and had two confirmed, the others a 50/50 chance of being orbs.

I also know that what I feel, I am learning to trust my feelings more than logic these days.  Logic has not gotten me nearly as far in healing spiritually as trusting that inner voice I now know as Self and God.

I know that when we viewed the pictures and saw these Orbs we knew in our hearts that Jacob was there.  In this picture particularly we could see Jacobs face clearly.  Some of the Orbs showed several faces giving me comfort knowing that Jacob is never alone as none of us are being part of the whole being alone is not possible.

Jacob thank you for letting us know you are here with us always.  We love you every second of every minute of every hour of
every day of this life and the next.  We will be together again one day, until then we know in our hearts that you are there always

We hear you loud and clear baby, the lord is our savior indeed.

Some may think me crazy for writing about this and I am okay with that.  My mission in life now is to speak my truth clearly.  This is part of that mission.  You can take what you want from it we are okay with that also.  Believing is our own choice, we chose to believe that Jacob is with us always.

Many visited Jacobs Viewing, there were many heart wrenching moments, many tears.  The beauty was how everyone came together to comfort each other in the hard moments.  There was no separation between any of us, we were all there in honor of Jacob, complete strangers stood embraced in comforting hugs.  The love in the air was amazing.

Brittney touched my heart, she came and sat next to me seeking comfort.  I was genuinely touched that so many of the youth there felt okay with coming to me for comfort and shared their feelings with me allowing me to also share my feelings with them.

These wonderful young men and women truly want to share as well as listen.  They are so misunderstood by the masses of today.  All it takes is a letting go of the fear in many out there's hearts and letting love fill your hearts to see just how amazing these youngsters are.  There was no age gap between us when we spoke.  I was amazed at the level of spiritual understanding these kids have.  They really want better in life than society and the powers that be want for them.

Let your tears flow lil ones.  Tears cleanse Our Souls allowing us to heal all pains and build our Faith in Love.  Jacob holds you as you weep, the Lord is with you every moment as he lives through you.  Jacob knew this, now know this too and begin an era of change built on Love!  Your Love for Jacob Your Love for the Lord, Your Love to Heal a World!
 I love you all so much, I am so proud of you all!
Brittney's Tribute to Jacob

We should be mindful of our intentions in our thoughts towards all others.  Building opinions based on stereo types is toxic for us and for them.  I truly hope to break down some of the barriers built around the limitless possibilities of us joining together as a whoe and with Jacob's help I know that is more than possible.

Jacob is loved by many, many showed
their love by wearing his picture on
their shirts with a verse from Psalms
These young adults know a love that surpasses judgments.  They don't see barriers in their unions.  Jacob did not see barriers in his unions.  He loved all, many spoke at his services, as the recounted memories of Jacob.

Many spoke on how gentle of a soul he was.  He stuck up for the homeless bum on the corner, helped the hungry man sitting beside the dumpster with a meal.  He had friends throughout his neighborhood that ranged from all races.  He loved all, everyone and everything equally and preached that his entire life.

Services for Jacob were held at the same church that threw the car wash to help Jacob's Family with costs.  While Liberty Towers Church helped raise money for the public viewing and cremation they would accept no payment for the services for Jacob.

We continue to gather in prayer giving tribute to a life who touched many lifes

Enough money was raised for a private family viewing.  Donna, Jacob's Mother used her rent money to pay the extra for a public viewing.  She did so because she knew how important Jacob's friends were to him and how much he meant to his friends.

To Donna all of Jacob's friends are her children, are God's children.  Donna gave without concern trusting in God that all will work out.  If you want to help Donna please do so, she should not have to worry about her rent at a time like this and I know some of you out there may have surplus to give.  Donna is an honest woman who does not ask for charity and stands strong.  She raised her children to be the same.  I am asking for help for Donna on my own accord and pray that help comes.

Together in Love we are stronger than any amount of hate or fear
Since the day of the Car Wash the level of love and togetherness has only grown despite our disappointments with the media and justice system we in memory of Jacob have continued to grow stronger each day.  A true testimony to the power of love ruling over all things as God intended.

This Church get's it, they welcome all as is.  I watched the staff as many of Jacob's friends and family spoke of their memories with Jacob.  They spoke from their hearts and kept it real.  Never once did I see a sign of concern from the Church, I only saw love and acceptance.  How awesome to see.

Precious Hearts come together for Jacob

Jacob knew this day was coming some how he knew, he shared that with the ones closest to him.  Everyone who he knew knows this I cannot discount that and why would I want to?  So many who claim to be saved in the name of the Lord doubt the miracles of him. I do not understand how that is possible now that I have born a relationship inside myself with God.  I see miracles all around me that I did not see before.  Allowing Jesus to live through me has opened my eyes.  I cannot see how we can ever judge another with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit Alive inside of us.

God is love no matter what name we call him by, and with that Love living in Our hearts there is no room for fear, separation or judgments.  Jacob knew God, He lived Love despite any of his shortcomings as we all have our own share of shortcomings that is the beauty of life and Jacob understood that.  We cannot be perfect if we were there would be no need to be here, we would already be in Heaven's arms with no need to learn lessons in this world.

Thank you Jacob, 
Thank you Jesus, Thank you God, Thank you Holy Spirit.

Gathering to sing praise for a life lived in the name of Love, Jacob will be remembered always as one who knew God's Love
I anticipate spending more time in this church.  The love they have shown Jacob, his Family and this community speaks volumes for their work in Gods Name.  Thank you so much from me and all others you touched with your kindness and generosity. 
A beautiful tribute to Jacob from a church who welcomes
all to come as they are, speak their truths without judgments
there was so much love in these man built walls.  I was truly
touched to be part of such a celebration of life.

It was a full house, standing room only and a testimony to the many lives that Jacob touched throughout his short time here on earth.  We may feel that Jacob lived a short time, however in heavens arms there is no time, no days to count.  Each breath a gift, the end a new beginning.  Understanding that has allowed me to begin living in the here and now.  I find myself in awe of the joy in my life now that I am learning how to do that.  No longer looking back or worrying forward I am able to enjoy the here and now.  Each moment is a lifetime for me now.  Jacob got that and made the most of each moment of his life.  Touching so many with his heart full of love, listening to so many speak on him I cried, I laughed right along with so many others.  There was a sense of togetherness, a bond in that room at Liberty Towers Church.  Jacob was there with us all and we all knew it.

Though there were many tears there was also much Joy and Laughter as we came together to Celebrate Jacob.  As I listened to the many speak on Jacob as they knew him my heart soared in Joy, especially when Donna his Mother spoke.  She is a woman with a strong understanding of God's Love and has a level of Faith that surpasses many I have met in my life.  She passed that on to her Children, all of whom Love openly as did Jacob.

I sit in amazement of her strength even now as I write to you all this morning.  Donna knows where her Son is and while she misses him dearly her love of God and knowledge of his presence in her life allows her to feel Joy for Jacob's departure from us knowing he is now at home with the Lord.

I have put together a video of some of the Family speaking during the Services for Jacob.  My battery died half way through the services so I was unable to capture all who spoke.  My daughter Jessica took some video for me as well and is working to get it to me.  She sends her regrets for having trouble loading and sending the video.

I will post again to share the video's of Jacob's Family and Loved Ones giving their testimony to who Jacob was in their lives.  I cannot only post some, waiting with patience feels right to me.  However I would love share the video of a beautiful performance in dedication of Jacob Green with you all.  These young ladies danced in celebration of the Jacob and touched us all with their movements as they acted out the beautiful words sung in a perfect song dedicated to Jacob and us all.

I have to say that God answering my prayers and allowing me to make it up to Sacramento was a true blessing.  I am grateful to be able to share with the World who Jacob Green was to all who knew him. Blessed to see with my own eyes the amount of Love that he shared with all he knew, all who crossed his path, especially the less fortunate of us.  Jacob was not a bully, he stood up to bullies for those who could not stand up for themselves.  Jacob took time to stop and smell the flowers in life.  He touched many in the neighborhood and community as he walked around stopping to say hi to all he encountered.  He was kind, gentle, loyal, open minded, wise beyond his years and above all Jacob knew Love!

Older and Younger Generations together bringing Change
This Community is not done celebrating Jacob, we have work to do.  The younger generation of us who ran with Jacob agree's that we cannot look toward the powers that be to bring change, change begins in us.  Together we are going to honor Jacob's life and death by letting change begin in us and grow from there.

Jacob's death though unfortunate and devastating has brought together so many that we cannot  discount the power of his life and cannot dishonor his memory with more violence.  Jacob wanted more for us all and all who know him know that.

The media and law enforcement can portray what ever they  want the truth lives in us, through us and cannot be taken from us.  We know that now and from there we will grow and bring change through love.

Jacob understood all that is needed is a personal relationship with God as you know him.  He knew that Love for all life was the answer.  Jacob like many other youth out there who live in a world that has little hope for them did not let that be a reason to have little hope for that world.  Jacob teaches us that by loving God in our hearts, by allowing God to live through us, by letting Love replace Fear inside us we can mend and heal Our World, Our Souls.

Dave lives in the neighborhood Jacob was murdered in.  He know's that it is a rough
neighborhood, he lives there.  In fact his own house has been robbed a few times.
Still Dave took part in the car wash by getting his truck washed and got out of his
truck to meet friends and family of Jacob's.  Dave owns a landscaping business and
he also makes printed t-shirts and offered to make some for Jacob's friends and family
at the cost of only supplies.  If you are looking for a honest man who understands
how important community is to do some landscaping for you give Dave a call
you can reach Dave at 916-397-8716
No matter what the media or the justice system decides to do, we have made a choice to do the right thing for Jacob.  Jacob's generation is a powerful generation of spiritually matured individuals.  If you find yourself sitting in judgement of these youngsters, find yourself fearing them, thinking them menaces to society, check yourself!

God loves these Kids, Jacob is testimony to that Love.  Let your fear go, let Love replace that fear and see what happens.  We are bound to get hurt in life, each pain we feel is a gift.  We are given pain so that we can heal it with faith.  We are given challenges so that we can test ourselves and prove to the Universe, Ourselves and to God that we can rise above the negativity by embracing all the positive love in Our Hearts and Souls.

Baby Brandon one of my 6 Grand Children, may we live in love and bring change
for you and all God's children of the future
Understanding that Good and Bad in life has it's equal value makes overcoming the bad so much easier, in fact it makes it Joyful.  It also allows the Good to be genuine and have real meaning that is felt by the Joy that lives within us.

Once we embrace that Joy, we learn that it is always there just like the sun is always shining even though there are things blocking it's view at times it still shines.  Happiness is external, gained and lost.  Find the Joy within you, Jacob had that Joy in him and he lived his life sharing it with all he came across.

When I think of my own children and grand children I have to say thank you to Jacob for living his life in the name of God and Love.  I believe in my heart that Jacob's death will not be in vain.  In fact I think his life and death has already brought about much change for us all, seeing that change all around me is a true blessing.

In Loving Memory of Jacob Green we begin to heal our hearts and souls, thank you Jacob for this gift you are truly Loved and though we miss you every step of the way we take comfort in knowing you are with us always living in our hearts right beside God.

We love you Jacob, every minute of every hour of ever day or this life and the next.  Rest in Peace precious soul.

I love you all from a place of Joy
One Love

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